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March 11, 2014 Annual Meeting

Greenwood Township Annual Meeting – March 11, 2014

Clerk Trancheff called the meeting to order at 8:23 pm.
Nomination of Moderator: Carmen Deluca nominated Howard Ankrum; Lee Peterson nominated Mike lndihar who was not present. Moderator Ankrum presented the agenda.
MOTION Dave Fazio/Ed Borchardt to approve the March 12, 2013 Annual Meeting minutes. Approved. MOTION Rick Worringer/Larry Tahija to waive reading of all receipts and disbursements. Approved.
MOTION Ellen Trancheff/Marilyn Mueller to approve the Treasurer’s 2013 Financial report. Approved.

2015 Levy Request presented by Vice-Chr. Aro. He noted that the township’s financial health is solid, there is no debt and the rainy day reserve is well funded. The 2015 Levy Request-$391,535 opposed to the 2014 Levy of $477,689.00

MOTION Barb Lofquist/Jeff Maus to delay approval of the Levy for 2015 to the summer. Paper Vote: No – 20 / Yes – 36 Planning Director Julia Maki gave her 2013 report (attachment to the minutes)
Fire Dept. Chief Dave Fazio reported on the calls for 2013 and that going forward there will be EMS training for 9-13 people who have signed up, there
are 5 people who have signed up to be firefighters, the hose grant was fulfilled, the department has a drill plan for all of the year.
Auxiliary President Marilyn Mueller gave the Auxiliary report for 2013 and was having to hear that the dept. has recruited EMS and firefighters. Reports:
Clerk Trancheff reported on the Tower-Soudan Joint Powers Board activities for 2013
Chr. Baland reported that the problems with Boat #1 may have been resolved. He expressed his appreciate for all of the progress Chief Fazio has made in the 4 months he has been chief as well as thanking the employees and volunteers for their hard work.
Sharon Smith expressed her thanks to the Supervisors, Ellen, Julia and Pat for all their hard work and dedication to the township.
Vice-Chr. Aro reported that the township assisted with help on invasive species/curlyleaf pond weed. The township is also working with the DNR to not
take out the concrete pier at Moccasin Point.
Carmen Deluca as representative on the Planning Commission thanked the members and Julia for their hard work.
Kirsten Reichel reported about the Lodging Tax Board activity for 2013 and the request of the Cook Hospital to have Greenwood join the Cook Hospital District. She expressed frustration with the negative comments generated in the Onions column.
Don Doroff reported on the road issues-crack sealing Birch Pt extension and the possibility of Old Hwy 77 being resealed this year.

Jeff Maus and Lee Peterson asked about the document circulated at this meeting in regards to audit results of the Assessor, employee of the township.

Chr. Baland reported that the audit had been reviewed by himself and Tom Aro along with the employee and received explanations and clarification. The county will be providing assessment services as of Feb. 9, 2014

Attorney Neff advised that the matter is an employee matter cannot be discussed in the public.

Richard Leicejewski asked Sup. Reichel if the township was going to support joining the Cook Hospital district? Sup. Reichel answered that she does support local business but is not asking the public to vote on this issue. It was a proposal brought forward to the township.

Sharon Smith supported joining the Cook Hospital district citing .74/day which is less than a cup of coffee.

MOTION John Sassing/Barb Lofquist to ask the town board to review and consider the option of turning Planning & Zoning over to the County. Approved 32/15 with 3 abstaining.
MOTION Ellen Trancheff/Jerry Lepper to set the reconvened portion of the meeting specifically to set the 2015 Levy for 6 pm on June 10, 2014. Approved.
Election Results: Supervisor Position 1 – Rick Worringer, Supervisor Position 2 – Gene Baland, Clerk-Ellen Trancheff MOTION Jerry Lepper/Gene Baland to adjourn at 10:25 pm.