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March 13, 2012-Annual Mtg.

Greenwood Township Annual Meeting- March 13, 2012

 Clerk Trancheff called the meeting to order at 8:30 pm.

 Nomination  of Moderator:    Carmen Deluca  nominated Howard AnkrumBarb Lofquist nominated Mike lndihar

By show of hands Howard Ankrum was nominated Moderator.

*Unless otherwise noted, all motions were approved unanimously.

MOTION Tom Aro/Bev Peterson to approve the agenda.

MOTION Marilyn Mueller/Mary Worringer to approve the March 2011 Annual Meeting as corrected.

MOTION Mary Worringer/Marilyn Mueller to approve the 2011 Treasurer’s Financial Report.

MOTION Scott Kregness/Peg Nelson to approve waiving the reading of all 2011 receipts and disbursements.

MOTION Carmen Deluca/Rick  Worringer authorizing the board to expend up to $10,000 for donations, memorials, etc.

2013 Levy:

MOTION Barb Lofquist!Merlyn Johnson that the Levy Portion of the meeting be adjourned to May or June. Carmen Deluca requested the Vote be by paper ballot which was done.

Question:  By Voting Yes you are stating the Levy should be delayed for a vote till summer.

By Voting No you are stating the Levy should be voted on tonight.

Votes:   24 Yes- 21 No.

MOTION Randy Kladivo/Mike lndihar to set July 10 at 6:30pm to approve the 2013 Levy.  Approved.

MOTION Mary Worringer/Mike lndihar to set 7 am-8 pm for the 2013 March Election Hours.  Approved.


Supervisor  Aro gave a brief report of the boards accomplishments in 2011.

Auxiliary President Marilyn Mueller gave a 2011 report and reminded everyone they meet the 4th Tuesday at 7 pm

March – October.

Fire Chief Kregness  reported on the department activities in 2011-citing 14 members of which 3 are First

Responders/2 EMT’s on EMT pending.

Planning Director Julia Maki reported on the zoning matters in 2011.

Clerk Trancheff reported on the Joint Powers Rec Board projects funded in 2012.

Election  Results:   Supervisor Position 3- Supervisor Position 5-


Total Voters:

MOTION Mary Worringer/Barb Lofquist to adjourn at 9:25 pm. Respectfully Submitted,

Ellen J. Trancheff-Cierk   Howard Ankrum – Moderator

MOTION Mary Worringer/Barb Lofquist to adjourn at 9:25 pm.