September 26, 2011

Greenwood Board of Adjustment Meeting – Sept. 26, 2011


Chr. Maus called the meeting to order at 6:33 pm.

Present:  Chr. Carol Maus, Vice-Chr. John Aro, PZ Rep. Mickey Scipioni, Director Julia Maki, Clerk Ellen Trancheff

Absent: Ed Borchardt, Dennis Orehek


          MOTION Aro/Scipioni to approve the June 2011 meeting minutes.      Approved 3/0


Director Maki: Asked the board what they wanted to do in regards to Maron Welles variance heard in Aug. 2010.  She gave them the findings of facts and minutes from the hearing as well as photos.  She requested the board to decide if the front deck is in compliance with their decision.  The deck meets the definition of a detached platform, no higher than 18”, however, appeared to be attached.  Director Maki was told to stay off the property so did not have the deck measurements.


Board members:  The intention was for the deck to be adjacent to the upper deck, no stairs to it.  The layout of the lower deck appears to be connected with the upper deck railings in place where stairs could potentially lead to the lower deck which is not what was approved by variance in 2010.


MOTION Aro/Scipioni that they do not believe the front lower deck is in compliance with the Aug. 2010 variance that was approved.  The decision will be forwarded to Attorney Neff.  Approved 3/0


Director Maki: Gave a presentation on the outcome of the erosion control on the Olson property on Breezy Point.  The paved drive to the lake was allowed as the DNR felt it had less runoff vs. gravel.  Pointed out the the DVD from the Sensible Land Coalition was available for members to check out.


              MOTION Maus/Scipioni to adjourn at 7:16 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,


Ellen Trancheff-Clerk                                           Carol Maus-Chairperson