May 18, 2015

Greenwood Township Planning Commission Meeting – May 18, 2015


Chr. Jeff Lind called the meeting to order at 1:00 pm.


Present: Chr. Jeff Lind, Vice-Chr. Mark Drobac, Gary Boutto, Jerry Lepper, Chuck Richards, Laurie Milbridge, Director Julia Maki, Clerk Ellen Trancheff


MOTION Richards/Boutto to approve the April 20, 2015 Minutes. Approved 6/0


Director’s Report:


1-Comprehensive Plan Survey going out shortly-due back June 15, 2015.


2-Fence Ordinance? Director Maki provided members with various copies of fence ordinances and other information. Chr. Lind provided members with the City of Virginia, MN, fence ordinance. Members will take the information under advisement and come back to the next meeting for discussion.


3-St. Louis County Ordinance Revision scheduled for approval within a week. Director Maki will review the document and bring to the Commission areas that will need to be addressed by the Commission. Members will be asked to review everything for discussion and potential action.


4-Land Use Workshops coming up. Town Board approval will be required if a member wishes to attend. They are to let Director Maki know.


Old Business:


1-Gruben CUP-Mark Drobac commented he received a phone call regarding the store being open. Director Maki will check into it.


2-Early Warning System –Chr. Lind advised that it was turned down by the township and could have potentially received full funding. IRRRB will be granting a $250,000 grant to the Fire Brigade for a marina to house their boats.


New Business:


1-Richard Leciejewski complained about cabin renter noise at BayView on May 16. Chr. Lind will follow up with the Sheriff’s office.


Planning Commission representative on the Board of Adjustment:


MOTION Drobac/Boutto to appoint Jerry Lepper to the Board of Adjustment. Approved 6/0


MOTION Boutto/Lepper to adjourn at 1:27 pm. It was pointed out that members did not discuss the time for the next meeting.


MOTION Richards/Boutto to re-open the meeting at 1:29 pm. Approved 6/0


MOTION Richards/Milbridge to set June 15 @ 1:00 pm for the next meeting. Approved 6/0


MOTION Boutto/Richards to adjourn at 1:35 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,



Ellen Trancheff-Clerk Jeff Lind-Chairman