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March 12, 2013 Annual Meeting

Greenwood Township Annual Meeting – March 12, 2013 Clerk Trancheff called the meeting to order at 8:23 pm.
Present: Chr. Reichel, Vice-Chr. Deluca, Supervisors Aro, Baland, Doroff, Treasurer Clark, Clerk Trancheff, Attorney Scott Neff

*Unless otherwise noted, all motions were unanimously approved Nomination of Moderator: Carmen Deluca nominated Howard Ankrum Moderator Ankrum presented the agenda for approval:
MOTION Mary Worringer/Rick Worringer to approve the agenda as presented.

MOTION Rick Worringer/Shelby Karakas to approve the 2012 annual meeting minutes, waiving the reading. Approved. MOTION Carmen Deluca/Gene Baland to waive the reading of the 2012 receipts/disbursements. Approved.
MOTION Carmen Deluca/Mary Worringer to approve the 2012 Treasurer’s Report. Approved.

Presentation of the 2014 Levy request of $479,688.00 by Supervisor Aro:

MOTION Mary Worringer/Marilyn Mueller to approve the 2014 Levy of $479,688.


Jeff Maus took exception to the budget/levy process and wanted receipts to be included and not using purchase of investments as a spent item. Sue Drobac asked how interest is handled and was advised that the interest is posted quarterly back into the fund.

MOTION approved with Jeff Maus voting no.


Auxiliary-Marilyn Mueller reported on 2013 events: May 4-Spaghetti Feed, Aug. 3-BBQ and Oct. 17-Pizza party. The Auxiliary donated $4,000 to the Fire Dept. in 2012.
Fire Dept-No Report
Planning & Zoning-Director Maki gave a synopsis of the Planning Commission work and the variances for 2012

Merlyn Johnson asked why the supervisors did not have any reports and noted there was a motion at an annual meeting that the supervisors provide a synopsis of the year.

Sup. Baland reported that the Greenwood Trail had a shoulder extension from the end of the new road to the trail-making it safer for those walking on new hwy 77 to the trail.

Moderator Ankrum asked that everyone keep a look out for invasive species. Clerk Trancheff reported on the Joint Powers Recreation Board activities for 2012. Further discussion regarding the budget preparation and who does it.
MOTION Bev Peterson/Sue Drobac that Jeff Maus and Bev help the town board work out a budget/levy with revenue for the next annual Meeting. Motion failed for lack of support.

Renee Aro gave thanks to the board for what they do.

MOTION Mary Worringer/Mardy Jackson to adjourn at 9:50 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ellen Trancheff-Clerk Howard Ankrum-Moderator