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March 24, 2016

Greenwood Township Reorganization Meeting 03/24/2016

6:35 pm

Roll call: VP Baland, J Milbridge, J Bassing, R Worringer, C Deluca, Treasurer Clark, Clerk Drobac

Pledge of Allegiance

MOTION Deluca/Bassing , nominating Bassing for Chairman  Defeated 3/2

MOTION Milbridge/Baland nominating Worringer for Chairman Approved 3/2

MOTION Worringer/Milbridge nominating Baland for Vice Chairman   Approved 3/2

No confirmation of transfer of records / Mn Stature 367.01   Discussion

MOTION Milbridge/Baland to Approve 1 claim    Approved 5/0

MOTION Bassing/Milbridge to Approve Payroll and Fixed bills    Approved 5/0

MOTION Deluca/Bassing for new clerk to take previous clerk’s office   Approved 5/0

MOTION Bassing/Deluca   to keep holidays as previous, clerk hours: 9:00-1:00 Mon-Fri  Approved 5/0

Discussion-new clerk to keep log of people coming in to town hall for business

MOTION Deluca/Baland to approve Bayview liquor license dated May 1st   2016 to Jun 30th 2017 Approved 5/0

Adopt Schedule of meetings: Second Tuesday of the month at 6:30, except   the March meeting when the meeting occurs after the Annual meeting and the Reorganization Meeting on the 4th Thursday

MOTION Milbridge/Baland to have Tower News the official paper    Approved   3/2

MOTION Bassing/Deluca to appoint Deluca to P\Z representative    Defeated   2/3

MOTION Milbridge/Worringer to appoint Baland to P\Z   representative   Approved 3/2

MOYION Bassing/Milbridge to appoint Clark to T-S Joint Powers Rec Board    Approved 5/0

MOTION Deluca/Bassing to appoint Worringer to Lodging Tax Board   Approved 4/1

MOTION Milbridge/Baland to appoint Bassing to be Road Supervisor    Approved 4/1

MOTION Deluca/Bassing to appoint Milbridge to Tower Ambulance Commission   Approve 5/0

MOTION MIlbridge/Baland to re-appoint J Lind to P\Z      Approved 5/0

Will need to advertise for appointments to Planning Commission and Board of Adjustment

MOTION Baland/Bassing to appoint Worringer to be Fire dept   representative   Approved 5/0

MOTION Milbridge/Baland to continue to use Frandsen Bank in Tower    Approved 5/0

Disscussion:  Chairman Worringer, Vice Chairman Baland, Clerk Drobac , Treasurer Clark approved for authorization to sign checks.

MOTION Bassing/Deluca to change to Couri / Ruppe   as township attorney    Defeated 2/3

MOTION Milbridge/Baland to continue with Hanft Fride Law as township attorney   Approved 3/2

MOTION Bassing/Deluca to accept resignations from L Milbridge-P\Z, G Boutto-P\Z, and M Worringer-Board of Adjustment    Approved 5/0

MOTION Deluca/Bassing to keep new clerk salary as the outgoing clerk salary   Approved 5/0

Motion Deluca/Bassing to restore supervisors salary to previous level s    Approved 3/2

MOTION Bassing/Baland  to announce date for Board of Appeal and Equalization meeting : 5/05/2016  10:00-11:00 am at the Greenwood  Town Hall   Approved 5/0

MOTION Deluca/Bassing to postpone Review an Amend Board Policy to Apr 12   Approved 5/0

MOTION Deluca/Bassing to postpone conflict of interest question to Apr 12  471.87   471.88       Approved 5/0

MOTION Deluca/Bassing to approve training payments for Spring Short Courses

Baland made note of GARBASH day for interested parties

MOTION Baland/Bassing to appoint Worringer as employee supervisor    Approved 3/2

Noted: requests for work should go through the employee supervisor

MOTION Bassing/Baland to adjourn    8:10   Approved 5/0