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October 13, 2015


Greenwood Town Board Meeting – October 13, 2015


Chr. Reichel called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.


Present:  Chr. Reichel, Vice-Chr. Baland, Supervisors Bassing, Milbridge, Worringer; Treasurer Clark, Clerk Trancheff


                MOTION Bassing/Worringer to approve the Sept. 8, 2015 board meeting minutes.  Approved 5/0


                MOTION Worringer/Milbridge to approve the Treasurer’s Sept. 2015 financial report: Checking-$707,701.87/Long Term Investments-$251,046.66/Savings-$317,323.64=$1,276,072.17.  Approved 5/0

                MOTION Baland/Bassing to pay claims #16811-16867 totaling $41,950.51.  Approved 5/0

                MOTION Worringer/Milbridge to pay fixed bills and payroll Nov. 1.  Approved 5/0


Public Comments were heard from:Mary Richards-loves the little library but there’s no parking, tired of paying for double services, keep things simple.

Jeff Maus-rules adopted by board should be followed by all, discussion of personnel in public is wrong.

Walt Moe-asked the board to consider motions for a month.

Correspondence:  Thank you notes to the Grwd. EMR’s from the Strong and Lundstrom families, Chuck Richards letter of resignation from the Planning Commission/Steering Committee due to the secret taping of the Steering Committee meetings by Joanne Bassing and that the recordings were being posted on a secret website by the Bassings; Lee Peterson request for survey comments

Chr. Reichel commented that while it may be a legal right to record, the committee members were not aware they were being recorded at every meeting and then being posted to a website-legal yes, morally and ethically no. 

Vice-Chr. Baland commented that a letter of appreciation needs to be sent to Chuck Richards.

Sup. Bassing asked if Sue Drobac was given answers to her questions regarding the clerk/911 position.  Chr. Reichel commented that the Clerk is Elected position and the 911 is an employee position.  When the raise was given to the clerk, it was based on 30+ years of experience and the clerk salary will be reviewed if a new person is elected to the Clerk position, based on experience.

Survey Comments Release Question:


                 MOTION Reichel/Baland that following adjournment of the Oct. 21, 2015 Steering Committee Meeting the steering committee members will have 2 hours to read the comments on the surveys.  There will be no video, photographing or taping of the process-members are to remain silent while reading the comments.  Audience members may watch the proceedings, but not read or participate.  Approved 4/1 with Bassing voting no.

Tower Ambulance used vehicle:

Chief Fazio presented the board with information on the used Tower Ambulance vehicle that is for sale.  The Fire Dept. expressed interest in it as a Rehab vehicle.  Board members expressed concern buying a vehicle that has a history of engine failure.

Old Business:    Vice-Chr. Baland commented that the Bocce Ball Court is done, the tennis court has not started.


MOTION Bassing/Baland to approve the Resolution to name the Bocce Ball Court the Dean Panian Bocce Ball Courts.  Approved 5/0

Supervisor Bassing will arrange for a plaque.

New Business:

Supervisor Stipend-Sup. Milbridge commented that in the spirit of saving money the supervisors could take a pay cut to offset other expenses.

MOTION Milbridge/Bassing that effective Nov. 1, 2015 the Supervisors pay will be reduced to $1200/year and Chairperson to $1500/year and remain frozen until the Re-Organization meeting in March 2018.  Approved 4/1 with Reichel voting no due to the fact that she logs 60 miles round trip-traveling through Beatty Township and Unorganized township to come to the hall, without mileage reimbursement.

 Attorney Expenses-Sup. Bassing commented that the township should utilize the MAT for legal advice instead of the township attorney. 

Chr. Reichel responded that the township needs their own attorney and Tim Strom was hired.  $1500+ has been spent by Sup. Bassing in challenges or questions to Attorney Strom’s responses and done so outside of protocol-the chair, planning director, clerk, department/committee heads are allowed to contact the attorney.  Supervisors are to go through the Chair, which did not happen.  The Clerk and Planning Director advised that MAT attorneys are used for general information in regards to MN Township Laws, etc.  The MAT does not act as legal counsel for townships.  Vice-Chr. Baland comented that Sup. Bassing should have followed protocol.

Lake Vermilion Cultural Center:

MOTION Reichel/Baland to send a letter of support to the Lake Vermilion Cultural Center.  Approved 5/0

Adult Airway Management Trainer:  Chief Fazio presented the board with a quote for $1541.00 for an adult airway trainer for the 15 First Responders.

MOTION Worringer/Milbridge to approve the purchase of the Nasco Adult Airway Management Trainer.  Approved 4/1 with Bassing voting NO.  (Note-there was a comment that Supervisors Worringer/Milbridge could not vote on this as they were on the Fire Dept, however, there is no conflict as there is no financial interest to either supervisor regarding the purchase of this equipment)


Resolution to appoint Rick Worringer as Maintenance Assistant:

MOTION Baland/Milbridge to appoint Rick Worringer as Assistant to Maintenance at a pay rate of $15/hour.  Motion failed 3/1 with Bassing voting NO.  The resolution needed to have unanimous approval-which it did not.  Sup. Worringer will not be paid for assisting Maintenance.


Fire Chief Dave Fazio reported on the Sept. events/calls which were 100% responded to.  Boat 1 will be pulled out of service on Oct. 19 (after MEA which has been past practice) and Boat 2 will be moved to Grubens; Oct. drill was placing new hose on #1 and #5; Bloodborne Pathogens/Right to Know refresher will be Jan. 5; the fire dept. does not want to handle the 911 addressing and supports Ellen Trancheff to continue to do so; a request for return of gear of a member who has not been active was reviewed by the attorney which won’t be addressed at this time.

Asst. Chief Pat Trancheff reported for Safety/Trainer Ed Borchardt that they have had 2 companies come in to review the fire alarm/suppression project.

Planning Director Julia Maki reported that the Planning Commission is working on the review of the St. Louis County Ordinance.

Maintenance Pat Trancheff reported that he is getting everything ready for winter operations and requested authorization of the purchase of new tires for the truck for $1203.36 from Bob’s in Tower.  Approved 5/0

Sup. Bassing reported that John Calgaro has finished up the Birch Point clearing and that he attended the free legal seminar in Cotton.

Vice-Chr. Baland presented the new Planning Commission/Board of Adjustment applications that include interviews by a committee appointed by the Chairperson of 2 supervisors and Planning Director.  Members will review for the next meeting.

Sup. Milbridge reported that he attended the Tower Ambulance Commission meeting-they will be increasing rates to $8.25/mile to offset costs, EMT’s pay will go from $20 to $25/hour and EMR’s to $15/hour.


                MOTION Bassing/Worringer to adjourn at 8:40 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,


Ellen Trancheff-Clerk                                                                                      Kirsten Reichel-Chairperson