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November 2020

Greenwood Township Supervisors Board Meeting Minutes


Call to Order

DATE Nov. 10, 2020    6:30PM     This meeting will be a Telephone Conference Call

Meeting is being recorded for transcription and archival purposes

All Motions are by Roll Call Vote

Roll Call – Chair Ralston / Vice Chair DeLuca / Supervisor Tahija /

Supervisor Beihoffer / Interim Treasurer Fazio / Interim Clerk Spicer

Supervisor Skubic not present – he is in the hospital with Covid19 showing some improvement. Our thoughts and Prayers go out to him and his family.

Meeting is being recorded for transcription and archival purposes

Additions to Agenda -add “Update” to Old Business Broadband heading

Motion to accept agenda – Carmen/Larry – Passed 4/0

Motion to Approve 10-13-2020 meeting minutes – Carmen/Larry – Passed 4/0

Treasurer Report by Belinda Fazio – Beginning Fund Balance $605,159.84  Receipts $75.00 Disbursements ($35,442.90)  Interest Adjustment ($5.90)  Ending Balance $569,786.04

Checking Acct $83,662.68   Long Term Investments $252,180.33   Savings Acct $233,992.63

Totaling   $569,835.64   Treasurer is working on locating $49.60 difference.

Schedule-1   $569,786.04   Restricted Funds   $53,498.27   Receipts made up of 911 signs $65.00 and FD memorial donation $10.00 for Total of $75.00

Motion to Approve Treasurers Report contingent to adjustment to balance report – Byron/Carmen – Passed 4/0

Motion to Waive reading of Claims – Carmen/Larry – Passed 4/0

Motion to Approve Claims – Carmen/Larry Passed 4/0

Motion to Approve Payroll – Carmen/Byron – Passed 4/0

Old Business

8.3 Broadband Update

Carmen received correspondence from NEO stating they don’t know when they’ll be getting to Greenwood, we’re at the bottom of the list. Byron stated meeting was cancelled, nothing to report.

Mike states the survey response was disappointing, which supports Byron’s earlier comment of lack of public support. Belief is that interest is there, people need to show it by responding to the survey and speed test.  Survey website needs more exposure to prompt more response. Mike and Debby will develop ads in the two papers to run every couple weeks to get survey responses.  Carmen suggests both local newspapers to include the survey info in their report on the meeting to help prompt public response

CTC Survey: https://join.connectctc.com/front_end/zones

Speed Test: http://mnruralbroadbandcoalition.com/speedtest

Motion to create 4 ads spaced out for survey – Carmen/Larry – Passed 4/0


8.4 Cares Funding – Tammy updates on the two types of funding. We have received $22.500 in July which we have $1,700 to $1,800 left which will be used to purchase gowns, facemasks and gloves for EMR’s and Firefighters as Covid19 continues to increase. The $764 received from SLC was used on a Duluth based electro-static cleaning service before the election and additional masks for public, disinfectants used to wipe election booths between each voter and pens voters took home so not to be re-used.  All reports have been sent timely as necessary and receipts to follow.  She is currently researching a possible new grant for Fire Depts with EMR’s which may be available for 2021. That application is due by Nov 15 as well.

We thank Tammy for all her hard work on obtaining and handling the Cares Funding.


Clerk – items found that were missed in September meeting:

Resolution 20-03 and 20-04 to authorize services of Ruth DeLuca and Nancy Ralston

as election judges-Affidavits have been signed and notarized previous Clerk.

Motion to accept Resolution 20-03 – Larry/Byron – Carmen abstains – Passed 3/0

Motion to accept Resolution 20-04 – Carmen/Larry – Mike abstains – Passed 3/0


Correspondence from Couri & Ruppe for Legal Service Rate Increase effective Jan. 1, 2021

Motion to accept rate increase effective Jan. 1, 2021 – Carmen/Larry – Passed


Inquiry from MATIT claims administer of pursuit of claim for items missing from recreation

building last winter/spring.  Determined deductible can be put toward replacement costs.

Motion to NOT pursue insurance claim – Byron/Carmen – Passed 4/0

Motion to approve spending up to $500 to replace equipment – Byron/Carmen – Passed 4/0

Recreation board will keep receipts of what they are replacing.


Thank you to Floyd Bailey for donation of three Bocce sets.

Motion to accept donation and send Floyd a Thank you note – Carmen/Byron – Passed 4/0

Clerk will send note, and


New Business


11.1   Supervisor DeLuca – Resolution 20-05 BOA Power Transfer. After two years we can request power back if we decide to at that time.

Motion to accept Resolution 20-05 – Carmen/Byron – Passed 4/0


11.2   Supervisor DeLuca – Resolution 20-06 to put Option B to vote March 9, 2021.

Same as last year, this is not making Clerk and Treasure as a single position. Option B will provide option to make Clerk and Treasurer appointed positions for each individually.

Motion to accept Option B – Carmen/Byron – Passed 4/0


11.3   Deputy Treasurer Tammy Mortaloni – Fire Department credit card

Motion for Fire Chief Dave Fazio to obtain credit card for Greenwood Township Fire Dept. in name of Fire chief and Greenwood Township – $1000 limit will still apply – Carmen/Larry – Passed 4/0


11.4   Interim Clerk Spicer – Frontier bill includes $139.99 monthly for Broadband Ultra Plus Static Loop

and an additional 10.00 monthly for Wi-Fi Router Lease + taxes, but is not being used.

Motion to cancel if no buy-out or penalty fees apply – Carmen/Larry – Passed 4/0


Supervisors reports   Fire Chief Report / Safety Report / Maintenance Report /

911 Report / Clerk Report

Carmen did location checks to ensure proper addressing and made 911 signs. He also extends thanks to the election judges and clerk for smooth running election.

Larry and Byron have nothing further to report.

Fire Dept. Dave reports – 3-fire runs, 11-EMS runs, 1-meeting, 2-fire training, 4-EMS training, 3-maintenance.

The Fire Dept. would like to thank Marilyn Mueller for the $10 donation in memory of Pat Trancheff’s mother.

Five of the six EMR members needing recertification did it in-house and it went well. For the all-day

Saturday portion pizza was ordered from the VC at approximately $60. The Fire Dept extends their appreciation to Arch, as he paid the bill. Thank you will go out to VC for that donation.

MN board of Firefighters allocated $4,000 for fiscal training.  Boat 1 is out of the water, boat 2 has been moved and will probably be out of the water soon as temperatures drop and ice moves in. The Landing Lights and Thermal Imagining has been received.



from St. Louis County – Approved variance Case 6219 – Anthony Hanson

from St. Louis County – Variance request has been submitted by Susan and Ryan Severson for Septic

tank set back

from St. Louis County – Variance request has been submitted by Rodney Jola for Septic


Praxair announced implementing new cylinder tracking program


Motion to adjourn – Carmen/Byron – Passed 4/0   7:27 pm