May 2021


May 11, 2021                                                      6:30 PM

Chair Ralston opens meeting

This meeting will be recorded for archival and transcription purposes.

Roll Call: Chair Ralston, Vice Chair Deluca, Supervisor Drobac, Supervisor Lofquist, Treasurer Fazio, Clerk Spicer, all present accept Supervisor Skubic.

All Motions are by Roll Call Vote

Motion: to approve Agenda – Barb/Carmen 4/0 passed

Motion: to table April 13, 2021 Board Meeting Minutes for addition of Pavilion change – Sue/Barb 4/0 passed

Treasurer’s report:

Beginning balance: $571,113.77  Receipts: $140.70  made up of: $100 Pavilion rental, $40 911 signs, $.70 interest  Disbursements: ($39,920.97) Ending balance: $531,333.50  Checking account: $45,154.63 Long Term Investments: $252,180.33 Savings Accounts: $233,998.54  Sub-total: $531,333.50  Schedule 1: $531,333.50  Restricted Funds balance: $53,499.00

Motion: to approve Treasurer’s report – Carmen/Barb 4/0 passed

Motion: to present Clerk Schedule 1 report, in addition to Treasurers Schedule 1 report, at future meetings – Sue/Barb 2/2 fail

Motion: to approve Claims – Carmen/Barb 4/0 passed

Motion: to approve Payroll – Barb/Carmen 4/0 passed

Motion: for Deputy Treasurer/Clerk to have account of work done – Sue/Barb 4/0 passed

Public Comment:

Jari Ankrum, Greenwood resident and member of Community Recreation Board reports the planting of 3 new maple trees, new hasp lock on skating shack due to last years break-in and all stolen equipment has been replaced. Bocce Ball League being organized and start up will be announced at a later date. Jari sat with Clerk Spicer to upgrade reservation guidelines and rules of Pavilion rental for website. Pavilion has been swept and cleaned. Tennis court is set up and being used. Asks if board would discuss a possible court time limit for players and possibly add another Porta-john.

Motion: to approve addition of standard porta-john next to handicap porta-john – Carmen/Mike 4/0 passed

Lee Peterson light-heartedly states an additional tennis court would be nice as the current court gets a lot of use.  Emergency State Response team has been looking things over and will come up with a plan.  Tower Ambulance Earnings fund needs to be protected in contract.

Byron Beihoffer states there are only 3 residents on the county part of Breezy Point Road and doesn’t feel paving it would be of any great service and create more speeding. Also, inquired about damage to Fire Department garage door and was informed someone backed into it. No damage reported to truck.


8.3 Broadband – 12 people at meeting including Mark Phillips, appointed officers-Chair Barb, Vice Chair/Secretary Sue.

Discussion of using Community Enhancement funds for Broadband. Lee Peterson spoke on Community Enhancement beginnings.

Motion: for Community Enhancement Funded directed to Broadband, as needed, for upgrade – Barb/Sue 4/0 passed

Motion:  for 1st half of government rescue funds of approx. $55,000 in June or July, directed to Broadband – Sue/Barb 4/0 passed

Motion: to have Broadband Committee meetings held in Township Hall – Sue/Barb 4/0 passed

Motion: to allow Broadband Committee to advertise in both newspapers bi-monthly for 2 months – Sue/Barb 4/0 passed

Mike spoke of CTC -they have a proposal out with all addresses and a map on their website and summarized the costs involved for Greenwood Township – 105 miles of fiber, 1185 potential locations in township, if everybody signs on, costing $4,642,180. There are 185 locations outside the Greenwood Township boundaries needing fiber for a cost of 1,681,620. Several areas of Beatty Township will also be included. Next step would be to meet with township and discuss funding.

Motion: to ask Tammy Mortaloni to write applications to access potential government grant funds – Mike/Carmen 4/0 passed

2.5 ADP Payroll – will be in service next month. Would have been this month but payroll would have been late.

4.6 Barb- discuss amounts for EMR/EMS Pension

Motion: to increase EMR/EMS Pension from $1,500/yr. to $2,000/yr.- Barb/Sue 2/2 fail

Motion: to pass EMR/EMS increase request to the Fire Department to get their input – Carmen/Mike 4/0 passed


5.1 Debby – Further updates for the Greenwood website.

Motion: to accept changes as provided per drafts –

Add statement to TOWN BOARD MEETING POLICIES “Person Speaking shall be treated with courtesy and respect. Speaker shall not be interrupted.”

Move the sections concerning the Town Hall and Pavilion rental and user rules to separate pages on the web site. Remove the permitting of alcohol and related statements.  Update Town Hall and Pavilion Rental Agreement to include rental time and statement of renter accepting full responsibility of damage or mess left by their guests.

Carmen/Barb 4/0 passed

Motion: to change INFORMATION REQUEST section to “no charge for under 15 minutes of Clerk time and no charge for under 25 pages copied” – Sue/Barb 4/0 passed

5.2 Barb – Discuss Birch Pt Road extension re-paving – LIRP grant has been applied for, expected Township responsibility approx. $60,000 – Mike suggests township pay and set up Tax district for affected residents.

5.3 Barb – Ask county to pave Bradley Rd, Frazer Bay Road and Breezy Pt. Road – Chair Ralston states the request has been made in the past and County has responded there is not enough traffic for paving.

5.4 Carmen – Bids for Fire Station garage door repair

Motion: to accept Advanced garage door bid – Carmen/Barb 4/0 passed

5.5 Sue – Donation to Tower 4th of July

Motion: to approve $100 donation – Sue/Barb 4/0 passed

5.6 Sue – Donation to Tower Cemetery

Motion: to approve $100 donation – Sue/Barb 2/2 fail

5.7 Taxes – The Township tax levy is about $25 -$26 per $100,000 property value. Special taxing district of $45-$46 that helps pay for the transfer station/recycling here.  Contrary to some comments that the Fire Department is not benefitting us, because the Fire Department is trained and constantly upgrading ISO rating (currently 7) we are benefitting a lot by having them here, both though our taxes and our Insurance premium costs saving as much as twice, or more, what our taxes are.

Supervisor Reports:


DeLuca: Maintenance/911 made 3 911 signs


Drobac: Sue questioned Clerk filing reimbursement claim vs paying credit card. Clerk Spicer responded her paying and getting reimbursed for the Credit Card charges avoids late fees adding the “Due Date” is as late in the month as this card allows (18th) and the payment had still been received late on a few occasions and now that is avoided. Sue continued to disagree.

Sue then read “Courtesy” portion of Township policy and passed copy of letter to Township officials from Jeff Maus concerning threatening and harassing behavior and thinks this needs to be addressed. Arguments ensued with Chair Ralston calling to get back on track with the issue. Sue states every person should be respected and none of this should be happening.

Lofquist: Barb states Clerk said she was comfortable leaving door open to public to use the public computer.

Motion: to keep outer office door unlocked during Clerk hours – Barb/Sue 4/0 passed

Fire Chief & Safety Report: Run report- 3 fire, 18 EMS, I Fire training, 1 EMS training, 10 Maintenance items and 1 meeting. New applicant bringing total number of firefighters/EMS to 23. Maximum allowed is 30.

Motion: to accept Brady Boutto as Firefighter for the Fire Department – Sue/Barb 4/0 passed

Next week’s training will be with the boats, Boat1 is in water at Grubens and Boat2 at Birch Point. Thursday at 5 will be pump training. Looking to secure grant for new GPS for boats.

Motion: for parts to repair Boat2 pump for $1,033.60 to keep as spare – Carmen/Sue 4/0 passed

Sue asks why there is/has not been Safety report. Mike replied the Safety Officer was unavailable for the meeting and the Safety report was included with Chief Fazio’s report. Chief Fazio stated there was no incidents to report.


Mike Couri email addressing Sue Drobac concerns.

Sue asks why this was on Agenda and Mike explained at last meeting she requested to carry it to this meeting.  Sue states she still doesn’t agree but it’s a mute point. Sue addresses ATTORNEY portion of Policy stating it hasn’t been done. Mike states ATTORNEY section of policy has been removed last fall, even though it hasn’t been physically removed it still is no longer policy. Clerk will physically remove it.

Group Disability Ins.

Motion: to renew Lake Vermilion Chamber of Commerce membership for $100/yr. – Barb/Sue 3/1 passed

Road Vacation- McGarvey/Hatlestad/Hoak Pine Road in Birch Pt. First Addition – informational only

Variance App – John Almeida replace existing L28’ x W32’ x H20’structure with L32’ x W4/8’ x H25’structure– informational only

Conditional Use Permit App- Roy Peterson 2001A Bayview Dr. for rental unit– informational only

Thank you from Northwoods Partners

Reminder: Board of Appeals and Equalization meeting scheduled May 12 from 10am to 11am via Virtual/telephone

Mike asks if any volunteer for Vermilion Lake Assoc. Recreation Board Representative – no volunteer

Motion: to adjourn – Carmen/Barb 4/0 passed                                   Time: 8:31