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March 8, 2011, Annual Meeting


Greenwood Township Annual Meeting – March 8, 2011



 Clerk Trancheff called the meeting to order at 8:27 pm.



 Nominations for Moderator:                            Bev Peterson nominated Mike Indihar.




               MOTION Byron Beihoffer/Rick Worringer to close nominations and cast unanimous ballot for Mike Indihar as Moderator.  Approved.



 Pledge of Allegiance…



               MOTION Carmen DeLuca/Gordon Skoles to accept the agenda as presented.  Approved.



               MOTION Marilyn Mueller/Rick Worringer to approve the minutes of the March 2010 Annual Meeting.  Approved.



               MOTION Mary Worringer/Debra Warner to approve the Treasurer’s Financial Report for 2010.  Approved.



               MOTION Scott Kregness/Rick Worringer to waive reading of all 2010 receipts and disbursements.  Approved.



Levy Request of $503,230 presented and explained by Sup. Aro.



               MOTION Jerry Lepper/Ed Borchardt to approve the 2012 Levy of $503,230.  Approved.



Tennis Court Request:



Sup. Aro explained that several months ago a group of tennis players asked the town board to consider building a tennis court.  The committee checked into grant opportunities but need a commitment from the township in order to go forward.  Estimates of matching funds could be 40-50% and estimated costs of the tennis courts could be $80,000-$100,000.



Ed Borchardt explained that he had two estimates for a turnkey tennis court from $62,730 to $66,000.



               MOTION Ed Borchardt/Dan Karakas to have the Greenwood Town Board move forward with construction of tennis courts with two conditions.  1 – 50% of cost to come from outside funding.  2-No extra money from township funds to be put toward the construction of the court.





Joe Caskinette-under the impression the courts were already done.


Ed Borchardt-he received estimates to construct-they are not done.


Sue Drobac-what cost of future maintenance?


Shelby Karakas-very little.  May be resurfacing but not for a while.


Jeff Peterson-has his own court and in 20 years resurfaced once.  The net is original and has 20 years of all kinds of people using it.  Does not play tennis personally but appreciates the idea and appreciates the skating rink and horseshoe pits.  Plays golf, not tennis but feel that any form of recreation opportunities are good for the community.


Jeff Maus and Sue Drobac-what type of insurance is needed?  Has the township spoken to the insurance company?


Mike Indihar-had mixed feelings on the issue but likes the idea of community, recreating and visiting.


Gene Baland-would we be authorizing the courts to be built with the low bid?


Mike Indihar-the vote would be recommending the board go further, if funding available, seek quotes, then construct.


Ed Borchardt-there is also the pickle ball players who drive to Tower to play.


Ed Williams-to the issue of tennis courts, feels it would enhance property values by having them in the community.


Mary Richards-will the courts be locked, lighting?


Tom Aro-no the courts would not be lit for nighttime, 


Byron Beihoffer-has anyone thought of a picnic shelter to go along with this?


Jeff Maus-does the township have to set up a maintenance fund similar to the trail fund?


Tom Aro-the only maintenance would be resurfacing which should not be a huge amount.


Jeff Peterson-resurfaced his for $3,000 , 7 years ago.


Cleaning and Maintenance of the court was discussed with tennis players stating they would be willing to broom off the gravel so nobody gets hurt.


Jeff Peterson-if the court is built properly it should not have problems of heaving or cracking.


Rhonda Zupancic stated that every Monday from 10 – noon it would be posted that the Pickleball players would have the court as standard hours.


Others asked if it is a public court, how could one post it and would someone else not be able to use it?


Gary Skogman-If the court will bring in young families to our community, he will vote for it.


Richard Leciejewski-would it be set up with leagues and others not able to use it?


Rhona Zupancic-it would be on a first come first serve basis.


Fred Smith-does the project fit into the township park and recreation plan and if there is no plan, why not?


Greenwood Township Annual Meeting – March 8, 2011




Bev Peterson asked to call the question.




               MOTION to have the town board construct 2 tennis courts subject to the conditions:   Yes – 45                No-38


               Motion Approved.




Reports were given by:      Marilyn Mueller – President of the Greenwood Fire Dept. Auxiliary


                                             Scott Kregness – Fire Chief


                                             Julia Maki – Planning Director



                                             Supervisors – None


               MOTION Merlyn Johnson/Mike Indihar to have the supervisors give reports at the annual meeting next year.  Approved.



New Business:



Marcie Moe-Planning & Zoning issues, Lake Vermilion protection, Attorney decisions, Checks/Balances on permits, Town Board involvement on invasive species, changing zoning on two interior lakes on Pine Island to Sensitive.



               MOTION Marcie Moe/Mardy Jackson to have the Planning Commission consider changing the zone on the two inland lakes on Pine


               Island to SENSITIVE. 






Director Maki-lots are too small and the only thing would be to classify as Nature Lake-requiring variances.


Jerry Lepper-are they lots of record?


Director Maki-yes from the early 1910’s.



               MOTION Failed with only 7 voting Yes.





               MOTION Fred Smith/Jeff Maus to adjourn at 10:25 pm.





Respectfully Submitted,








Ellen Trancheff-Clerk                                                                        Mike Indihar-Moderator