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May 13, 2014

Chr. Aro called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.

Present:  Chr. Tom Aro, Vice-Chr. Kirsten Reichel, Supervisors Gene Baland, Don Doroff, Rick Worringer, Treasurer Clark, Clerk Trancheff


               MOTION Worringer/Doroff to approve the April 8, 28 meeting minutes.  Approved 5/0


               MOTION Reichel/Doroff to approve the Treasurer’s Financial Report for April:  Checking $481,886.24/Long Term Investments-

               $250,515.57/Savings-$294,486.88=$1,026,888.69.  Approved 5/0


               MOTION Doroff/Baland to pay Claims #15885-15935 totaling $20,121.06.  Approved 5/0


               MOTION Doroff/Baland to issue payroll and fixed bills June. 1.  Approved 5/0


Persons on the Agenda:    Comments were received for these persons in support of keeping Greenwood Local Zoning

               Chuck Richards – West Frazer Bay Road – Member and past chairman of the Greenwood Planning Commission

               Rick Sathre – 4158 Gold Mine Circle

               Steve Lenertz – Gold Mine Circle

               John Aro – Greenwood Board of Adjustment member

               Jeff Lind –  Greenwood Planning Commission

               Director Julia Maki gave an educational power point presentation


Board Members gave their thoughts on the pros and cons of maintaining local zoning


               MOTION Baland/Worringer to have Greenwood Planning & Zoning remain with all decisions be made final by the town board.

               After discussion and comments from Sup. Reichel who stated she couldn’t support the town board finalizing decisions the motion

               was amended to read:


               MOTION Baland/Worringer to approve Greenwood Planning & Zoning remain in Greenwood Township.  Approved 5/0


Correspondence reviewed: 

Cook Hospital District request for EMT assistance which was tabled for now.

               St. Louis County Traffic Sign policy tabled to next meeting so Supervisors Doroff and Baland could check into it.

               Greenwood Relief Assn. request to increase pension from $1500/year to $1600/year-tabled to next meeting

               Couri & Rupp Attorney proposal to provide services


New Business:

1-Mary Worringer had sent a letter of resignation from the Board of Adjustment but withdrew-will complete the term to next year

2-St. Louis County Traffic Sign Policy-Tabled to next meeting-Don and Gene will contact the county regarding Old Hwy 77

3-Accepted John Milbridge’s letter to serve on the Board of Adjustment and will put in on file till an opening occurs

4-Development of Township property-Sup. Baland provided the board members with a proposal to establish a committee to look into creating a recreation and park area at the hall.  Rick Sathre offered his assistance.


MOTION Aro/Baland to have Rick Sathre and Gene Baland coordinate and explored recreational development on the Greenwood property.  Approved 5/0




Fire Chief Fazio reported on the April calls-1 meeting/11 drills (EMR training)/3 fire (2 cancelled)/2 EMS/1 CO2

               Drill for May will likely be wildfire refresher and starting to add new hose to trucks

               Boat 2 is at Gruben’s and Boat 1 will be put in the water and checked out by Bombardier on May 20

               Provided the board with revised job descriptions for firefighters and first responders


               MOTION Worringer/Reichel to approve the revised job descriptions for the Firefighters and First Responders.  Approved 5/0


               Provided a list of new EMR’s and Firefighters – 11 EMR’s and 9 Firefighters have joined since he was hired in  November, 2013.

               Hose grant should be wrapped up shortly – not sure about the remaining dollars in the grant

               LNFFWSA meeting in April with next one in July

               Fire dept. members who currently hold the Professional Firefighter License Renewals asked that the board pay the $75/person for

               a 3 year license.  When they got the licenses in 2011 they were under the assumption that the license would be required for all firefighters,

               not just professional firefighters but that is not the case.  It is not required.


               MOTION Worringer/Doroff to pay the firefighter license renewals.  Approved 4/1 with Reichel voting no because it is not required.


Chief Fazio requested that the new EMR’s get outfitted with the necessary jump kits, oxygen, radios, pagers, etc.  The cost is approximately $1500/person.  At this time they are not able to go on calls without the equipment.


               MOTION Reichel/Baland authorizing Chief Fazio to purchase the necessary equipment for the EMR’s for a cost up to $24,000.

               Approved 5/0


Chief Fazio reported that he had requested a meeting with the board that was an evaluation of his job performance.  He commented that at this time the department has 5 positions and asked the board to consolidate and re-title the positions.  Currently there is the Chief, Assistant Chief, Captain, Lieutenant, Safety Officer and Administrative Assistant.  He asked the board to consolidate to:  Chief, Assistant Chief, Training/Safety Officer and Secretary.


Chr. Aro stated that at the meeting the board did say that restructuring the officer corps was a good idea.


Chief Fazio stated that he never envisioned the work involved, but has found division and fracture in the officer/fire department and wanted change.

He cited that it is nothing personal but the current officers have not supported his efforts and wanted to change the structure and officers for the betterment of the entire fire department.  He added nothing will ever be 100% good but change is needed.  He asked the board to keep him as chief,

Pat Trancheff as assistant chief, Ed Borchardt as Safety/Training and Ellen Trancheff as secretary.  He added that as a unit, we all have things to offer.


               MOTION Worringer/Doroff to approve the New Officers as:  Dave  Fazio-Chief, Pat Trancheff-Assistant  Chief, Ed Borchardt as Safety/

               Training and Ellen Trancheff as Secretary.  Approved 5/0


Safety:   Peg Nelson commented that since this was her last report she would be resigning from the Fire Department effective immediately.


Planning:  Director Julia Maki reported that the Planning Commission will be meeting on May 19.


Maintenance:  Pat Trancheff reported on normal activities


Supervisors:  Chr. Aro had a request to not charge residents for the use of the hall, but just a deposit.

                       Sup. Baland commented about sealcoating the trail-would get a quote.

                       Sup. Doroff commented that he had looked at the runoff issues and Old Hwy 77 and would be contacting the county

                       Sup. Worringer commented that the board should consider a policy for when the boats go in and out for the safety of the responders


               MOTION Baland/Worringer to adjourn at 9:55 pm.



Respectfully Submitted,



Ellen Trancheff-Clerk                                                                                       Tom Aro-Chairman