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November 8, 2011

Greenwood Town Board Meeting – Nov. 8, 2011


Chr. Aro called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.

Present: Chr. Aro, Vice-Chr. Reichel, Supervisors Baland, DeLuca, Kladivo; Treasurer Clark, Clerk Trancheff

Pledge of Allegiance.


          MOTION Kladivo/Reichel to approve the Oct. 11, 2011 meeting minutes.  Approved 5/0


MOTION DeLuca/Baland to approve the Treasurer’s Financial Report for Oct. 2011:  Checking-$319,784.78/Long Term Investments-  $246,529.21/Savings-$178,819.69 for a total of $745,133.68.  Approved 5/0


          MOTION DeLuca/Baland to pay Claims #14192-14241 totaling $52,848.46.  Approved 5/0


          MOTION Kladivo/Reichel to pay fixed bills and payroll Dec. 1, 2011.  Approved 5/0


Fire Dept:  Chief Kregness gave the Fire Run Report for October, indicating calls are slowing down.

          1-Boat #1 Repairs on the pump are done.

2-Grants-Still waiting to hear from IRRB for the compressor grant.  Will be ordering the fire shelters for the DNR $1500 matching grant.

          3-The Township Webpage has a lot of Fire information-thanks to Julia’s efforts

          4-911 Communications are now from Duluth and titled St. Louis-still issues with transmissions

          5-Auto Mutual Aid Agreement in place with Breitung-Tower may be on board shortly

          6-Safety Officer Class was held, all officers took it

          7-800 MHZ Radio grant still in the works-no word

8-Boat #1 has lower unit issues with water in them and burned smells.  The motors have about 40 hrs/year on them.  The Capitol Equipment Replacement Plan called for them to be replaced in 2012.  Options would be to acquire used ones that would have 2 years remaining warranty.  They would be through Bombardier and they have between 74-80 hours on them.  Cost would be $12,500 each vs $20,000 new. 

*Board Members discussed and felt the department should get some additional quotes for new, looking at warranty and everything.

Questions were why the motors had such low hours but needed repair when another company has 400 hours or more without needing repairs?  Fire Chief Kregness explained that they are run different than personal use, being started and run fast to get to calls. 

9-Mapping is done for 63-15.  A quote to continue to map the rest of the township was received from Bismarck Map Company to do gps

locations to the rest of the fire numbers and label to maps.  The cost is estimated to be less than $7,000.00.


MOTION DeLuca/Kladivo to authorize the fire department to work with Bismarck Map Company for mapping the remainder of the township for up to $7,000.00.  Approved 5/0


Correspondence:  SLCATO minutes, Communication Copy of letter to Bois Forte-Fire Protection Agreement, Contracts for the Fire Dept. Grants, Notification of denial of the Tennis/Pickle ball Court from the MN DNR, information on 911 consolidation, Chamber meeting notice on Nov. 9 at 5:30 at the Good Ol Days in Tower


Old Business: Propane/tank quotes for the 2011/2012 heating season:


          Ferrellgas – $1.725/gallon, Used 1,000 Gal. Tank-$800, Used 250 Gal. Tank-$300.00

          COMO – $1.749/gallon, Used 1,000 Gal. Tank-$995.00, Used 250 Gal. Tank-$299.00

          Lakes Gas – $1.999/gallon, Used 1,000 Gal. Tank-$1750.00, Used 250 Gal. Tank-$700.00

          Range LP – $1.859/gallon, Used 1,000 Gal. Tank-$1500.00, Used 250 Gal. Tank-$500.00


          MOTION Kladivo/DeLuca to accept the quote from Ferrellgas for $1.725/gallon, Used 1,000 Gal. Tank-$800, Used 250 Gal. Tank-$300 For the 2011/2012 heating season.  Approved 5/0


New Business: St. Louis County Road Maintenance Agreement was placed on file-Birch Point Extension




Safety:  Peg Nelson reminded everyone to drive slow


Planning Director: Business has slowed down, work on the Ordinance and definitions are ongoing


Maintenance: Busy as usual-lots of preparation for winter and work on trucks, boats and equipment


Clerk/Assessor:  Asked the board to review the calendar for 2012


Supervisors:   Sup. Kladivo asked if the township should consider moving Boat #2 shore station to the storage building to save the $200 winter storage charge at Birch Pt Marine? 

Sup. Baland asked for clarification of the fire call report.

Chr. Aro explained that the various departments were given budget worksheets to begin preparation for 2013.

He added that Bois Forte is requesting a grant for a  trail-he sent off a letter of support.


          MOTION Reichel/Baland to adjourn at 8:07 pm.



Respectfully Submitted,


Ellen Trancheff-Clerk                                                   Tom Aro-Chairman