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May 12, 2015

Greenwood Town Board Meeting – May 12, 2015


Chr. Reichel called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.


Present: Chr. Reichel, Vice-Chr. Baland, Supervisors Bassing, Milbridge, Worringer; Treasurer Clark, Clerk Trancheff


MOTION Worringer/Baland to approve the 4/14/15 board minutes. Approved 5/0


MOTION Milbridge/Baland to approve the 5/12/15 Special Town Board minutes. Approved 5/0


MOTION Worringer/Milbridge to approve the Treasurer’s April 2015 Financial Report: Checking-$702,980.30/Long Term Investments-$250,972.13/Savings-$317,621.60=$1,271,574.03. Approved 5/0


MOTION Reichel/Baland to approve paying claims #16575-16594 totaling $27,606.50. Approved 4/1 with Bassing voting no.


MOTION Baland/Worringer to issue payroll and fixed bills June 1, 2015. Approved 5/0



Representatives from Frontier were present to discuss the Northeast Service Cooperative Border to Border broadband project which would bring better connectivity for internet and cell service to the township. The town hall and fire dept. would receive 2 years connection free and a reduced rate for 3 years after.


MOTION Baland/Worringer to approve the Resolution for the NESC Broadband project. Approved 5/0


Sally Christopherson commented on fairness of who goes on calls for the fire dept. and emergency responders.


Correspondence Reviewed: Broadband request; requests to go back to Timberjay newspaper; SLCATO minutes



Planning Commission and Board of Adjustment Applications: Joanne Bassing, Marcie Moe, Laurie Stewart Warner, Larry Tahija

Vice-Chr. Baland and Sup. Worringer reviewed the applications and commented that all applicants were qualified. They recommended Larry Tahija to the Board of Adjustment and Laurie Stewart Warner to the Planning Commission.


MOTION Baland/Reichel to accept the recommendation to appoint Larry Tahija to the Board of Adjustment and Laurie Stewart Warner to the Planning Commission. Approved 3/1 with Bassing voting no and Milbridge abstaining


Road Side Cleanup:

Vice-Chr. Baland commented that the Roadside Cleanup was a success and Thanked Arch from the VC for providing the Bamboozler Pizza lunch and 2 bamboozler gift certificates.

Chr. Reichel commented that the Oak Narrows area roadside cleanup was completed the past week.


Tennis Court/Bocce Ball Update:

Vice-Chr. Baland reported that the tennis group met and would be getting assistance drafting specs to bid out the tennis court with assistance from a representative of the US Tennis Assn. (free) He reported that Dean Panian has offered his free service to develop 4 bocce ball courts on the township property. The materials are estimated at around $5000.


MOTION Baland/Worringer to approve up to $5000 to construct 4 Bocce Ball courts. Approved 5/0


Donation Resolutions:

At the last meeting Sup. Bassing commented that the township is to pass resolutions to accept donations.


Chr. Reichel spoke to the township attorney who indicated the resolution need would be geared towards the township being given land that may have contamination issues, etc.


MOTION Bassing to accept donations by resolution. Motion failed for lack of support.





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MOTION Baland/Milbridge to approve the Shamrock Landing 3.2 Liquor License. Approved 5/0


MOTION Worringer/Milbridge to approve the Survey for the Comprehensive Plan. Approved 5/0


MOTION Bassing to go back to the Timberjay for the official township newspaper. Motion failed for lack of support.


Little Library Project: Marjorie Miller from Moccasin Point asked the township to pay the one time fee of $39.95 for registration of the little library box and to allow the box to be placed on the Greenwood Trail.


MOTION Bassing/Milbridge to pay the one time fee of $39.95 to officially register the Little Library. Approved 5/0



Chief Fazio gave the April report: (1 mtg/1 drill/4 extra training/6 fire/9 EMS) He asked the board to consider raising the firefighter pension from $1500/year to $1800/year. The pension amount hasn’t been raised for years. He asked the board for approval to apply for grants to the DNR (matching 50/50) for $5000.00 turnout gear and Operation Roundup for a CPR/airway training module estimated at $1800.00.



MOTION Baland/Bassing to increase the Firefighter pension from $1500/year to $1800/year. Approved 3/0 with

Worringer/Milbridge abstaining as they are firefighters.


MOTION Baland/Worringer authorizing application to the DNR for a matching grant of $5000.00 for turnout

gear and to Lake Country Power Operation Roundup for a CPR/Airway Training Module for $1800.00. Approved 5/0


Director Maki reported that the Planning Dept. has been getting lots of calls for building permits.


Maintenance Pat Trancheff reported on getting ready for summer operations and normal maintenance.


MOTION Baland/Worringer to adjourn at 8:25 pm.



Respectfully Submitted,



Ellen Trancheff-Clerk Kirsten Reichel-Chairperson