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May 10, 2016

Board of Supervisors Meeting


May 10, 2016                   6:30 PM

Pledge of Allegiance      

Roll Call: Chair Worringer, Vice chair Baland, J Bassing, J Milbridge, C Deluca, Treasurer D Clark, Clerk S Drobac

Please turn off cell phones and pagers. This meeting will be recorded.  When public comments are made-please speak your name and address.

Motion Deluca\Milbridge to approve meeting minutes for April Supervisors meeting    Passed 4/1  Baland abstain

Motion Bassing \ Milbridge to approve meeting minutes for  Comprehensive Hearing   Passed 4/1 Baland abstain

Motion Deluca\Bassing to approve Board of Appeal and Equalization meeting       Passed 4/1 Milbridge abstain

Treasurers report- checking: $620,512.12,  long term investments: $251,198.66, savings: $310,015.59. Total: $1,181,726.37.                 Receipts are available for viewing

Motion Bassing \ Baland to approve Treasurers report        Passed 5/0                

Motion to pay claims, and fixed bills for June 1, 2016  – rescinded – not all claims available- will approve next month,

Questions on Handt\Fride bill from John Bassing-research to be done regarding phone calls , to and from clerk, J Maki, R Worringer

Motion Deluca \ Bassing  chair to get more information regarding the billing from Handt Fride    Passed  5/0

Motion Baland\MIlbridge to approve claims w\o Handt Fride billing                           Passed 5/0

Checks signed by : Chair Worringer, Clerk Drobac, and Treasurer Clark

Public Comments: Jarri Ankrum: regarding Apr 10 newspaper article on firefighters and response teams.  Mark Drobac  questions for G Baland regarding  telling STS person, he was having trouble with the clerk and called for his resignation. B Lofquist regarding Ellen Trancheff chosen before p\z and boa board interviews were complete.  Also would  like better accounting for the mileage on the Township truck.  Jeff Maus regarding Ems donation resolution.  Also was there board approval for use of dirt materials from side hill  of township ? None

Presentation : Brandon Peterson, from Electric Scientific Co. —Fire Protection Systems—-Pros and cons of hardwire systems vs. wireless systems

Correspondence: Dave Parrucci, Gruben’s , Paul Frerichs,  Irene Bright, St Louis county, Barb Loquist, Couri Ruppe

Bassing to get an answer to  Dave Parrucci.

Discussion on Treasurer \ Clerk duties-will have Irene Bright return for more training in 3 months.

Motion Deluca\Bassing to leave fire protection from St Louis county for Unorganized Township 63-15 at $8000.00 for 2017

Motion Deluca\Milbridge for clerk to highlight correspondence and keep on file- essentially for a shorter report   Passed 4/1  Baland abstain

Noted: Worringer to check with J Maki on reason for planning and zoning meeting was canceled and give Dave Parrucci an answer.

Noted: Warranty on tennis court- nothing in black and white – standard 1 year after completion because of conditions in northern Minnesota

Noted: Diagram from Shelby Karakas for pickle ball \ tennis court

Noted: Tennis court is first on the list when Mesabi Bituminus starts working

Old business:    

Review and Amend Board Policy:

Motion Bassing\Worringer to accept new section – Concerned Citizens                                  Passed 5/0

Motion Bassing\Milbridge accept new town hall rental fees by property owners              Passed 5/0

Motion Bassing\Deluca accept new copying fees                                                                                              Passed 5/0

Motion Bassing\Baland to accept new tape recording fees                                                           Passed 4/1    Worringer no

Motion Bassing\Deluca to accept new spending authority                                                            Passed 5/0

Motion Bassing\Carmen to accept new attorney section                                                                               Passed 5/0

Motion Worringer\Bassing to retain Town hall \ Fire hall users section                                    Passed 5/0

Paid on call:

Motion Deluca\Bassing to use POC and adhere to rules from April 2010                                  Passed 5/0

Noted: if Fire Dept wants to review and change policies, they are to go to the board

Motion Bassing\Deluca to have a limited procedural review by professional firm for Fire Department Paid On Call payments- going back 2 years     Passed 3/2         Milbridge \ Baland voting no

Resolution Worringer\Milbridge to have supervisor Worringer as maintenance assistant             Not Passed    2/2   Bassing\Deluca voting no     Worringer abstain

Resolution Bassing\Worringer to accept $15,000.00 donation from Bois Forte Reservation Council             Passed 5/0

Pavilion review:

Jarri Ankrum presentation of granite monument to replace bronze plaque and fundraisers

Motion Baland\Milbridge to change plaque for Pavilion from bronze to granite                  Passed 5/0

Culvert Repair:

Motion Worringer\Milbridge Bassing to contact a contractor and St Louis county for culvert repair    Passed 5/0

Noted: Dispute Erkkila \ Molesky—clerk to send e-mail  to Erkkila ,letting him know this is a civil matter


New Business: 

Voting on new members for Planning and Zoning \ and Board of Adjustment

Noted: Ellen Trancheff was a candidate, but has conflict of interest per Zoning ordinance –Article 9.01 , disqualified

Motion Worringer\Bassing to approve Marcie Moe to Board of Adjustment                        Passed 5/0

Motion Worringer\Deluca to approve Dan Carnicom to Planning and Zoning board           Passed 4/1   Bassing  no

Motion by lottery (names in a hat-M Richard \ Barb Lofquist) Worringer\Deluca to approve Barb Lofquist to Planning and Zoning board     Passed 4/1

Motion Bassing\Milbridge to have potholes repaired on Birch Point Rd                                   Passed 5/0

Resolution to accept $6500.00 donation from Greenwood Community Recreation Board and Picnic tables and BBQ’s

                Passed 5/0

Motion Deluca\Worringer to form committee to check into fire alarm systems –J Bassing, C Deluca, E Borchardt, J Golanski, D Fazio, P Trancheff, M Drobac, L Tahija                                                 Passed 5/0

Motion Bassing\Baland to have written reports from supervisors, planning and zoning, safety, fire dept, 911 coordinator, and maintenance                             Passed 5/0

Motion Bassing\Worringer to approve payment for election training for Clerk , and Treasurer                     Passed 5/0

Treasurer Clark reported on Joint Powers Committee meeting

Motion Deluca\Worringer to make a $500.00 donation to Joint Powers Committee                           Passed 5/0


Worringer: Report on Explorer Program @ Virginia Fire Dept; has information on deer tick disease

Baland: Will not pursue the walking trail, letters from several persons about completing the trail and other information

Bassing: Thank you to the Board for the opportunity to attend the Legal Short course. Information on Relief Assoc.

L Peterson reply to G Baland on walking trail-he talked to DNR \ STS people. Lee got different opinions from them, then questions Gene’s  innuendo’s and honesty in several issues

Maki-Planning and Zoning- Issued 9 building permits, no meeting in April, will work on findings on Bayview, ordinances, public hearing for draft comphrensive plan, BOA did not meet in April due to no variances

Borchardt- Safety – Thurs training on backboard use; Drill coming up Tuesday , June 21, having a live fire extinguisher course –Open to Public. Extinguishers available for purchase.  Fee by vendor is $150.00.  Would like township to contribute for extinguishers.                            Sign up by June 1– call or e-mail.  Possible annual training.

Drobac-clerk- everyone must fill out claim forms to be reimbursed

Motion Worringer\Deluca to Purchase extinguishers up to $1000.00 Contribute 50% of various  extinguishers. Charging the public half price.                                               Passed 5/0

Fazio-Fire Dept 7 EMS calls, 1 fire call, 1 drill 2 other; program with Red Cross – smoke detector, 30 detectors to residents homes- installed by firefighters. PERA conference-Brian will attend meeting June 7 to explain PERA. EMS training; $3200.00 paid for first responders training \ $400.00 to be refunded. April  Dave attended Laurentian Coalitions meeting, discussed Exploration Program;

Trancheff, E – 911 coordinator- secretarial work, addresses issued and new road sequence signs

Trancheff, P –Maintenance – roadside cleanup, leak in sink, battery in boat, boat in water, grease plow daily cleaning

Noted: Lake Vermilion Area Lodging & Tax report received

Junk mail available for viewing—then will be thrown out                                                                                                                             

Motion Worringer\Baland to adjourn                     5/0     10:15 PM


Sue Drobac                                                                                         Rick Worringer


Greenwood Township Clerk                                                       Supervisor Chair