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October 11, 2016


OCTOBER 11, 2016                           6:30 PM

Chair Bassing calls meeting to order

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll call: Chair Bassing, vice chair Deluca, G Baland, J Maus, R Kladivo, Treasurer Clark, Clerk Drobac

Please turn off cell phones and pagers. This meeting is being recorded for transcription and archival purposes. When giving public comments please state your name and address.

Motion Maus\Baland to approve minutes from Sept 13, 2016     Passed 5/0                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Motion Deluca\Kladivo to approve minutes from special meeting Sept 28, 2016        Passed 5/0

Treasurers report- checking: $550,318.10   long term investments: $251,273.24   savings:                $307,485.03       Total: $1,109,076.37                     Receipts are available to view.

Motion Kladivo\Maus to approve treasurer’s report                       Passed 5/0

Motion Bassing\Maus to transfer $55,850 from Building Fund to General fund    Passed 5/0

Claims presented

Motion Bassing\Deluca to approve claims presented with 17556, an exception   Failed 2/3 Bassing\Deluca for, Baland, Maus and Kladivo voting no                     question on paying for ink for personal use at home for township work

Motion Kladivo\Deluca to approve claims             Passed 4/1 Bassing no   

Correspondence:  Porta john agreement for service, letter from Vermilion Club requesting keeping the recycling bins at the township. Letter for snowplowing from Travis Kladivo.  Lee Peterson letter requesting a motion for MATIT ceases its case against Bassing.  Received letter of property insurance for Morton Building.  Minutes from SLCAT.   Letter from Couri to discourage giving out information, possible attorney-client privilege, and the township is not covered by the data practices act. Couri also stated the township would not have liability having alcohol at the pavilion or bocce courts. Couri has not researched the PERA issue as of yet.  MATIT insurance coverage policy received.

Bassing made an apology to the residents for the fact he failed to note the closed session was to discuss the employment of Julia Maki, attorney-client privilege per statute 13d.05 sub 3.  Stated he has done better and apologized. 

Public comments:  J Summit wanted to let everyone know about the Tower-Soudan Auction coming up Nov.10th.  S Christopherson asked if paying a lot for taxes has been addressed? Yes- $1.00 levy last year. B Lofquist thinks alcohol is not needed outside—just asking for trouble.  R Stoehr said the DAV box is working very well and thinks the township is on the right track. Local control becomes local power, and abuse of power.  Could a volunteer maintain flag?  B Lofquist – we need to keep the recycle bins here, so we don’t have garbage dumped on roads, etc.


Motion Bassing\Kladivo to amend agenda to move item 10 to item 5       Passed  5/0

1.       PZ report—St Louis County now has all planning and zoning authority for Greenwood township

2.       POC guidelines –committee has met    Motion Deluca\Kladivo to send the POC guidelines to the attorney to review                discussion by Maus –will there be discussion after? Yes.                Passed 5/0

3.       Fire Alarm System  –committee met  -Otto Maki  from the design group will be here Nov 9 for questions and system will go out for quotes

4.       Administrative Assistant \ fire dept.–  Motion Bassing\Deluca to extend the contract for the Administrative Assistant job for 60 days.  Fire dept recommends J Maki be placed in the position.  Maus asked if there will be ads or applications given out for the job.       Passed   5/0

5.       Pavilion-Holiday lights are up, sign board is up –1/2 for Rec Assoc – 1/2 for township info

6.       Errors and Omissions Insurance-attorney has given approval to purchase E\O insurance , from Western World.    Motion Bassing\Kladivo to purchase insurance and approve claim to pay    Passed  5/0                    Note: clerk to send thank-you to Van Baak agency.

7.       40th Anniversary-JarrI Ankrum will do some research 

8.       Recycle bins- Bassing says residents calls want to keep them on Greenwood property. Maus hears both sides of the issue. Baland would like to have the county open more and move it there.                  Motion Deluca\Kladivo to keep recycle canisters on Greenwood property.                               Passed 5/0

9.       Proposals-Maus feels the proposals provide information and skips the process of what is on the agenda.                             Motion Maus\Kladivo persons with proposals to be put on the agenda will need to have info to clerk for Wednesday before deadline.     Discussion- Bassing-proposals have now come through supervisors very well. Deluca-does not think a motion is necessary, people can sign up at the meeting to talk. All rescinded

10.   Alcohol policy for GWT outdoor areas – Maus suggested no sign for alcohol, as there is little liability for the township.  Amended Motion Maus\Baland to rescind the previous motion for a no alcohol sign on Greenwood outside property.    Discussion- Bassing based the first motion on surrounding towns, cities, state park ordinances. Deluca we should have this for a good tool, in case we need law enforcement.                  Passed   5/0                                                                        

11.   HIPAA Policy-discussion later

12.   PERA- discussion later



1.       Fire Dept. SOGs- Deluca- meeting held and corrections and \ or additions or deletions made to original SOGS.                Motion Deluca\Maus to send to attorney to review and respond.  Discussion-Bassing-who does hiring? Ed Borchardt says it will be an employee policy. Also discipline, leave of absence, and hiring will be handled the same.  Maus-questions about hiring policies. Do we comply with the law.           Passed  5/0         Motion to amend previous motion to change 15% calls to say 2 calls.  Passed 4/0  Maus abstained

2.       Employee personnel policy-Kladivo- attorney gave a sample copy of an employee policy and would like to have a committee to work on it. Deluca, Kladivo to work on committee.                              Motion Deluca\Gene to have committee-Kladivo and Deluca on the committee.                           Passed 5/0

3.       Maintenance –status- Maintenance person-possible surgery 

4.       Comprehensive plan- discussion next month, copies made for public

5.       Notice of meetings-Maus-notice needs to be given if more than 1 supervisors will be in attendance at such meeting.              Motion-Maus\Baland to have wording on notices to say a possible quorum of supervisors will be in attendance.        Discussion-Deluca- is not for wording.

He will be off committee if this is needed. Everything is brought to the board and the residents. Kladivo- even if nothing is said by a supervisor, it will not look good when people drive by.

Maus- not right to stop anyone from being at a meeting, and should post additional wording. Bassing- training is excluded. Baland- agrees with Maus                                       Passed  3/2 Bassing and Deluca against

6.       Agenda-               Motion Maus\Kladivo items for agenda needs to be to clerk by Wed 1:00. (before the next Thursday meeting)and will be on website by Thurs.         and follow attorneys advice to follow agenda and only add items if necessary.          motion not needed–rescinded

7.       Documents-Motion Maus would like to have all documents to be in final format                                Motion dies- lack of second


Reports: Supervisors- Maus-appreciates calls from residents.  Baland-Tennis court net has been taken down .Bassing and Deluca will take it down.  Kladivo-Lodging and Tax meeting changed to 20th.need to get quotes on handicap portable john. Clerk Drobac to check on.  Bassing- he attended Couri and Ruppe legal seminar. He also went to the Tower-Breiting fire dept meeting on fire district-joining forces may be necessary. They will be building a new fire hall. Safety- Borchardt-need physicals for all fire dept members at a cost of $65.00 per member, they will offer drug testing also for an additional charge. Deluca says we need a policy on this. Flu, Hep C, Manitou shots are also possible. This is necessary to follow OSHA rules. Fire dept., -Fazio- 5 training, 2 meetings, 4 EMS 6 fire runs.  POC \ SOG policies are progressing, PERA needs resolution.  Maintenance equipment and expenses -boat 1 out and move Boat 2 to Grubens.                                                                                                                                                                                            Motion: Bassing\Deluca to authorize maintenance on firefighting equipment.        Passed   5/0  Training for FF 1& FF 11 available. Fire Dept doors sticky.  Changes can be made after in PERA, but 5 year freeze is effect.   Possible a $200.00 increase in pension.  911 coordinator- Bassing says there are signs being made and also there are problems with wrong #’s and wrong road names. Suggests turning 911 over to county. PZ directorMaki-6 building permits issued. Planning commission had a public hearing. Board of Adjustment met to approve Findings of Fact.

Note: Deluca will not be working on the Personnel Policy committee-Maus to take his place.

Junk mail available for viewing—then will be tossed

Motion Bassing\Kladivo to adjourn                          Passed 5/0                          8:20 PM


Sue Drobac                                                                         John Bassing


Clerk                                                                                      Chair