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September 2020

September 8, 2020

Greenwood Township Supervisors Board Meeting Minutes

September 8, 2020 6:30 PM


All motions are a ‘ROLL CALL VOTE’

Call to order by Chair Ralston 6:30 pm

Roll call:

Present: Chair Ralston, Vice Chair Deluca, P Skubic, L Tahija, B Beihoffer, Interim Treasurer Fazio, Interim Clerk Spicer

This meeting will be recorded for transcription and archival purposes.

Acceptance of Agenda: Motion Deluca- support Skubic, No additions or changes, Passed 5/0

Acceptance for approval of August 12, 2020 minutes: Motion Deluca Support Skubic to accept the Minutes as presented passed 5/0

Acceptance and approval of September 4, 2020 special meeting minutes: Motion Beihoffer support Deluca to accept the minutes as presented passed 5/0

Acceptance of Treasurers report as read: There is no treasurers report, claims or payroll due to the fact the former clerk would not reveal passwords to the township computer. Tech Bytes was called and the computer was opened however not in time to produce the necessary reports.


8.1) Update TAAS report from Deluca / Tajiha

Supervisor Deluca reported the next meeting for the TAAS is scheduled for October. The township will have an opportunity to review the contract and address any concerns. Resident Lee Peterson has forwarded his concerns regarding the operational fund balance and Township Attorney Couri has expressed his concern on the same subject.

8.2) Budget Review and historical spending discussion

A) update Back-up material was provided in the packet showing the 2020 fund balances and the historical spending for the township

B) Spending amounts 2016 $517,615, 2017 $350160.00, 2018 $314,433, 2019 $355,800.00, 2020 (Budget) $325,350.00, 2021 (projection) $331,800.00

8.3) Update Broadband

A) Supervisor Deluca stated the next Blandin Broadband meeting is scheduled for September 16,2020@ 2pm updated information of costs for each township will be presented.
B) Supervisor Beihoffer stated his conversations in the community favored not moving forward with additional spending to bring fiber and high-speed internet expansion to the Township what is now in place is adequate.
C) Chair Ralston stated he received a call from the CTC representative on August 12 regarding their interest in expanding the fiber into Greenwood Township and that a proposal to that effect should be available by the end of September.

8.4) Cares Funding Update

A) Tammy Mortaloni is working on the Cares funding and documenting the allowable expenses to apply toward the $22,500 amount received from St Louis County. The biggest obstacle she faces is merging the accounting system we use with the requirements of the CARES funding documents. An audit of all approved expenses will be held in September of 2021 for confirmation of approved expenses. Approximately $8000.00 has been spent so far

8.5) Fire Marshall Finding Update

A) Regarding the claim from Scott Kregness and Peter Makowski of fire department fraud, correspondence was received from Dean Wrobel, Chair MN Board of Firefighter Training and Education and James Smith, MN State Fire Marshals Office MN Department of Public Safety refuting all claims of fraud in obtaining Firefighter training Funds.


9.1) Possible additional wage cuts

a. Treasurer newly elected in March wage to be $9,428.61 40% reduction
b. Board Chair $2,765.40 40% reduction
c. Supervisors $2,574.84 40% reduction
d. All fire department wages as a wage freeze

Chair Ralston made a motion to accept the wage changes effective immediately, motion failed for lack of support.

9.2) Correspondence from Frontier Communications asking to sign off on permit to extend communication lines on Clover Point Road. As these roads are not Township roads the form will be returned via e-mail with that explanation.

9.3) All officers banking signatures need to be updated at Frandsen Bank. Authorization for banking is granted by rule to Board Chair (Mike Ralston), Board Vice Chair (Carmen Deluca), Clerk (Debbie Spicer), Deputy Clerk (vacant), Treasurer Belinda Fazio), Deputy Treasurer (Tammy Mortaloni). Necessary information and these minutes will be forwarded to the bank for completion of banking access.

9.4) Per discussion with Township Attorneys the board policies regarding contact and reports from Attorney contact be suspended until they can be revised Motion Deluca support Skubic to suspend all board policies regarding attorney contact Passed 5/0

Supervisor Reports:

Maintenance: Parking Lot striping complete

911: more signs completed perhaps contact should be made to pick up completed signs

Byron has been cleaning the pavilion and hauling the garbage as needed requested RV antifreeze to winterize the water line, Carmen will pick up

Byron will work with Debbie on Pavilion rental.

Fire Department: Chief Fazio reported on recent fire department calls activities and trainings.

EMS training will be held next month

Request from Department to purchase portable landing zone lights at the request of the Helicopter agencies, Motion Ralston support Byron to allow Fire department to purchase portable landing zone lighting not to exceed $400.00 Passed 5/0

Request to upgrade the infra-red camera cost not to exceed $800.00 Motion Carmen support Byron Passed 5/0

Clerk: No report (first day on job)

Correspondence: none

Motion to continue meeting to Thursday September 10,2020 @ 6:30 PM to review claims payroll and other items of business unable to be accomplished due to the former clerk not granting password access to the township computer. Motion Beihoffer support Skubic to continue meeting Thursday September 10, 2020 @6:30 Passed 5/0

Further discussions and suggestions from Kristen Anderson regarding meeting options was held no action taken

Prepared by Board Chair

Mike Ralston
Chair Ralston

Continued Meeting Thursday September 10 2020

Continued meeting was reconvened by Chair Ralston @ 6:30 pm

Chair stated all rules continue to apply (meeting being recorded and roll call votes) All supervisors and clerk treasurer were present.

Acceptance of Treasurers report as read: Motion Deluca support Skubic Passed 5/0

Treasurers report presented by Interim Treasurer Fazio

Beginning Balance          $645,515.04

Receipts                        $52,891.17

Disbursements               ($26,779.36)

Ending Fund balance      $671,626.85


Checking Account            $186,759.58

Long term Investments    $252,105.54

Savings account               $233,986.73

Ending Balance                $672,851.85

Receipts made up from:

Taconite production tax     $49,312.00

PILT                                $2,448.76

Disparity reduction aid      $1,129.00

Interest                           $1.41

Motion to waive reading of claims: Motion Beihoffer support Deluca Passed 5/0 Motion to accept claims: Motion Beihoffer support Tahija Passed 5/0

Motion to accept payroll: Motion Deluca support Beihoffer Passed 5/0

Motion to adjourn: Motion Skubic support Beihoffer Passed 5/0 Adjourned @ 6:38

Prepared by Board Chair

Mike Ralston