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March 26, 2012

Greenwood Town Board Re-Organization Meeting – March 26, 2012

Clerk Trancheff called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.

Present:  Supervisors Aro, Baland, DeLuca, Doroff, Reichel; Treasurer Clark, Clerk Trancheff

Nomination of Chairperson:             Sup. DeLuca nominated Sup. Reichel
Sup. Baland nominated Sup. Aro

Discussion:  Sup. Aro declined as the rotation set up over 10 years ago set the third year of a term supervisors to be chair and vice-chair.
Sup. Baland commented that he did not agree with the rotation, did not want to be chair and removed his nomination of Sup. Aro.

               MOTION DeLuca/Baland to close nominations and appoint Kirsten Reichel as Chairperson.  Approved 5/0

Nomination of Vice-Chairperson:   

               MOTION Baland/Aro to appoint Sup. DeLuca as Vice-Chairperson.  Approved 5/0

               MOTION Aro/DeLuca to approve the corrected Feb. 14 minutes and the March 13 minutes.  Approved 5/0

               MOTION Aro/Baland to pay bills totaling $2,769.56.  Approved 5/0

Treasurer Clark informed the board that the Isle of Pines Bridge CD is maturing on 4/9/12 and the Fire Dept. CD on 3/30/12. 
Discussion regarding low interest rates.

               MOTION DeLuca/Reichel to invest the Isle of Pines Bridge Fund for 3 years at a rate of 3.10 % and to invest the Fire Dept. fund
for a period of 6 months – amended by both DeLuca/Reichel – and to establish a committee of Supervisors Aro and Doroff to work with
Treasurer Clark to find a better interest rate.  Approved 5/0

               MOTION DeLuca/Aro to issue payroll and pay fixed bills April 1.  Approved 5/0


               MOTION DeLuca/Aro to set the 2nd Tuesday of the month @ 6:30 for board meetings.  Approved 5/0 noting subject to change.

               MOTION Reichel/Doroff to appoint Frandsen Bank & Trust as the official depository.  Approved 5/0

               MOTION Aro/Baland to appoint the Timberjay as the official newspaper.  Approved 5/0

               MOTION DeLuca/Aro to appoint Scott Neff/Trenti Law Firm as attorney.  Approved 5/0

               MOTION Reichel/Aro to appoint Sup.  DeLuca to the Planning Commission.  Approved 5/0

               MOTION Aro/DeLuca to appoint Mary Worringer to fill Carol Maus’s vacancy on the Board of Adjustment.  Approved 5/0

               MOTION Reichel/Doroff to appoint Ellen Trancheff to the Tower-Soudan Joint Powers Rec Board.  Approved 5/0

               MOTION Baland/DeLuca appointing Sup. Reichel to the Lodging Tax Board.  Approved 5/0

               MOTION Aro/DeLuca appointing Sup. Baland for Roads.  Approved 5/0

               MOTION DeLuca/Aro appointing Peggy Nelson as Delegate/Jeff Maus as Alternate to the Tower Ambulance Commission.  Approved 5/0

               MOTION Aro/Reichel to approve the Shamrock Landing 3.2 Liquor License renewal.  Approved 5/0

               MOTION Baland/Doroff to set April 21 for the Garbash Day, coffee and donuts at 9 am and lunch at noon.  Carmen and Ruth DeLuca will
be the committee.  Approved 5/0.

Discussion as to whether the town board wanted to expand the community enhancement loan program to wells-decided to wait a year and see how many loans are issued for septics.

Sup. Aro commented the February meeting was erroneously adjourned when the budget session was to follow.  Board members agreed that the minutes should be amended to reflect adjournment then reconvene of budget session.

Dates:     Township Officer Training – Grand Rapids – April 5
Town Board Meeting – April 10 @ 6:30 pm
Board of Review – May 3 from 10 – 11 am

Bois Forte Committee – Scott Kregness, Carmen DeLuca and Tom Aro

Lake Vermilion Trail – Tom Aro will continue

               MOTION Baland/DeLuca to purchase a buoy for Lake Vermilion.  Approved 5/0

               MOTION Baland/Aro to adjourn at 7:15 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,


Ellen Trancheff – Clerk                                                                      Kirsten Reichel – Chairman