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May 2018


MAY 8, 2018                                       6:30 PM

Chair Ralston calls meeting to order

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll call: Chair Ralston, Vice chair Deluca, P Skubic, L Tahija, B Beihoffer, Treasurer Rodgers, Clerk Drobac

Please turn off all cell phones and pagers.  This meeting is being recorded for archival and transcription purposes.

Motion: Ralston\Deluca to amend agenda to include 15 donations, after Township cleanup           Passed 5/0

Motion: Beihoffer\Skubic to approve April minutes                                           Passed 5/0

Treasurer report:  Checking – $221,977.66   Long Term investments – $251,651.27   Savings – $228,709.59   Total:  $702,338.52

Motion: Skubic\Deluca to approve Treasurer report                                         Passed 5/0

Claims presented

Motion: Deluca\Skubic to approve claims presented                                        Passed 5/0

Public comment: Steve Lenertz wanted everyone to note statute 273.20—from 1902 – regarding assessing officers entry into any dwelling.  John Bassing asked about negligent hiring—stating our attorney said no to the hiring–Ralston put the issue to rest, stating Couri could not determine if dismissal is an option. Bassing noted – ff should not be on scene without background check and physical according to Greenwood Personnel Policy.       Bassing also asked about the Fortune Bay fire depts walk through after the fire on Fortune Bay property – Chief Fazio did not attend. Assistant Chief Indihar attended. When asked, Breitung ff said Greenwood did not enter the building, on any mutual aid fires. Bassing said the building was built in 1996. Greenwood does not have any training for the building. Indihar stated Fortune Bay did not want training at their building.           Jarri Ankrum – rec board has received a grant.  Within 2 weeks the bocce court and playset will begin. She will keep Deluca appraised of the situation.                                      Mary Richard talked about calling the county- Mark Goodman – and moving the 911 responsibility to the county. They are trained.   Questions on hiring for the fire dept.  Need to replace the highway signs. Rummage sale Sat 8-4.

Correspondence- request from Barb Lofquist to have Mary Richard represent her for a response to her previous letter. Letter from Jeff Maus regarding suspension of the April 10, 2018 meeting-why the meeting was suspended and was council, Mike Couri, the one who advised this? What board action was not able to be taken care of, specifically?   Request for a donation to VFW.                 Motion Skubic\Tahija to table donation to next month                    Passed 5/0 SLCAT minutes. Thank you from Northwoods Partners Care Connection for the donation. Thank you certificate from the St Louis County Fair for donation. Legal seminar by Couri and Ruppe in Cotton in October. Workshops and training events also in June.


Preferred vendor list for possible vendors to do maintenance work at the township to review.

B Lofquist letter \ response – Ralston gave answers to questions about firefighting. Letter attached.

SOG revision needs to be approved by Fire Dept. members before bringing to the board.

Motion: Skubic\Deluca for any elected official to have the password for Email access                        Passed 5/0

Motion: Skubic\Deluca to set up e-mails with TechBytes, with domain name greenwootownship,com       Passed 5/0

Emails for supervisors- new e-mails will be set up for all supervisors, clerk, treasurer, and fire dept.

Motion: Carmen\Beihoffer to acquire Township signs from St Louis County                                            Passed 5/0



Bids for work on township benches- Jarri Ankrum checking with someone on refinishing the benches.

Motion: Deluca\Tahija to advertise in Tower News and Timberjay for quotes for lawn mowing         Passed 5/0

Motion: Deluca\Tahija to advertise Township cleanup in Tower News and Tlimberjay                           Passed 5/0

Motion: Skubic\Beihoffer to approve 15 Resolutions for donations to fire dept, for D Horsman        Passed 5/0

Reports: Supervisors: Beihoffer went to the Vermilion Trail meeting. They are getting a grant from the State.  Deluca- 911 -talked with Matt Goodman. Door opener at main entrance needs repair. Exit signs need replacement. Reichel Electric has been notified. Tahija- Bike Trail meeting – plan was okayed.  Leave as gravel on the trail. Ralston- Smokey Bear signs – update signs?  Fire Dept volunteer? Fire number signs need replacement also. Door opener – Ralston getting quote from Arrow Auto.                                 Motion: Ralston\Deluca to replace the door closer on main hall by Arrow Auto                                         Passed 5/0          Safety- Borchardt – helicopter training done, possible repaint the H on the parking lot. Boat 1 / 2 in water. FD will be having pump simulation training. He feels at this point in time the fire department is at their best. Fire dept: Fazio- 3 fires,12 EMS calls, 1 drill, 1 meeting, 5 training. Extinguisher inspection done. SOG amendment being worked on. Inventory – ongoing. EMR classes attended by C Gilbert and Kristal Strong.        5-year fire protection agreement with Superior National Forest complete. Officer training completed by 4. D Strong to complete training.                           Motion: Skubic\Tahija to approve donation to Tower Fire Dept (S Altenburg oversaw testing for Greenwood)                Passed 5/0                                          Discrepancy with study time \ payment. Snowbulance proposal- with donations to fd. Prohydro testing to be done June or July.  Non-emergency call with Airboat, donation to fd given. Chainsaws to be purchased.  Turnout gear for 3 new members.           Deluca noted he should have a Green Again Service quote next month.                              Clerk: Township new voting machine will be here May 8 or 9. Announcing 11% increase overall on taxes by county- the state has a formula for the increase.      Asked questions about the 3-month interior ff training.

Junk mail will be available to view, then will be recycled.

Motion: Ralston\Skubic to adjourn                                           Passed 5/0                          8:08 pm

Clerk                                                                      Chair


Sue Drobac                                                         Mike Ralston