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September 2018



SEPTEMBER 11, 2018                      6:30 PM

Chair Ralston opens meeting

Pledge of Allegiance

Moment of Silence for 911

Roll call: Chair Ralston, Vice Chair Deluca, P Skubic, L Tahija, B Beihoffer, Treasurer Rodgers, Clerk Drobac

Please turn off all cell phones and pagers. This meeting will be recorded for transcription and archival purposes

Motion: Ralston\Beihoffer to move Public comments to the end of the agenda    Passed 5/0

Motion: Beihoffer\Deluca to approve August minutes                                                     Passed 5/0

Treasurer Report:  Checking – $257,401.28             Long Term Investments – $251,651.27      Savings accounts – $230,715.29                        Total:  $739,767.84

Motion: Tahija\Skubic to approve treasurer report                           Passed 5/0

Claims presented

Motion: claims – no formal motion

Public Comment- changed to end of agenda

Correspondence: Thank you from Marge McPeak for use of the pavilion. Congratulations from Breitung Township. Letter from Barb Lofquist with explanation of a Cabal and suggestions on water use at the pavilion. Also, questions the number of fire fighters on the roster. Steve Gillette would like to give a quote on insurance. Couri \ Ruppe hourly rate increase. SLC variance for Ribich. SLC listing for tax forfeit land. Resolution from SLC for sale of property to Vermilion Snowmobile club with re-classification. Motion: Tahija\Skubic to re-classify said property to non-conservation                     Passed 5/0                          SLC approval of sale.       MAT announces David Han as new executive director. Email from John Milbridge wanting to be an election judge. Two others interested. Letter from Teschner’s -Thank you, for help from the EMR Jeff Maus, and other responders.


John Bassing question on the roster for the fire dept. – Chief Fazio called to verify \ explained – if a firefighter has not separated or retired, they are still on the roster

Changes to SOG—–suggestions from Ralston – training \ membership \ termination \ inactivity                   fire dept to supply changes to board

Birch Point road extension- Ralston \ Deluca researched to find, the extension is owned by the township and is responsible for the maintenance. But, not required to re-pave. Possibly cutting brush before winter. 3’ wide and 12’ up back from road is suggested. Deluca to contact Calgaro for brushing estimate. Ralston to check with county on road ownership on Old Highway 77.

Recycling canisters – discussion                                                                                                                                Motion: Ralston to remove recycling canisters from Greenwood property    Failed no second

Pavilion water – Ralston asked for other ideas – watering \ irrigation well?

Informational ad for Nov voting – ad in paper to explain absentee voting

Correspondence to parties about damaged Birch Point road – one response from John Hilden

Correspondence to parties regarding brushing on Birch Point road – no letter out yet – fire dept does not have a list of names

Motion: Ralston\Deluca to deny each and every claim in Jeff Maus recent grievance, to include info from Ralston with grounds for denial                           Passed 5/0

Kitchen hood cleaning – no need – look at next year

Rental of pavilion and town hall – no meeting

Jarri Ankrum suggestions- get a listing of amount paid to contractors over 1-year period. Possible part-time maintenance person

Motion: Deluca\Skubic to approve a donation to Northwoods Partners                  Passed 5/0


Insurance for playset and snowbulance- check on

Motion: DeLuca\Skubic to approve estimate for new LED lighting in town hall from Reichel electric for $1956.00                                                   Passed 5/0

Motion: Skubic\Tahija to Mary Richard as election judges for Nov 6 election                          Passed  5/0 Motion: Tahija\Beihoffer to approve Kathy Vogh as election judge for Nov 6 election         Passed  5/0 Motion: Deluca\Tahija to approve Kathy Lovgren as head judge for Nov 6 election Passed 5/0           Motion: Beihoffer\Deluca to approve Colleen Lepper as election judge for Nov 6 election  Passed 5/0 Motion: Tahija\Skubic to approve Julie Stoehr as election judge for Nov 6 election            Passed 5/0  Motion: Tahija\Skubic to approve Joan Mueller as election judge for Nov 6 election                Passed 5/0  Motion: Deluca\Beihoffer to approve Carol Maus as head judge for Nov 6 election            Passed 5/0        Motion: Beihoffer\Tahija to approve Bev Peterson as election judge for Nov 6 election      Passed 5/0  Motion: Beihoffer \ Skubic to approve Ruth Deluca as election Judge for Nov 6 election   Passed  4/0   Deluca abstained                                                                                                                                                            Motion: Deluca\Skubic to approve Sue Drobac as election judge for Nov 6 election Passed 5/0

Junk mail is available to view, then will be recycled

Reports: Supervisors: Deluca – 911 – 2 signs made, new door opener has been installed. Skubic- heard lots of nice comments about the Anniversary Party, and had questions about charges for copies. Tahija- walking trail culvert complete. Ralston – thank to Pam Lundstrom.                                                                            Motion: Skubic\Deluca to give leftover food from Anniversary to Rec Dept for ribbon cutting      Passed 5/0                          Beihoffer – went to District meeting – many politicians attending. Jim Fisher was elected as District rep.- conflicting stories on restrooms on property,                                                                             Motion: Beihoffer\Tahija to provide Pavilion renters a key for access to restrooms.    Passed 5/0          Fire Dept – 6 fire 15 ems 1 drill 8 training. Fire Dept Officers met with Jennifer Crique about the donations for the snowbulance. Much appreciated by Crique and family. Pro hydro testing the end of Sept or in Oct. Turnout gear priced at $2930.75 each. Will need 3 sets, when training completed.                            Motion: Skubic\Deluca to approve purchase of 3 sets of turnout gear based on a quote by Mars supply                                     Passed 5/0                                          SOG changes will be given to board, to include pension eligibility. Having a live burn this fall. Inventory has been updated. Attending regional training also. Fire Dept has received new insurance cards. Training dollars at $6,150.00. Good 40th.                   Safety –  August was annual emergency vehicle training

Public Comment:             John Bassing – Supervisors Ralston and Deluca last month said – if township does not keep recycling here – residents will have to go to Soudan. Also said was the 77 site does not have room and will need a health dept. permit. A letter was received by the board from SLC saying the county would move the recycling to the 77 site. Bassing called Mark St Lawrence               , who said the recycling if not wanted would go to the 77 site, they never intended Greenwood to go to Soudan and does not need a health dept permit.  The residents should not have false and misleading statements. Secondly, the MBFTE roster claimed 39 members. 7 members training are not up to date, 3 members are EMR’s- which are not covered.                                        Mark Drobac questioned spending authority – board not getting quotes for the best estimate. The Board should be good tenders of the Taxpayers funds.                                                            Jarri Ankrum – 12 new benches are now in place. The lighting at the pavilion has been changed to suspended lighting. The ribbing cutting for the playground will be Sep 22 at 11:00 am.                              Barb Lofquist talked about the comprehensive plan-the results were- no more development. Board training not mentioned anymore. Board seems to working only for the fire dept and the rec. dept. Board should, within its fiduciary duties, be working for all taxpayers. Get quotes, get a listing of people in the area to work. Follow the advice of the township attorney.             Ralston commented on minutes of July 14, 2015. Bassing commented in the minutes, saying, the attorney advice does not have to be followed.    Steve Rodgers talked about training- FFI \ FFII for fire dept.

Motion: Skubic\Beihoffer to adjourn                                       Passed 5/0


Sue Drobac                                                                                 Mike Ralston


Clerk                                                                                                      Chair