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May 2019


MAY 14, 2019                                                     6:30 PM

Chair Deluca calls meeting to order

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll call: Chair Deluca, Vice Chair Skubic, M Ralston, L Tahija, Treasurer Rodgers, Clerk Drobac          B Beihoffer absent

Please turn off all cell phones and pagers. This meeting will be recorded for archival and transcription purposes.

Motion: Skubic\Ralston to add Partial street vacation to agenda under new business                        Passed 4/0

Motion: Ralston\Tahija to approve April minutes                               Passed 4/0

Motion: Tahija\Ralston to approve Board of Appeal and Equalization meeting minutes     Passed 4/0

Treasurer’s report: Checking – $146,053.12            Long Term Investments – $251,877.96                                                                      Savings – $230,732.53                      Total – $628,663.61

Motion: Skubic\Tahija to approve Treasurer’s report                        Passed 4/0

Claims presented

Motion: Ralston\Skubic to not approve #19538 for payment        Passed 4/0

Motion: Skubic\Deluca to approve Claims with changes                  Passed 4/0


Motion: Skubic\Deluca to approve 2nd reading of POC changes    Passed 4/0

Motion: Ralston\Skubic to approve 2nd reading of SOG changes   Passed 4/0

Motion: Ralston\Deluca to get proposals for seal coat of Parking lot, painting and repair  Passed 4/0                         Ralston to write proposal for newspaper

Motion: Deluca\Skubic to put parking lot proposal in Tower News and Timberjay                Passed 4/0

Broad Band \ Blandin grant for $75,000 was discussed – part of which would be – $5,000.00 for Greenwood to purchase a new computer for public use, pay for NESC to put in second wireless point, and upgrade service to fiber with monthly payments above what is paid to Frontier. Greenwood Township’s matching funds will be in kind.

Motion: Deluca\Skubic to get quotes to add hard wiring to office \ to change from Frontier to NESC           Passed 4/0

Motion: Deluca\Skubic to postpone the decision on the Broadband Grant to June 11th meeting                    Passed 4/0

Motion: Skubic\Tahija to hire An Extra Set of Hands \ Paul Richards for Lawnmowing 2019 season              Passed 4/0


Partial road vacation: decision to have a special meeting on May 21st at 4:00 pm. Listing property as 7317-7319 Frazier Bay Rd. Beaudette \ Brandenburg as petitioners. Send a copy of paperwork to Attorney M Couri.  A public hearing will be set up.

Motion: Skubic\Ralston to approve the Resolution for a donation of $100.00 from Greenwood Quilters   Passed 4/0

Deluca talked about Greenwood Township Clean up month – June 15 – July 15

Motion: Ralston\Skubic to approve liquor license for Bayview                      Passed 4/0

Fire dept employees will be paid by payroll

Motion: Deluca\Skubic to approve change of Bylaws to read $5.00 charge for audio copy of meetings if thumb drive supplied                               Passed 4/0

Motion: Ralston\Skubic to contact SLC to repair potholes on Birch Point RD           Passed 4/0                                                          Ralston to contact SLC

SLC owns Old Highway 77

REPORTS: Supervisors: Ralston – he will contact someone to maintain the trail.  Skubic – questioned the number of times the cannisters are changed – they are changed 2 x times a week for holidays. Deluca – 3 911 signs, the generator has been repaired. Order 5 2019 MAT manuals.                             Safety – 2 boats in the water. Had a drill on the boats. Had a business meeting w\training. May 30th there will be pump test.                                 Fire Chief – 2 fires, 14 EMS calls, 1 drill, 2 meetings, 4 trainings. Repair done on boat 1 pump. Airboat exhaust repair done. Pagers checked.  3 members attended Memorial North training. Trainings – Virginia, Fortune Bay, LSC (saw ops), Fayal Township, videos. EMS Appreciation Day May, 23 @ Fortune Bay.

PUBLIC COMMENT: Pauly Housenga and Cookie Bonicatto talked about Tower-Soudan Historical Society renovation plan for the Fire Dept building in Tower.

Motion: Deluca\Skubic to approve donation to Tower-Soudan Historical Society of $100.00           Passed 4/0

Tony Sikora – talked of the James Tippet horse drawn pumper – which is very rare. (TS Historical Society)               .                 Pam Lundstrom invited everyone to the Fourth of July Spaghetti Feed on May 18th. Talked about the Lakeview Cemetery running out of money and would like monies to be put in the budget for next year.  Also, talked about the rude comment by Steve Rodgers, about Marilyn Mueller last month.                        Steve Altenburg said he would answer questions about the City of Tower Ambulance funding. He said Breitung and Tower have signed up for the contract for payment to the Tower ambulance fund. He noted the money was in a restricted fund, but money was borrowed from the restricted fund.                          Norene Butala from the Rec board – the benches are in place, tennis and pickleball courts are ready. Organizers are needed for Bocce this year. There will be an open house sponsored by the Recreation Board on Jun 5, 4:00 pm at the Pavilion.                                  Marcie Moe would like the board to consider please listening to people who speak. Could there be 2 lists for public comments – 1 about agenda items and 1 at the end. Noted – people who write in should be heard.

CORRESPONDENCE: Email from Techbytes regarding increase in charges. Letters from Lee Peterson, Catherine Farley, and Linda Smith asking for repairs on the Walking\Biking Trail. Invite to 2019 Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan meeting. SLC funding extending the Joint Cooperation Agreement. SLC findings of Fact for C Schlotec. Bridge inspection report. Email from Perkett about having Yoga at the Pavilion. (email given to Rec dept)

Junk mail available to view, then will be recycled

Motion: Ralston\Skubic to adjourn                           Passed 4/0                          8:37 pm

Sue Drobac                                                                                         Carmen Deluca


Clerk                                                                                                      Chair