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March 14, 2017 Annual Meeting



MARCH 14, 2017


Clerk Drobac opens the meeting                                                               8:15 pm


Pledge of Allegiance


Nominations for moderator


Motion: Deluca \ Bassing to nominate Mike Ralston for moderator


Motion: M Richard\ C Deluca close nominations and cast ballot                   Passed    yeah vote


Mike Ralston continues meeting as moderator


Motion: J Maus \J Bassing follow abbreviated Roberts Rules of Order       Passed    yeah vote


Motion: J Maus \ Mike Richard to approve 2016 annual meeting minutes               Passed    yeah vote


Motion: J Bassing\M Richard to waive reading of all receipts and disbursements Passed    yeah vote


Financial Report read by clerk


Motion: J Bassing\M Drobac to approve Treasurers 2016 Financial Report              Passed    yeah vote



Supervisors: J Bassing- Road report-pot holes to be repaired by county on Birch point

C Deluca-SLC canister recycling site checking done twice a week

R Kladivo-on lodging board – reports available in clerk’s office

J Maus-on Tower Ambulance commission- reports a raise in per capita pay requirement from $10.00 to $15.00, he also notes the use by Tower Ambulance of IPAD devices for patient reports and electronic transfer.

Fire Dept.: H Ankrum- run report- 75 training, 12 meetings, 12 drills, 123 EMS calls, 50 fire calls, 2 maintenances vouchers-Personnel as follows: 11 Firefighters\EMR ,  5 EMR, 15 firefighters.  2 retired personnel and 3 resignations of personnel.  Relief Association is now joined with PERA. 13 firefighters received pension credit.  All PERA paperwork is completed.


Budget presentation by John Bassing

Discussion: Maureen Fontana questions the small amount  of money donated to Cook Library. Treasurer Clark says larger donations will sometimes raise a red flag. Marcie Moe questioned Maintenance budget amount- John Bassing replied- the township has to budget the contract amount for the maintenance man.


Motion: R Kladivo \M Fontana to approve budget as presented                  Passed    yeah vote


Motion: C Deluca\M Richard to approve $150,000.00 levy                             Passed    yeah vote


Motion: J Bassing\M Jackson to set March 13, 2018 annual meeting at 8:15 pm       Passed    yeah vote




Jarri Ankrum – presentation for playset for Greenwood Township property.

Mary Richard talked about the lack of a skating rink at Greenwood, Kate Bassing thinks any liability is too much liability.


Motion: R Kladivo\B Beihoffer for paper ballots on the playset                                     Passed    yeah vote


Motion: C Deluca\M Moe to have the Greenwood Township Recreation committee to go ahead with placing a playset at the town hall property                             Passed Paper vote

Pam Lundstrom gave presentation on Tower-Soudan 4th of July fundraisers coming up.


Motion: J Bassing\L Peterson to have Timberjay for the official newspaper            Passed    yeah vote



Election Results:

Supervisor Position 1 –  Paul Skubic          236

Write in                                                                3

Supervisor Position 2 –  Mike Ralston      232

Write in                                                                3

Supervisor Position 3 –  Larry Tahija         123

Jeff Maus            22

JoAnn Bassing    114

Write in                                                                0

Treasurer            –             Pam Rodgers     226

Write in                                                                4


Motion: H Ankrum\B Beihoffer to adjourn                            Passed    yeah vote          9:00 pm




Sue Drobac                                                         Mike Ralston



Clerk                                                                      Moderator