Site Inspections

The Planning Director does site inspections for land-use permit applied for and granted.  The Planning Director typically goes to the site, meets with the property owners and looks at the proposed use before granting a permit.  Sometimes, these preapproval site visits create agreed-upon modificiations to original plans that are better for the environment.  Potential violations are prevented, and existing problems can be addressed and resolved cooperatively.

The vast majority of property owners want to do the right thing, but many don’t know the rules or don’t realize how their actions might harm the environment.  The Planning Director can help them understand that and our lake benefits.

Required Inspections

The Planning Director will always do a final inspection and a pre-slab inspection.  Please contact the Planning Director for a pre-slab inspection after you have the foundation staked out and before you pour/prepare your slab.  For water-access only inspections, please allow up to a week for a pre-slab inspection.  You do not need to be present at the site at the time.  For final inspections, please contact the Planning Director when your project is complete.  An inspection will be made shortly have that, again you do not need to be present.  You will be contacted only if there is a problem.

Your permit is not finalized until a final inspection has been completed.  If you need to change something from what you applied for and where granted a permit for, please contact the Planning Director as soon as possible.  If you complete your project, it is appreciated that you call the Planning Director so a final inspection can be conducted, otherwise, the Planning Director will conduct routine inspections until the project is complete.

The Planning Director may also do routine inspections due to a complaint.  The identity of all persons who issue a complaint are kept confidential.