September 2021


September 14, 2021                                       6:30 PM

Chair Ralston opens meeting

Pledge of Allegiance

This meeting will be recorded for archival and transcription purposes.

Roll Call: Chair Ralston, Supervisor Skubic, Supervisor Drobac, Supervisor Lofquist, Treasurer Fazio, Clerk Spicer Vice Chair Deluca absent.

All Motions are by Roll Call Vote

Additions or changes to Agenda – Remove duplicate Agenda item 9.5

Motion– Request to accept Agenda – 4/0 Passed

Motion: to approve August 10, 2021 Board of Supervisors Meetings Minutes – Paul/Barb 4/0 Passed

Treasurer’s report:

Motion: to approve Treasurer’s report– Paul/Barb 4/0 Passed

Motion: to hold Tower Ambulance check 21271 until contract is signed – Sue/Barb 4/0 Passed

Motion: to approve Claims – except 21271 as above, and 21276 for recalculating – Paul/Barb 4/0 Passed

Motion: to approve Payroll – Paul/Sue 4/0 Passed

Public Comment

Lee Peterson made several informational statements concerning Tower Ambulance.

Clerk Spicer commented on Supervisor Drobac ordering a combination printer packet that included unnecessary items that cost double of the correct printer cartridge and charging to Greenwood Township while she has no spending authority and that Clerk Spicer has already ordered the correct item.


8.1 Sue – Claim 21261 (Culligan) held for service call explanation – usual annual service check and filter change – claim was paid.

8.2 MATIT Insurance – tabled for appraisal

8.3 Broadband – getting surveys back

8.4 Sue – Payroll Motion to show all of the Supervisors annual pay – Sue/Barb 4/0 Passed


9.1 Motion: to accept Resolution 21-07 accepting 2022 Levy – Paul/Barb 4/0 Passed

9.2 Motion: to have Water Test conducted on outside faucet used by public not to exceed $470 – Barb/Paul 4/0 Passed


9.3 Barb – Walking Trail (Boardwalk) thru 17 acre swamp area behind Town Hall – determined research had been done previously and too costly. Barb can gather additional information.

9.4 Sue – Greenwood OAH judgement – wants additional disciplinary action.

Motion: to record Fire Department meetings – Sue/Barb 2/2 fail

Motion: to allow public to attend Fire Dept. meetings – Sue/Barb 2/2 fail

Motion: to affirm Finding of Facts – Barb/Sue 4/0 Passed

9.6 Greenwood Township Website Pages- keep Inventory page? some discussion agreed it should have a new Comprehensive Plan.  Cost was $13,500. Subject should be revisited.

Supervisor Reports:


DeLuca: Maintenance/911

Skubic: no items for report

Drobac: still wants FD training list of who completed what training and Tammy’s time sheet report, complained of not receiving meeting audio files from Clerk – was told she can get them via the meeting      dial-in number. Stated Clerk needs to put public packet ON the Supervisors table at the meetings to avoid open meeting violation.

Lofquist: wants her Agenda items worded exactly as her email request.

Fire Chief Fire: 12 fire calls, 12 EMR calls, 1 fire training, 1 EMR training, 1 maintenance and 1 meeting, tree/limbs overhanging landing strip. Additional repairs needed on trucks and bad starter on boat.

Motion: FD to clear trees interfering with landing strip – Mike/Sue 4/0 Passed

Motion: fire boat to fix fireboat starter changed – Mike/Paul 4/0 Passed

Safety Report: Annual hose testing is done, familiarizing with smoothbore nozzle and may convert fire boat with this nozzle. Oct drill annual Emergency Vehicle Operational Training as required by state. Nov Fortune Bay walk-thru to familiarize with facility, Dec OSHA required Extinguisher/ladder training will be done.  Mike will get quote from Calgaro for tree removal.


Letter from Courie & Ruppe – as of January 1, 2022 hourly rate increases to $230.

FYI –SLC proposed sale of forfeited land.

Email from Birch Point Road requesting speed monitoring – letter has been sent to Vic from SLC to do repairs and he will do speed test.

Motion: to adjourn – Mike/Barb 4/0 Passed             Time:   8:58


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