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March 2018 Annual Meeting


MARCH 13, 2018

Clerk Drobac opens the meeting                                               8:25 pm

Pledge of Allegiance

Nominations for moderator

Motion: Carmen Deluca\Steve Rodgers to nominate Mike Indihar for moderator                                 Motion: John Bassing\Lee Peterson to nominate Mike Ralston for moderator                                    Motion: Mike Richard\Mary Richard to nominate Jeff Maus for moderator                                                    Mike Ralston declined the nomination                                                                                                    Carmen Deluca called for paper ballot vote

Motion: Steve Rodgers\Mary Richard to close nominations and cast ballot                             Yeah vote

Paper ballot results——Mike Indihar      28                           Jeff Maus    13

Mike Indihar as chosen moderator continues meeting

Motion: John Bassing\Mike Richard to accept meeting agenda                                                    Yeah vote

Motion: Mike Ralston\Carmen Deluca to adopt abbreviated Roberts Rules of Order           Yeah vote

Motion: Carmen Deluca\Howard Ankrum to accept 2017 annual meeting minutes             Yeah vote

Motion: Jeff Maus\Mary Richard to waive reading of all receipts and disbursements         Yeah vote

Financial report presented by Pam Rodgers, treasurer

Motion: Jeff Maus\Mary Richard to approve treasurers 2017 financial report                        Yeah vote

REPORTS: Supervisors: Bassing- 2017 911 report- signs issued- 31, new addresses -12 revenue of $1090.00                Bassing – road report – expenses – snowplowing by SLC – $1575.00, trail repair – $196.85, attended the Annual Birch Point Assoc. meeting- concerns about maintenance of the Township road. Road repair issues in the future.                 Deluca – maintenance- canisters on a schedule now, furnace repair done in Fire Hall, fire truck repair all good.                Ralston- SLC – Penguins moving forward- The Township is now not involved. Ralston also noted the skating rink needs a base.                            Tahija reported on the Ambulance Commission – they are changing their pricing schedule.            Clerk – Drobac thanked the election judges for the service they provided at the election. Also, the grant monies for the new voting machine have been received.        Fire dept. – report attached.

Budget \ levy presentation by John Bassing                           Discussion

Motion: Jeff Maus\Carmen Deluca to accept 2019 budget                                                             Yeah vote

Motion: Lee Peterson\Jeff Maus to accept $150,000.00 levy                                                         Yeah vote

Motion: Carmen Deluca\Byron Beihoffer to set 2019 annual meeting date and time as                                     March 12, 2019    8:15                                                                                                                                         Yeah vote

General discussion of items of concern:                  Bev Peterson requested more information about the Penguin Club—Mike Indihar said the Penguin Club will be procuring the land they need on their own.                     Marilyn Meuller read a statement saying she is tired of politics – would like the supervisors to go to training events – the supervisors work for the people –  and should have a demerit system – would like to see politics with consequences.           Jeff Maus supported Marilyn.  Jeff Peterson commented on the training of supervisors.                                                                                                                                                       Motion: Jeff Maus\Lee Peterson to recommend all supervisors take training at MAT        Yeah vote


Motion: Carmen Deluca\John Bassing to allocate money for Greenwood 40th Anniversary – August 25, 2018 – not to exceed $5000.00                                                                                                                               Yeah vote                                  Note: information is needed for a booklet that will be made up for the anniversary and a Fourth of July Spaghetti feed fundraiser will be May 19th, 2018

Election results:

Position 3- Larry Tahija          158                 John Bassing   153                                                                                            Position 5-Byron Beihoffer   154                 Rick Stoehr      148                                                                                            Clerk – Sue Drobac                 189                            Belinda Fazio   122

Election Summary Statement attached

Motion: John Bassing\Paul Skubic to adjourn                                                       Yeah vote            9:25 pm

Sue Drobac                                                                         Mike Indihar


Clerk                                                                                      Moderator