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September 8, 2015

Greenwood Town Board Meeting – September 8, 2015


Chr. Reichel called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.


Present: Chr. Reichel, Vice-Chr. Baland, Supervisors Bassing, Milbridge, Worringer; Treasurer Clark, Clerk Trancheff


MOTION Milbridge/Worringer to approve the Aug. 11, 2015 minutes. Approved 5/0


MOTION Baland/Bassing to approve the Treasurer’s financial report for Aug. 2015-Checking-$729,634.88/Long Term

Investments-$250,972.13/Savings-$316,611.60=$1,297,218.61. Approved 5/0


MOTION Bassing/Worringer to pay checks #16748-16810 totaling $16,600.05. Approved 5/0


MOTION Baland/Bassing to pay fixed bills and payroll Oct. 1. Approved 5/0


Public Comments:


Steve Flaherty from the MN Board of Firefighter Training and Education was present to explain the Firefighter Leadership program. He explained that there were 4 training sessions held at Camp Ripley and sponsored by the MNBFTE. Chief Dave Fazio was one of 16 Fire Chiefs invited to attend. The training was focused on financial management, marketing, leadership and human resources. He presented Chief Fazio with an award plaque of completion of the MN Board of Firefighter Training and Education 34 hour Fire service Leadership Development Training.


Comments were heard from: Gene Myre about the clerk salary, Mark Drobac about SLC Ordinance 62 and Mary Andersons comments in the letter he gave board members prior t to the meeting, Jeff Maus and old business, Sue Drobac about the clerk and the email she sent to the board members, Nancy Eicholz request for township assistance to help pay for removal of a dangerous birch tree hung up on the Birch Pt Rd (Sup. Bassing as Road person will contact Calgaro as they have not finished the brushing on Birch Pt Rd), Barb Lofquist regarding full agenda being posted to the website, Pam Myre in regards to the clerk job.


Old Business:

Tennis Courts/Bocce Ball:

Vice-Chr. Baland reported that Mesabi Bituminus (who was awarded the tennis court project) is busy so he will get in touch to find out their time frame. He also reported that parts of the Greenwood Trail were re-done by Parrk Paving due to product failure.


Committee Appointments:

Sup. Bassing asked that a process to appoint committee members should be a toss of coin or first come first serve. Chr. Reichel commented the past practice was first come first serve and did not work.


MOTION Bassing to accept the first come first serve for committee member appointments. Motion failed for lack of support.


Supervisors Baland and Worringer will work on a committee process for the next meeting.


Alcohol use on the township property:

Sup. Bassing provided a statement for the board regarding the consumption of alcohol on township property. Currently Renters of the building need an off-duty police officer and pay double rent/deposit if alcohol is served. The outside users have not been regulated regarding alcohol outside on township property.


MOTION Milbridge/Bassing to approve the Alcohol Policy: “It is unlawful for any person to consume or possess in any unsealed container, any alcoholic beverage, on any Greenwood Township property except on such premises when and where permission has been specifically granted by the Town Board. In granting such permission, the Town Board designated the area and time for which such permission is granted. Any permit holder shall be responsible for the conduct and security for such consumption and the Town Board may state further regulations and conditions for such granting” Motion approved 4/1 with Worringer voting no.



911 Coordinator: Sup. Bassing reported he had spoken to Commissioners Rukavina, Nelson and Sheriff Littman regarding the township doing their own 911 addressing and options for the future. He also spoke to Matt Goodman from 911 who said the township would have to go to the grid system if the county did the addressing , which means residents would need to change their addresses as well as all the addresses related to residence (checking, savings, utilities, etc) The county did not know the cost. He added that he wanted to save the township the $6400/year and asked the fire department volunteers to do the addressing. Chief Dave Fazio commented that he would not say yes or no but could look into it.



Sup. Bassing commented to save money the road supervisor could do it for free.

Ellen Trancheff asked Sup. Bassing if he had asked her about the job and what it entailed-he had not. Ms. Trancheff has been the 911 Coordinator since the early 90’s-providing addressing, fire numbers, coordination with agencies, map updates, etc.

Sup. Milbridge questioned the timing of Sup. Bassing’s attempt to take away a job from Ms. Trancheff, given two months ago the she was given a raise. He said it was mean spirited and directed at the Trancheffs, who both work for Greenwood.

MOTION Bassing/Baland to move the duties of the 911 Coodinator to the Road Supervisor who is currently Supervisor

Bassing. Motion Failed 1/4 with Reichel, Baland, Milbridge, Worringer voting no.


New Business:

Board members received a draft letter regarding Blight from PZ Representative Baland. He advised that the Planning Commission is working on the idea and this was a possible letter should a Blight Ordinance be approved.


Comprehensive Plan Survey Comments being made public:

Sup. Bassing requested that the survey comments be made public.

Chr. Reichel commented that she and Sup. Bassing met with the township attorney on several issues including the survey comments. Attorney Strom advised that while legally the comments could be made public, ethically and morally they shouldn’t given the fact that people could figure out who made certain comments and those comments are anonymous.


MOTION Bassing to direct the Steering Committee to make available to the public all comments from the surveys.

Motion failed for lack of support.


Election Judges:

MOTION Worringer/Baland to appoint the list of election judges for the upcoming Special Primary Election Sept. 29 and the Special Election in December. Approved 5/0




Chief Fazio reported that there had been 1 meeting/1 drill/20 EMS calls/ 1 concert standby/1 tree fire/3 false alarms and 3 auto accidents with injuries in August. He also asked the board’s opinion of the fire dept. acquiring the used Tower Ambulance vehicle that does have a rebuilt engine-it could be used as an EMS/Rehab vehicle for both the EMS staff and Firefighters-providing shelter, warmth and ac during calls. He will bring back information in October.


Safety/Training Ed Borchardt gave a report of the extrication drill under the direction of Asst. Chief Trancheff. He also asked if the board wants him to look into a sprinkler or fire detection for the township buildings? He advised he had a working group who he will work with on it and bring back information.


Director Julia Maki reported that the Planning Commission will be using the next 6-8 months reviewing the new county ordinance, plus the year has been busy for variances and well as permit activity.


Maintenance Pat Trancheff reported on the normal maintenance issues for August.


Supervisor Baland reported that the Greenwood Trail had been repaired by Parrk Paving-however there are a few pockets that need to be repaired and would contact them. He added the Little Library is up and running and being used. He extended a compliment to Director Julia Maki from a property owner-who was very pleased with the process and her assistance. Sup.

Baland added that this is one of many good words he has heard about Director Maki’s work as Planning Director, despite the negative comments about Greenwood sending planning & zoning back to the county. A round of applause was given for Director Maki.


MOTION Bassing/Baland to adjourn at 8:15 pm.



Respectfully Submitted,



Ellen Trancheff-Clerk Kirsten Reichel-Chairperson