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October 2020

Greenwood Township Supervisors Board Meeting Minutes


October 13, 2020    6:30PM     This meeting will be a Telephone Conference Call

All Motions are by Roll Call Vote

Call to Order

Roll Call – Chair Ralston / Vice Chair DeLuca / Supervisor Skubic / Supervisor Tahija /

Supervisor Beihoffer / Interim Clerk Spicer       Interim Treasurer Fazio-absent

Meeting is being recorded for transcription and archival purposes

Additions to Agenda

Motion:  To remove item 10.3 Clerk/Treasurer      Chair Ralston/Beihoffer       Passed 5/0

Motion:  To accept Agenda:       DeLuca/Beihoffer                   Passed 5/0

Motion:  To approve minutes for September 8th and 10th 2020 minutes

Beihoffer/Skubic                     Passed 5/0

Treasurer Report: Deputy Treasurer Tammy Mortaloni gives report:

Beginning balance-$672,851.85    Investment Interest-$156.37   Disbursements-$90,862.83

Ending Fund Balance – $582,145.39

Checking Account-$131,998.34    Long Term Invest $252,180.33    Savings Accts-$233,992.63

Totaling – $618,171.30 of which $53,497.91 is Restricted Funds

Receipts of Rental deposit, 2-911 signs and interest          Total – $91.37

Motion: To approve Treasurers Report   Skubic/DeLuca     Passed 5/0

Motion:  To waive reading of Claims     Beihoffer/ Skubic    Passed 5/0

Technical problems experienced Chair Ralston dropped off – Ralston regains access

Motion:  To approve Claims     DeLuca/Beihoffer     Passed 5/0

Motion:  To approve Payroll     Skubic/Beihoffer    Passed 5/0

Old Business

TAAS: Carmen / Larry Report – Both attended meeting and have contract for remainder of 2020.

New language will be added in 2021 contract. First half of contract payment had been approved and paid in August with second half due in December. DeLuca stated how nice and up-to-date the new ambulance is.

Motion:  To approve Contract and second half payment     Deluca/Tahija     Passed 5/0


Broadband: Carmen / Byron Report     DeLuca received letter of LTE Broadband – Diane Krause – NEO stated last meeting had been cancelled.  Whitney and Carl are working with a group of townships and scheduled to meet with various stake holders. Whitney and Carl will meet with RRRB and Whitney will contact Diane Krause at NEO and schedule to meet after the elections in November.


Beihoffer clarified he previously had only relayed comments from other residence that they are not in favor of broadband. He stated there is “fake news” circulating that he is against broadband.  He is totally in favor of broadband as was shown by his vote in favor of the $50,000 fund proposal for broadband at the last budget meeting.  He believes the persons spreading those false rumors are the same individuals that voted that fund proposal down.  He will continue to push forward in favor of broadband.


Chair Ralston has acquired a preliminary proposal with fiber optic mapping information from CTC. A preliminary budget was included Totaling $6,323,800.  Breaking this amount down to include 105.9 miles of Fiber Optics which includes the 1,370 establishments passed, the 1,185 locations fed by the fiber, the cost to construct the 185 locations who require fiber outside the Township boundaries in order to serve them, and assumes 100% buried fiber construction. The preliminary costs are an educated guess, not a final proposal, but gives us a base to work from and suggests we find a grant writer to get funding.


Beihoffer asks about cost guarantees and if the islands are included in this projection.


Ralston states it does not include the islands and is not a final proposal. It is a starting point we can use to get funding applications started and continue moving forward. Ralston stated he also reached out to Paul Bunyan, but they did not respond.


Motion:  To continue working with CTC     DeLuca/Skubic      Passed 5/0

Motion:  To get a Grant Writer     DeLuca/Beihoffer            Passed 5/0


Cares funding: Tammy Mortaloni Reports


1st round of CARES funding we received $22,500 in late July. The 1st report was due to State of Minnesota Sept. 10 and a subsequent report due early October.  Tammy went thru records back to March for Covid19 related expenses.  New pagers for EMR’s purchased in September were a bulk of the used amount, and numerous other Covid19 related items were purchased. We have used $13,300 of the fund leaving a balance of $9,188.

St. Louis County received a grant to share with cities and townships requiring a CARES ACT Resolution and Agreement that must be returned in order to receive $764 of that grant to be used exclusively for 2020 election expenses related to Covid19.  Resolution was read by Chair Ralston


Motion:  To accept Cares Act Resolution    DeLuca/Beihoffer     Passed 5/0


New Business


10.1 DOLI Findings RE: Maus Complaint of December 13, 2017 and amendments

DOLI finding Maus complaint #20180058 against Fire Department has been dismissed and closed.

The Township has expended considerable dollars to defend ourselves from this frivolous claim and the two outstanding claims #20200043 and #20200200, from the same individual following the same line against the Fire Department.  It has taken nearly 4 years and a lot of money to bring this to resolution. This has led to the Special Meeting last week to approve payment for Errors and Omissions Insurance for the Township.


10.2 Western World Insurance

MATIT had quit insuring Errors and Omissions for the Township due to the numerous lawsuits and allegations. We had to obtain insurance through an Independent agency at that time. What was once costing the Township about $8,000 is now costing $11,639, with deductible per claim going from $0 to $5,000, on issuing agreement D, and for NFPPE3102, which is Police and Fire Dept. related Errors and Omissions, deductible is now $500,000, along with other increases and exclusions. Hopefully we can get back with MATIT in the near future, but with claims continuing it seems unlikely.


10.3   Clerk / Treasurer


Supervisors reports   Fire Chief Report

Dave is in training – Mike Indihar gives report:

August had 6 Fire and 1 Fire Training, 17 EMS and 1 EMS Training   1 Meeting, Other 1 Maintenance


September had 7 Fire and 2 Fire Training, 12 EMS and 1 EMS Training, 1 Meeting, 1 Other and 1 Maintenance.


EMR 16 hr. refresher course through AdvancedMN college – 2 yr., certification expires Oct. 31 for 6 of our EMR’s – dates and times given.


MBFTE allocated $4,000 for training 1/01.2020 thru 6/30/2021


Boat 1 will be taken out of water in next week, boat 2 taken out closer to freeze up.

Landing Zone light have been ordered. Thermal Imaging Camera ordered.


Safety Report – no report


Maintenance Report – DeLuca state ready for winter and made 2-911 signs.

Beihoffer states nets are still up, antifreeze in water lines is done and hoses are put away. He will take care of nets and park benches end of October and requests volunteer assistance.


Clerk Report –election judge list submitted for approval

DeLuca states listed judges are the same as for primary election and have already been approved.



Chair Ralston states rumors of “No voting at Greenwood Town Hall” are false. We will have voting as always.


Technical problems experienced Chair Ralston dropped off – Ralston regains access

Letter received from Joe and Mickey Caskinette concerning broadband – content has been covered in broadband discussion. Mike will respond to them.


Motion:  To Adjourn    DeLuca/ Mike     Passed 5/0