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November 13, 2012

 Greenwood Town Board Meeting – November 13, 2012

Chr. Reichel called the meeting to order at 6:32 pm.

Present:  Chr. Reichel, Vice-Chr. DeLuca, Supervisors Baland, Doroff, Treasurer Clark, Clerk Trancheff

Absent: Sup. Aro

               MOTION Doroff/Baland to approve the October 9 meeting minutes.  Approved 4/0

MOTION DeLuca/Doroff to approve the Treasurer’s Report for October 2012:  Checking-$373,218.80/Long Term Investments-$249,588.20/Savings-$232,203.05=$855,010.05.  Approved 4/0

MOTION DeLuca/Baland to approve Claims #14888-14949 including payroll totaling $30,643.40.  Approved 4/0

MOTION Doroff/Reichel to issue payroll and fixed bills Dec. 1.  Approved 4/0

Fire Dept:  Chief Kregness reported on 8 runs in Oct.  Total to date calls/activities-201 compared to 184 for the whole year 2011.

1-Mapping Project close to being done.

2-Laurentian Grant for Shared Service will cost the dept. $500 for the State Fire Marshall to come and give a look as to needs.

3-Recommended the board approve the Cook Ambulance Agreement.

4-Bombardier is extending the warranty for 5 years on the two 2012 motors that both powerheads that failed.  The 3 issues that Bombardier suggested be done-stabilizer bar is being replaced and they recommended the two props be replaced or repaired.

Chairperson Reichel asked if the propellers were to be replaced or fixed?  Chief Kregness said they would be fixed by Rick Stoehr.

Correspondence:  SLCATO minutes

New Business:


1-The Board acknowledged the extended 5 year warranty on the 2 – 300 HP E-Tech motors that had powerhead failure/replacement

2-The Board will be sending a letter to Bois Forte regarding the Dec. 31, 2012 Fire Protection expiration date and request for a new

   meeting due to the cancellation by Bois Forte for the Oct. 9 meeting.

3-Cook Ambulance Agreement:

4-The Board will keep the Jan. 8 regular meeting date-Supervisors Aro and Baland will be gone, others will be here.

5-Acknowledged the petition from residents in regard to the BayView deck music and will keep on file as the Planning Commission will be reviewing

   the issue at their Nov. 19 meeting.

6-Request from United Way/BayView for a Charitable Gaming license-Feb. 23, 2013

7-Acknowledged review of the St. Louis County Hazard Mitigation Plan with no comments-an email will be sent in response.

               MOTION Baland/Doroff to approve the Cook Ambulance Agreement.  Approved 4/0

               MOTION Doroff/DeLuca to approve the United Way Charitable Gaming License for Feb. 23, 2013.  Approved 4/0


Safety-Peg Nelson absent

Planning Director-Julia Maki reported the Planning Commission met twice in Oct. and denied the D.F. / BayView RV Project.  They will meet Nov. 19 to further discuss possible Ordinance changes.

Maintenance-Pat Trancheff getting equipment, building and grounds ready for winter plus all other normal duties.

Chr. Reichel commented that last month it was suggested that Pat appoint Rick Worringer to fill in for him if he should have to be gone on vacation or other personal issues.  The insurance company answered that it would not be a problem.  She commented that it would be similar to election judges and others that serve the township.  She commented that Rick is close, a retired airline pilot who could handle the duties.  The amount of actual time worked by Rick could be very little.  It would depend on when he would be needed and what would need to be done but likely no more than what the township pays election judges.

Sup. DeLuca commented that he was opposed to appointing Rick Worringer expressing addition of an employee, possible PERA and other costs.


Sup. Doroff commented that it would not be another employee as Rick is retired and would not be able to file unemployment or enter PERA.  He said there was more to do than snowplow.  Furnaces need to be checked, the building still would need to operate and there are always issues that would need to be taken care of.  He commented that Pat choosing his standby is like the clerk and treasurer choosing their deputies.  

               MOTION Baland/Doroff to appoint Rick Worringer as a replacement for Pat Trancheff if Pat needs to be gone.  Approved 3/1 with DeLuca

               Voting NO.

               MOTION Baland/Doroff to pay $15/hour for temporary help by Rick Worringer.   Approved 3/1 with DeLuca Voting NO.

Clerk/Assessor:  Election day had 767 registered voters at 7  am.  Gained 81 new registrations with total voters 706 of which 146 were absentee.

                           The judges worked very hard that day with little or no breaks. 

               MOTION Baland/Doroff to adjourn at 7:20 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ellen Trancheff-Clerk                                                                   Kirsten Reichel-Chairperson