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March 2016 Annual Meeting


MARCH 8, 2016                 8:22 PM


Clerk Trancheff opens meeting

Introductions: Scott Witty, attorney, Chair K Reichel, J Milbridge, R Worringer, vice chair G Baland, J Bassing, Treasurer Clark


Pledge of Allegiance

Nominations for moderator-

Motion: C Deluca \ B Lofquist for J Maus

Motion: ? \ Jerry ? for M Indihar

Motion: M Worringer \ J Lind for H Ankrum

Paper ballots requested

Jeff Maus appointed as moderator —

Anyone who wants to speak will have an opportunity. Comments please keep to 5 minutes.

Supervisors do not serve as that capacity—member of greenwood only.


Motion: J Bassing\ M Richard to amend minutes on first motion on levy approval should read 53 to 18                                                                                                                                                                      Passed / yeah vote

Motion: S Christofferson \ J Bassing to amend minutes on motion to go to Timberjay to what appears as a unanimous vote                                                                                                                       Passed / yeah vote

Motion: B Peterson\J Bassing to amend minutes on motion to send Planning and Zoning to St Louis County            – as passed                                                                                                                  Passed / show of hands


Motion: J Bassing\C Deluca to accept 2015 minutes with changes                               Passed / yeah vote

Motion: E Trancheff \ C Deluca to approve 2016 agenda                                                 Passed / yeah vote

Motion: ? \ M Worringer to waive reading of receipts and disbursements              Passed / yeah vote


Treasurer 2015 financial report read

Revenues $368,600.74, Expenditures $458,465.24,                                                                                                            Cash – general fund- $481,615.41, special revenue funds $209,049.30,                                                                   Total cash balance $691,808.31

Investment special revenue funds $212,425.04, total investments $568,839.69,

Total cash\investments=$1,260,648.00

Questions from P Rodgers and M Ralston about financial report.

Motion: M Worringer\C Deluca to make copies of 2015 CTAS report for public      Passed / yeah vote

Motion: E Trancheff\M Worringer to approve financial report                                      Passed / yeah vote



Planning and Zoning: 2015- 50 permits issued, busy year, variance most months, comprehensive plan committee working.

Note-Planning reports have nothing to do with 911 addressing


Fire dept.: run summary 150 ems calls, 46 fire calls, training ongoing and drills – 96 meeting or drill.

28 members in total=5 first responders 12 firefighters 11 both.

Future – Red Cross seminar \ grants possible \ mine training possible

Thank you to D Fazio – good job, well done.


Fire alarm- J Galonski made a proposal to add fire detection alarm system to Greenwood property

Supervisors: J Milbridge- on Tower Ambulance raise on per capita monies to $15.00 per household

R Worringer- fire dept. liaison

G Baland-working on tennis courts, pickleball court to be finished.  Getting recreational activities going.

D Panian working on pavilion. Walking trail had a seal coating done. Broadband system update coming.

Possible walking trail behind town hall- no charge to township.  Bayview opening again – wants to have talks with them.

J Bassing- road report


Chair K Reichel presents budget 2017- $361,384.00


Motion: J Bassing\ B Lofquist to approve levy of $1.00      Discussion    Passed \ paper ballot 51 yes 17 no

Motion: C Deluca \ B Lofquist to set time and place for 2017 annual meeting- 7 am – 8pm elections – meeting to be held at Greenwood town hall at 8:15 pm on March 14, 2017         Passed \ yeah vote


Motion: L Peterson\B Lofquist would like resolution to connect all computer information and recordings to the cloud,                copy of recording-free if own drive is brought in                 Passed  \ Yeah vote

Motion: J Bassing\B Lofquist to send Planning and Zoning to the county    Discussion                                                                                                       Passed \ paper ballot 44 yes 25 no


Motion: L Peterson\J Bassing to have Timberjay for the official township newspaper   Passed \ Yeah vote

Motion: M Richard\M Richard to have supervisors wages returned to previous    Passed \ Yeah vote

Motion: M Moe \ B Lofquist would like employee contracts to be 1 year not 3 year, from this point on. Passed \ yeah vote

Motion: M Mueller\ B Lofquist if decisions are not imperative, the decisions can be made the month after the item is brought to the board                      Passed \ yeah vote


Note- all motions, excepting the levy vote, are all advisory to the board


Election Results:

Supervisor position 4  – Carmen Deluca                  240

Donald Doroff                   134

Byron Beihoffer                 17                                                                                                                                                         write in                                    1

Clerk position                                    Sue Drobac                         264

Ellen Trancheff                  131


Motion: ? \ J Bassing to adjourn                                 Passed / yeah vote                          11:30 PM



CLERK                                                                    MODERATOR


ELLEN TRANCHEFF                                           JEFF MAUS