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November 12, 2013

Greenwood Town Board Meeting – November 12, 2013

Chr. Baland called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.

Present:  Chr. Baland, Vice-Chr. Aro, Supervisors DeLuca, Doroff, Reichel, Treasurer Clark, Clerk Trancheff

    MOTION Reichel/Aro to approve the meeting minutes for 10/8 – 10/17 – 10/29, 2013.  Approved 5/0

    MOTION Aro/DeLuca to approve the Treasurer’s Report for October, 2013:  Checking-$498,483.36/Long Term
    Investments-$250,114.58/Savings-$269,790.45=$1,018,388.39.  Approved 5/0

    MOTION Doroff/Aro to pay claims #15555-15602 totaling $38,281.93.  Approved 5/0

    MOTION DeLuca/Reichel to issue payroll and fixed bills Dec. 1, 2013.  Approved 5/0

Correspondence:    SLCATO minutes, Transmission Lines info, Lake Vermilion Chamber of Commerce donation to
            Vermilion Country School-$250

Old Business:

MOTION Reichel/Doroff to ratify the appointment of Dave Fazio as Fire Chief.  Approved 4/1 with DeLuca voting No.

New Business:
Employment Agreement for Patrick Trancheff.

    MOTION DeLuca to table any decision on the employment agreement.  Motion failed for lack of support.

Chr. Baland read the details of the agreement changing the date from Feb. 8, 2014 to Jan. 1, 2014 for 3 year contract.  He explained that in 2014 there was a 4% increase applied to all employees and he projected a 2% increase to the contract for 2015, 2016 which ends up at 1.33% over the past 6 years (3 year salary freeze from 2011-2013)  He added vacation at 3 weeks/year, 10 sick days and 10 holidays.  The previous agreement did not mention any vacation, sick or holidays or any salary increases.  A question from Fred Smith (in audience) in regards to the maintenance person assisting the assessor which will no longer be the case starting in 2013-citing that it had to be 25% of the maintenance job description?  Chr. Baland commented that they would get that information.

    MOTION Doroff/Reichel to approve the employment agreement for Maintenance/Records Position-Patrick
Sup. DeLuca commented that none of the employees received increases from 2011-2013.
Vice-Chr. Aro commented he understood the date change.  Asked for addition of “and approval” in item #3.  He wondered if they should remove the reference of the employee not to exceed 48 hours in a week given he is salaried?
Sup. Reichel commented that the board can get that information but that the contract should be ratified in the very near future.
Sup. Doroff asked if the position has had additional duties since the last contract and pay freeze?  That information will be gotten.
Chr. Baland expressed frustration with not being able to handle this tonight.
    MOTION Failed:  Yes-Doroff, Baland   No-Aro, DeLuca,Reichel

Public Notice Policy:
    It was noted that the current policy is to Publish legal notices per requirements.  Posting has been done at the
    main bulletin board at the building entrance,  bulletin board inside the main entrance and bulletin board outside
    the office entrance.  Suggestions were that the township website be also used as an official posting site.  There
    could be numerous reasons why that would/could not work-technical difficulties, webmaster availability, and
    other issues that could make it hard to get to on the official posting date.

    MOTION Aro/Reichel to make a reasonable attempt to post notices to the website but lack thereof does not
    negate the official posting.  Approved 5/0


Fire Chief Dave Fazio gave the run report.  He met with Don Potter and others with the Fire Brigade, Cook Fire Dept. Members Tim Picek and Brian Gramling-looking to doing some drills next summer.  Researching the possible mutual aid with the Fire Brigade.  He asked if the township has the original signed agreement with the US Forest Service?  Clerk Trancheff will check on it.

Sup. DeLuca commented that he spoke to the fire marshall who would put it in writing that the brigade had no authority to fight fires and they would get a ticket if they ran their emergency lights on the boat.  He asked about the insurance.

Sup. Reichel spoke to Cook City Administrator Theresa Martinson regarding their agreement with the Fire Brigade.

Sup. DeLuca asked why there was a bill for almost $1,000 for Boat 1-it was to remove the flooring of the boat and repair fuel line issues.

Lee Peterson commented that 4 motor failures is a serious issue and should be addressed.

Chief Fazio agreed.  He continued his report that he has approached a few people to join as EMS or Firefighters.  He has information that it would cost $445/person for FR training and could be right here at the hall.  He spoke to Asst. Chief Makowski who said he will stay on as Asst. Chief, they would be working on the FEMA grant with Scott Dane.   He will be talking to Virginia Fire Chief in regards to a large grant application for SCBA-more info to come.

Discussion regarding the motor failure on Boat #1.  Sup. Reichel will be drafting a letter to send to Bombardier.

Safety Officer – Peg Nelson absent
Planning Director – Julia Maki reported that the commission and board of adjustment will both meet this month.  The commission will be reviewing by-laws, the board of adjustment needs to finalize findings and minutes.
Maintenance – Pat Trancheff reported on the monthly activities and winter operations preparation.
Clerk Trancheff reported that the township received the reimbursement from Fortune Bay for EMS concert attendance in the amount of $960.00.
Sup. Aro offered his assistance in preparing the 2015 budget.
Sup. DeLuca asked the agenda for the meeting be posted on the website a week before.  (It was noted that had been done in the past, however, there were complaints from those who didn’t realize something would be added so they didn’t attend the meeting)
The agenda will be posted with a disclaimer that it is not final and attempts will be made to update if possible.

Chr. Baland would be checking into a larger tv and pa system for the meeting hall.  He was asked by one person to not have the trail plowed so they could cross country ski on it. 

Sally Christopherson spoke to the board stating that the board is not open to the public, not letting people know what is going on, they only hear what is going on, especially the decision with Dave as fire chief. 
Sup. Reichel asked if she felt better informed by attending this meeting?  She answered not sure.

    MOTION Reichel/Doroff to adjourn at 8:10 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ellen Trancheff-Clerk                        Gene Baland-Chairman