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November 9, 2016


November 9, 2016                  6:30 pm


Chair Bassing calls meeting to order.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call: Chair Bassing, Vice Chair Deluca, G. Baland, J. Maus, R. Kladivo, Treasurer Clark, Clerk Drobac.


Please turn cell phones and pagers off.  This meeting is being recorded for transcription and archival purposes.  When giving public comments please state your name and address.


Motion Baland\Deluca to approve October minutes              Passed 4/1    Maus voted no


Treasurers Report: checking–$511,307.54, long term investment-$251,273.24, savings-$251,995.36.  Total-$1,014,576.14

Motion Baland\Kladivo to approve Treasurer’s report.                      Passed 5/0

Delores Clark announced her retirement: will not run for Treasurer in March.


Claims presented:

Motion Kladivo\Deluca to approve presented Claims.                       Passed 5/0


Correspondence: letter from Birch Point Recreation, Letter from B Lofquist regarding the fire department pension. MAT  risk insurance for the Pavilion has been taken off and the pavilion has been added to the regular insurance.


Public comments.   M Drobac questioned the need for color ink cartridges for home use by a supervisor and will the township pay for home computer repair.  Also, noted the Comprehensive plan  goals and policies were determined by statistician,should go by federal, state, and county ordinances- not personal opinion.  T Nigro talked about pickle ball nets and the Recreation Board. Bassing said the nets will be looked at in February.  M Richard thanked everyone who participated in the Chili Cook Off, it was fun. Also, wanted to know who will be making the skating rink this winter. It does get use.  The old fire truck #10 is leaking oil and should be donated-sold-or given away. The fire hoses need to be donated. The new fire hoses should be put on the trucks.  The Comprehensive plan did not want any more development.  There is a very nice facility in Tower.  B Lofquist says the Comprehensive Plan is clear- no more development and the committee should be done.  M Richard  people live here because of the lake- it is the recreation area.



1.    Fire alarm system: Otto Maki Design Group gave a presentation-questions were asked and answered.

Motion Bassing\Maus to authorize Otto Maki Design Group to move forward with getting quotes for installing the fire alarm system                                   Passed 5/0

2.    Snow Removal Contract                                                                                            Resolution Bassing\Deluca authorizing contract with interested officer  Kladivo                                  Passed 4/0    Kladivo abstained      

Motion Bassing\Maus to approve snowplowing contract from Vermilion Snowplowing                   Passed 4/0  Kladivo abstained                                                                                                       


3.    Comprehensive Plan-                                                                                                                         Motion Bassing\Deluca to adopt comprehensive plan as is  Passed 5/0

4.    Greenwood Community Recreation Board- presented by J Ankrum- looking at a playset for children and \ or signs, flower planters.                                                                         Motion Baland\Kladivo to approve request by Recreation Board for playset- with no cost for the Township. Bassing commented on serial meeting- which is an open meeting law violation. Bassing would like to send the question to the annual meeting.  Deluca has same problem. Kladivo and Maus also agreed.                     Failed 2/3  Bassing, Deluca, Kladivo voting against.                                                                                              Motion Bassing\Deluca bring playset question to the annual meeting                      Passed 4/1 Baland against

Motion Kladivo\Baland to take down green lights on pavilion-to bright. Baland said the Recreation board is looking at dimmer switch                    Motion withdrawn

5.    Fire Department Pension Increase                Motion Baland to approve pension increase to $2,100.00                             Failed, lack of second

6.    Fire Department POCwith attorney for review

7.    Fire Department Bylawswith attorney for review

8.    PERA  Resolution Kladivo\Deluca opting to join the voluntary statewide lump-sum volunteer firefighter retirement plan (PERA)                      Passed 4/0 Maus abstained

9.    Personnel Policy Committee–  Motion Bassing\Maus to put Kladivo and Maus on Employee Personnel Policy committee also to add residents         Passed 5/0



1.    Budget – Set timeline- Bassing, clerk and treasurer to work on in December. Board of Audit in February

2.    Maintenance- Plumbing and furnace work needed                                                               Motion Bassing\Deluca to authorize clerk to hire out work   Passed 5/0

3.    Fire Department Officers – Assistant ChiefChief Fazio appointed H Ankrum.      Appointing needs to be approved by Board. Bassing and Deluca are not in favor of having a contract. P Makowski requested to be considered.     Maus contacted Township lawyer to advise.                         Motion Bassing\Deluca to leave position open until the Employee Personnel Policy is completed     Passed   5/0

4.    Fire Department  Physicals- Fazio  on list for 1st Tuesday in December

5.    Documents-POC AND BYLAWS to lawyer  get final documents to supervisors in folders

6.    Motion Bassing\Deluca to have absentee voting for March 14th ,2017 election at Greenwood Town Hall proper              Passed 5/0


REPORTS – Fire Department:  3 training, 4 ems and 3 fire runs. Funds will be transferred to PERA. Chimney fire training. Maintenance  oil changing etc., also to determine an hourly wage for maintenance. $20.00 /per hour has been considered.                                                                    Motion Bassing\Deluca to pay $20.00 \ hour for maintenance in fire department on a per case basis.            Passed  4/0 Maus abstained              Boat 1 pulled \ boat 2 at Grubens.  Fire dept portable pump is old and is in need of replacement and or repair. Cost approx. $5,000.00                         Motion Bassing\Kladivo for clerk to put Fire Truck #10 on Do-Bid Auction for sale as is.    Passed 5/0                        Safety: checked equipment on 16 engines, inventoried and ordered various supplies. Nov 1,2016 -ladder and chimney fire training. 911Coordinator: fewer signs being made  Supervisors: Kladivo- went to Lodging tax meeting.  Baland: he will be gone for the December meeting.  Maus- ambulance board using I pads now. $15.00 per capita now. Thank you to Delores Clark. Bassing- thanks to all volunteers who have helped around the town hall. Clerk: Election —535 out of 751 residents voted, plus absentee voting. 62 new registrations. Great for Greenwood Township. Dates for file positions in March elections are Jan. 3-17, 2017. Porta John handicap unit to purchase for $800.00 or rent for $150.00 per month.


Junk Mail is available for viewing – then will be tossed.


Motion: Bassing\Deluca to adjourn                Passed 5/0      8:35


Clerk                                                                                                     Chairperson                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Sue Drobac                                                                                            John Bassing