Fire Department

Recreational Fires & Portable Outdoor Fireplaces

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Greenwood Township has a volunteer fire department.  This site provides information, general information on our volunteer fire department, equipment and safety issues. If you would like to email us, please email us at

Read the full pdf for the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Portable Outdoor Fireplace Information

If you have an emergency call 911.

Greenwood Township’s  ISO Rating is 7 for insurance purposes.
Greenwood currently has 10 members on the department with a mixture of Firefighters, Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs), and Firefighters/EMRs.
Greenwood Township has 3 boats used for Fire/EMS/Rescue.  The Township also has 4 fire fighting/rescue apparatus, 2 snowmobiles and an airboat (see below for the full list of apparatus).

Remember to:

  • Check your Carbon Monoxide detectors and smoke detectors to ensure they have not expired and also have new batteries. Typical life of detectors is 10 years.
  • Clean your chimneys
  • Change your furnace filters

Current Apparatus Vehicle ID /Year/ Make/Model Type of Apparatus/Use

  • E-1 2002 International S1800 4×4 Class A Engine 1500 GPM 1000 Gallon tank
  • T-2 1991 International 4800 4×4 Tender 350 GPM 2000 Gallon tank
  • T-3 2009 International 7400 4×4 Tender 750 GPM 2000 Gallon tank
  • R-5 1999 F450 Rescue 500GPM 350 Gallon tank with extrication equipment and pump
  • Airboat-1 unknown; Panther Airboat used for Ice rescue
  • B-1 2006 MetalCraft Marine Firestorm 28 Fire Boat class A pumper 1500GPM * lake is the water supply
  • B-2 2010 Alumaweld 26’ Boat* Personnel transport and EMS rescue
  • B-3 Aluma Craft 16’ w/25 hp outboard* primary role is Trout Lake rescue * Boats are generally used from May through October
  • Snow -1 2005 SkiDoo GTX Snowmobile
  • Snow-2 2000 Polaris LX Snowmobile ATV-1 2000
  • Polaris Sportsman 500 UTV 6-wheel drive
  • Snowambulance for patient transport over snow and ice.