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September 13, 2016


SEPTEMBER 13TH 2016                    6:30 PM

Chair Bassing calls meeting to order

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll call: Chair Bassing, Vice chair Deluca, G Baland, J Maus, R Kladivo, Treasurer Clark, Clerk Drobac

Please turn off all cell phones and pagers. This meeting will be recorded for transcription and archival purposes.  When public comments are made-please state your name and address.

Motion Maus\Kladivo to add to agenda, a closed session after supervisors reports, on advice of counsel. Passed     5/0

Motion Baland\Deluca to approve August 10th, 2016 regular minutes        Passed 5/0        

Motion Deluca\Kladivo to approve August 18th   2016 special meeting minutes     Passed 4/0          Maus abstained as he was not in attendance

Treasurers report- checking: $568,858.18 long term investments: $251,198.66     savings: $314,136.83                      Total: $1,134,193.67                     Receipts are available to view.

Motion Kladivo\Deluca to approve treasurers report                      Passed 5/0

Claims presented

Motion Deluca\Kladivo to approve claims presented.  Discussion – Maus noted there was a claim not documented and should be held for verification.  Motion amended to approve claims, but hold claim #17475, until verification next month.                                Passed   4/0 Baland abstained

Public comments: Mark Drobac would like to know the procedure to receive copies of all of Gene Baland’s e-mails to and from the township attorney from March 15, 2016 to September 2016.   Noted by Bassing–Clerk to research—to find if the e-mails are public or private.

Correspondence: Letter from Ralph and Joanie Teschner acknowledging and thanking Jeff Maus for the help at a 911 call regarding a boat crash at their home in August. Letter from Northwoods Partners asking for a donation.  Letter from SLC regarding community’s open house and block grants.  E-mail from Melissa Cox \ Broadband, looking for stories to share from community members that will benefit from new broadband.  E-mail from Lee Peterson- would like the township to make a motion for MATIT to cease and desist in their actions against the Bassings. Letter from Lee Peterson for township to make a motion for clerk to publish notices in the Timberjay newspaper also.  Letter from Barb Hayden at SLC –noting passing and accepting Greenwood Township Planning and Zoning Maps.  Letter from Irene Bright noting the problems with the previous clerk’s entries and correcting the problem, also saying the board may contact her at any time.


Planning and Zoning Transition – St Louis County has passed and accepted our PZ maps. A special meeting will be required, for transfer on Oct 1, 2016. All written document will be brought to the county. A special hearing and meeting will be needed by the Planning and Zoning Board for a rescinding ordinance of the Planning and Zoning on Sept 27, 2016, followed by a Town board special meeting to accept the recommendation by PZ

Motion Bassing\Deluca to publish PZ special hearing meeting also published in the TimberJay newspaper.              Passed    5/0

Motion Bassing\Deluca to terminate the PZ director position as of Oct 16, 2016  Passed 4/1 Baland voting no

Motion Deluca\Kladivo to appoint Bassing to negotiate with township attorney in the Julia Maki case.                     Passed 4/0 Bassing abstain

Tennis court update-Baland reported the court is complete-less signage.  He asked Rick Sather and Mesabi Butiminous to do a walk through after completion.  Pickleball nets were not included in the quote for the court.

Pavilion update – Dean Panian had final financial report. They have 4 projects to finish- notice board, change highway sign for Greenwood, horseshoe court, and flowers by the Greenwood sign.  The port-a-potty will be taken out Sept 30. The grand opening was a success and received many compliments.  Also, looking at getting a playset for children. Dean was honored by residents with a sign for the Pavilion –Panian’s Pavilion.  Brad Skarich thanked Dean for his work on the Pavilion and Recreation area.

Motion Deluca\Bassing approve hanging Panian’s Pavilion sign and naming the Pavilion Discussion- Maus- all citizens need input—this item not on the agenda.  Does support sign.                                Passed   4/1 Maus voting no.

Maus noting the no alcohol sign- still to be done.  Will be included on the Pavilion sign. 

Motion Maus\Bassing to change sign at the entrance to the township by the houseboats on HWY 77 to say “welcome to greenwood”  from “welcome to greenwood-building permits required.”                              Passed 5/0  

Thanks from Maus to Dean Panian and all workers. The Pavilion will be enjoyed.

Motion Bassing\Maus to assign board member Kladivo to the Lake Vermilion Area Lodging and Tax board                            Passed    5/0

Motion Deluca\Bassing to assign board member Maus to Tower Ambulance Commission              Passed 5/0

Note:  Fire Dept. Administration Assistant pay will be $217.50 per month


Motion Kladivo\Bassing to appoint election judges for November election- Delores Clark, Marcia Vietanen, Kathy Vogh, Colleen Lepper, Jan Makowski, Mary Richard, Kathy Lovgren, Joan Mueller, Sue Drobac, Carol Maus, and Ruth Deluca                    Head Judges- Delores Clark and Marcia Vietanen              Passed   5/0

Employee Affairs

1 Attorney contact is limited to board supervisors and clerk, not to employees.  Employees must first address the employee supervisor.

2 Paid on Call – committee formed had a meeting on Sat.  Draft drawn up for approval.    Includes payment only once for FF l and ll and run reports and summaries will be approved by the township board.  Any advanced training will be paid for, nothing repeated.

Motion Deluca\Kladivo to send POC guidelines draft to attorney for advice                                          -Changes- officer in charge can sign for others attending call. 25% of calls need to be attended. Make up drills changed from 6-to 3.  Includes payment only once for FF l and ll, run reports and summaries will be approved by the township board.  Dave Fazio questioned the 25% of calls, considering a lot of false alarms.  Jan Makowski commented on the 25% of calls, some members have jobs out of the area and cannot make it to calls. Another meeting is needed. Deluca said there will be a meeting in October after attorney looks at guidelines. Ed Borchardt does not want to penalize members for not going on calls, but do give members who participate the pension.                      Motion withdrawn

Motion Bassing\Deluca to endorse transfer of Fire Department Relief Association fund to PERA for pension with 2 stipulations: town board supervisors review service credits prior to submission to state, board review of POC guidelines with minimum of 15% of calls,(this would be tied to PERA to receive service credit and fire dept.  Advisory board to continue work.  Maus questions goodtime service credits.  Howard Ankrum notes PERA needs notice by mid-November.                Next advisory board meeting to be set up.                          Passed 4/0           Maus abstained

Presentations to Board of Supervisors- Maus – wants everyone to have a voice…working on difference between presentation and proposal.  Talk to him.


1 Motion Maus\Deluca to have an ad in Tower news and Timberjay newspaper for quotes for snowplowing at the town hall proper.   Amend motion to include proof insurance for $1,000,000.00 and bonded as qualifications.                          Passed    5/0

2 Fire Dept. truck maintenance- logs for fire truck maintenance

Recycling canisters- Bassing noted a continuing problem, and the county could move them out.  Baland said there have been many people have had to clean up.

Motion Deluca\Kladivo recycling bins to be looked at moving next month                             Passed 5/0

Committee for Greenwood Township 40th anniversary celebration or wait until 50th? –on agenda in Oct.

List for attending the Legal Seminar Oct. 1 – John Bassing, Jeff Maus, Carmen Deluca, and Mark Drobac

Breitumg\ Tower Fire Service—-fire district.  Meeting was attended by Bassing, Maus and J Villebrun – Tower would like to start a Fire District and does Greenwood want to join?   Districts are funded by levies.  Research needs to be done regarding costs, etc.  Maus noted this would consolidate resources, group training for all cities, and better performance with a district.  Maus volunteered to attend all Tower\Breitung Fire District meetings in the future.

Maus note: No privatizing the fire department, he would like to see more research done.

Reports: Supervisors, Baland – tennis court is 99% done. Bassing- Deluca and Bassing went to the Grand Lake meeting – talked with Jim Fisher of MAT about how long before we could seek re-instatement on MATIT insurance. Looking at having interim insurance by Oct. 1. Greenwood has gotten a new router installed, therefore the service is better, and access can be gotten outside.  Fire dept.- 12 training meetings,11 ems calls, 6 fire calls. PERA is going forward.  Fire detection for building will have an estimate soon. EMT class is available for FF l and ll. Training re-imbursement $5,600.00 for next year.  2 thank you’s .  Maus asked about a policy in place for HIPAA paperwork for the Fire Dept. from the Fire Chief. Baland-clarify Dean Panian and Greenwood Area Recreation board needed to be thanked. Planning and Zoning- building permits, Board of Adjustment met and Planning and Zoning did not. Safety-training on fireboat. 911 adm- dock side signs being made, with help from Mary Richard.

Set date for next fire dept. advisory committee meeting

Motion Bassing\Maus to go to closed session                                     Passed    5/0                       8:35 PM

Motion Kladivo\Baland to reconvene to open session                    Passed   5/0

Junk mail available for viewing—then will be tossed.

Motion Kladivo\Baland to adjourn                           Passed 5/0                          9:05 PM


Sue Drobac                                                                         John Bassing


Clerk                                                                                      Chair