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October 2019


OCTOBER 8, 2019                                              6:30 PM

Chair Deluca opens meeting

Pledge of Allegiance

Please turn off all cell phones and pagers. This meeting will be recorded for transcription and archival purposes

Roll call: Chair Deluca, Vice Chair Skubic, M Ralston, L Tahija, B Beihoffer, Treasurer Rodgers, Clerk Drobac

Motion: Skubic\Tahija to approve September minutes                    Passed 5/0

Motion: Beihoffer\Ralston to approve September 17, 2019 special meeting minutes         Passed 5/0

Treasurer report:  Checking – $169,675.49   Long Term Investments – $251,952.70    Savings Accounts – $232,744.26                                                Total – $654,372.45

Motion: Tahija\Deluca to approve treasurer report                           Passed 5/0

Change of deputy treasurer – Treasurer Rodgers announced the new deputy treasurer – Janelle Swenson

Claims presented

Motion: Beihoffer\Deluca to approve claims as presented             Passed 5/0

Motion: Skubic\Ralston to approve payment of payroll as presented        Passed 5/0


Motion: Deluca\Tahija to approve Vermilion Snow Management for a 3-year contract, 2019-2021 winter seasons, for snowplowing                                                     Passed 5/0

Motion: Ralston\Deluca to approve the question on the March ballot: Shall option B, providing for the appointment of the clerk and treasurer by the town board, be adopted for the government of the town  Passed 5/0

Wording on ballot for brushing question – tabled to Nov meeting

Motion: Biehoffer\Skubic to approve MATIT Insurance update, owing an additional $736.00.                          Passed 5/0

Motion: Deluca\Skubic to approve keeping both insurances – MATIT and Western world      Passed 5/0

Motion: Ralston\Deluca to approve a Broadband public meeting – Oct 29, 2019 at 5:30, at Greenwood Town Hall                                   Passed 5/0

Tower Ambulance payment \ contract – tabled to Nov meeting

OSHA \ ventilation system – Deluca reported – the ventilation system in the fire hall garage – there will not be a violation


Motion: Skubic\Tahija to approve Resolution 19-08 for donation of $25.00 from Tode’s, to fd in memory of Mel Hintz                                Passed 5/0

Motion: Deluca\Beihoffer to increase charge for replacement 911 signs to $20.00          Passed 5/0

Motion: Deluca\Ralston to approve $2500.00 to set up a Public computer                         Passed 5/0

Motion: Skubic\Ralston to now have signees at Frandsen Bank as – Carmen Deluca, Paul Skubic, Suzanne Drobac, John Bassing, Pamela Rodgers and Janelle Swenson                                               Passed 5/0

REPORTS: Supervisors: Deluca reported the grounds look nice                                                                      Motion: Deluca\Beihoffer to have the town hall closed on Wednesdays from 9:00 to 12:00 for cleaning     Passed 5/0                                                                                                                                                            Several 911 signs have been made and the Fire Dept plaques will be updated                                                     FD – Worringer reported for Fazio – runs – 2 fire, 6 emr, 1 training, 1 meeting, 1 emr training and 2 maintenance. Looking at a DNR grant for new turn out gear. Several agencies are offering safety grants. One main grant for an extractor (to remove carcinogen material from gear)                                                                  Motion: Deluca\Skubic to approve a letter of intent to purchase an extractor to be sent       Passed 5/0     PERA IS 199.18% funded. FD looking at annual increases.                                                                      Motion: Deluca for increase for pension – tabled to next month                                   OSHA changes needed – safety fuel cans, SCBA testing, hose testing, fire extinguisher testing, AWAIR program needed. Physical reports to OSHA. Fall protection on trucks needed. EMR’s can now carry epi-pens. Tim Lind is doing maintenance in Fire Dept. and will be having records on maintenance. EMR supplies ordered. Boat 1 out Oct 17, boat 2 will go to Grueben’s. EMR course in Cook. FF I | II training available in winter. Re-imbursement records being kept.                                    Safety – Worringer reported – everything needs documentation. Night boat training was done with radar and GPS. Will have emergency vehicle training, and fire extinguisher training. Worringer setting up a training dept. with an Instructor and Assistant.  Free online training system available in MN in 2021. Our fire dept. needs to be chosen for this system. Will have time at the business meetings to discuss previous runs, etc.                                    Beihoffer – Rec Dept will be having an appreciation pizza party at VC on Sat Oct 12. The water line has been winterized. He attended the Legal Seminar.                                                Ralston – talked of the wording – litigation – he will continue to use this wording as the lawyers do.         Rec dept will be doing the winterizing of benches, etc Tahija – attended the Ambulance meeting and the committee needs more answers                       Clerk – questioned the roundup monies on the Lake Country Power bill. Looking at putting in new blinds in the town hall. Information given on being a census taker. Put on Facebook – community can make copies, use notary, public water.

PUBLIC COMMENT: John Bassing – Broadband committee looking for 3 voting members of the community. Questioned the Option B – on ballot – out of 1781 townships, only 129 have appointed a clerk\treasurer. This will be taking the vote from the hands of the people and giving the decision to the board. This reeks of retaliation.           Lee Peterson – Also thinks the Clerk and Treasurer should be elected. He attended the Ambulance meeting, and the Tower City council has a lot of questions to be answered. Talked with the Virginia ambulance Personnel about making money (yes, they do) and their money cannot be transferred out of the ambulance fund.

CORRESPONDENCE: MN Pollution Control letter regarding proposed amendments to adopt rules with public hearing, CDBG committee has 7 openings on their board, SLC revisions on Ordinance 41, LCP letter on dual fuel, SLC revisions on Ordinance 62, SLC hearing on Ordinance 62, SLC variance app for Hasbrook, SLC variance app for Voss, SLC approved variance for Roskoski.

Junk mail is available to view, then will be recycled

Motion: Skubic\Biehoffer to adjourn                                       Passed 5/0                          7:55 pm

Sue Drobac                                                                         Carmen Deluca


Clerk                                                                                      Chair