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May 10, 2011

Greenwood Town Board Meeting / May 10, 2011

Chr. Worringer called the meeting to order at 6:31 pm.

Present: Chr. Worringer; Supervisors Baland, DeLuca and Reichel, Treasurer Clark, Clerk Trancheff

Absent: Vice-Chr. Aro

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

MOTION: Baland/DeLuca to approve the April 12 minutes with noted corrections. Approved 4/0

MOTION: DeLuca/Reichel to approve the April Financial Report: Checking-$199,148.78 / Long Term Investments-$246,529.21 / Savings-$145,009.16 for a balance of $590,687.15. Approved 4/0

MOTION: Baland/DeLuca to approve paying claims #13892-13937 for a total of $22,438.66. Approved 4/0

MOTION: Reichel/DeLuca to approve paying payroll and fixed bills June 1, 2011. Approved 4/0

Fire Dept. Report:

  • Chief Kregness gave the call report for April-quiet month. He reported that the dept. ordered the Polaris snowmobile from 5 Season’s Sports with the better warranty – it will be here in November.
  • The #2 tank will be replaced once the rep comes to look at it prior to building it.
  • Assistant Chief Makowski is working on updating the Fire Dept. FCC license for narrowband.
  • The Dept. sold the 2000 Polaris for $2995.
  • A donation was sent to the dept from Kenton Klein. He requested authorization to sell the old pagers.

MOTION: DeLuca/Worringer to accept the donation of $100 from Kenton Klein to the Fire Department. Approved 4/0

MOTION: DeLuca/Baland authorizing the dept. to sell the excess pagers. Approved 4/0

Persons on Agenda: Sally Christopherson read a letter from Representative Rukavina in regards to trying to get members to join and be retained on the fire dept.

Correspondence Reviewed:

  • Notice of Tax Forfeit Land by St. Louis County
  • SLCATO minutes
  • Copies of letters sent to Dave Phillips – Undersheriff, Commissioner Forsman, Rep. Dave Dill, Senator Tom Bakk
  • Lake Vermilion Trail Plan minutes

Board of Adjustment: Ed Borchardt, Byron Beihoffer and Mark Drobac submitted additional information to the committee (Baland & Reichel). Sup. Baland recommended appointing Ed Borchardt to the Board of Adjustment Position.

MOTION: DeLuca to appoint Mark Drobac to the Board of Adjustment. Motion failed for lack of support.

MOTION: Worringer/Baland to accept the Committee Recommendation and appoint Ed Borchardt to the Board of Adjustment. Approved 3/1 with DeLuca voting no.

MOTION: Reichel/Baland to keep the letters of application on file for one year. Approved 4/0

Chr. Worringer gave information on Board Meetings and while public participation is welcome, the board needs to keep the meetings focused.

Sup. Baland gave his findings regarding the Birch Point Road with options for maintenance.

MOTION: DeLuca/Baland to accept Option #3 as submitted by Sup. Baland to continue with reasonable maintenance and snowplowing of Birch Pt. Extension. Approved 4/0

Chr. Worringer read a letter of retirement from the fire department from Mike Indihar.

MOTION: Worringer/Baland to have Sup. Baland and Reichel conduct an exit interview with retiring Mike Indihar. Approved 4/0


Safety – Peg Nelson not present
B EMS Administrator – Mary Worringer asked that the job description remove the tracking of meds for Rescue #5 as she is not able to do that. Peg Nelson is doing it. She asked how the board felt about reasonable time for EMS people to get their vaccinations. Board members felt it should be tabled to hear from EMS people and Chief Kregness.

MOTION: DeLuca/Reichel to remove the description regarding the Meds for Rescue #5 from the EMS Administrator Job Description. Approved 4/0

Planning Director – Julia Maki advised that the Planning Commission did approve the Escrow Fees and Zoning Maps at the last hearing/meeting. She found training for $1500 with flexibility of going on line at home, doing a PowerPoint at the hall.

MOTION: DeLuca/Reichel to approve the Escrow Fees and Zoning Maps as approved by the Planning Commission on April 25, 2011. Approved 4/0

Maintenance – Pat Trancheff – Busy with battery issues, street and fire signs. 4 of the older Stearns cold water rescue suits were sent in for refurbishing for $80/suit vs. buying new ones at $1000. Brought in #1 pumper for brake problems.

Clerk – Ellen Trancheff reported that Board of Review went well and will wrap up Friday, May 13.

Supervisor Baland – Noise Ordinance and issues of private cabin rentals. Who is responsible for maintenance and inspections of the Isle of Pines Bridge – advised St. Louis County Public Works.

Chr. Worringer – Attended the TAAS meeting April 4, 2011-There are 8 new EMTS on the Tower Ambulance Service. The new ambulance should be here in July.

MOTION: Baland/DeLuca to adjourn at 7:46 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ellen Trancheff, Clerk
Mary Worringer, ChairpersonĀ