March 10, 2015 Annual Meeting

Greenwood Township Annual Meeting – March 10, 2015

II Clerk Trancheff opened the meeting at 8:17 pm.

Introductions: Chr. Tom Aro, Vice-Chr. Kirsten Reichel, Supervisors Gene Baland, Don Doroff, Rick Worringer; Treasurer Clark, Clerk Trancheff, Attorney Tim Strom

Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
* Unless otherwise noted, all motions were unanimously approved.

MOTION Lee Peterson/Barb Lofquist to nominate Mike lndihar as Moderator

MOTION Howard Ankrum/Jerry Lepper to close nominations and cast unanimous ballot for Mike lndihar MOTION Joe Caskinette/Colleen Lepper to follow Roberts Rules of Order
M0TION Rick Sathre/Ellen Trancheff to accept the agenda.

MOTION Dave Fazio/Jeff Lind to approve the 2014 annual meeting minutes.

MOTION Sharon Smith/Jerry Lepper to waive reading of all receipts and disbursements. MOTION Ellen Trancheff/Kirsten Reichel to approve the Treasurer’s 2014 Financial Report.

Fire Chief Dave Fazio gave the 2014 Annual Fire Report. Planning Director Julia gave the 2014 Planning & Zoning Report.
Supervisor Aro reported that he had been working with the DNR regarding the Moccasin Point Landing; The township faced numerous legal issues with OSHA and other agencies-some turned out fine, some pending. Thanked everyone as he is outgoing and enjoyed the 6 years working with everyone.
Supervisor Reichel reported on the Lake Vermilion Lodging Tax Board events-meeting twice/year with 40 businesses
total with 14 in Greenwood of which 4 are year round, $205,913 revenue {3% tax paid by the guest).
Supervisor Worringer reported that the Ambulance Commission meets 4 times a year but he was busy on Mondays attending Firefighter training and will continue to go to the meetings.
Supervisor Doroff reported on the repairs of the Birch Pt corner by the landing that had a previous quote of around
$14,000-KGM was in the area and the township had the work done for $5000.
Supervisor Baland reported that he would like to see the township and planning commission come up with a reasonable
solution for BayView. He added that he hadfound some free fencing for a tennis court that he would check out.

Chr. Aro presented the 2016 Town Board Budget in order to set the 2016 Levy.

MOTION John Sassing/Barb Lofquist to set the 2016 Levy at $100,000. After discussion it was approved.

New Business:

MOTION Lee Peterson/Barb Lofquist to recommend the town board retain the Timberjay as the township newspaper. It was noted by the township attorney that they can recommend but the town board makes the final decision.
– Greenwood Township Annual Meeting Minutes – March 10, 2015 – Page 2

,. MOTION John Sassing/Mike Richard to recommend that the town board continue the same format for their meetings by allowing citizen input and recording. It was noted by the township attorney that they can recommend but the town board makes the final decision on how to run their meetings.

MOTION Barb Lofquist/Mike Richards to send Planning & Zoning back to the county.

Discussion: Rick Sathre, Mary Worringer, Mike lndihar, Colleen Lepper, Tom Aro all spoke to the benefits of keeping zoning local. Mary Richards, Joann Sassing, Marcie Moe, Jeff Maus, Joe Caskinette, John Sassing, Barb Lofquist all felt it should go to the county. It was noted that the group could make a recommendation only. Motion failed by voice yeas and naes.

MOTION Sue Drobac/Barb Lofquist that the township adopt Roberts Rules of Order.

Discussion: Richard Leciejewski, Mary Worringer, Gary Skogman commented that they felt Roberts Rules of Order are too rigid. Sue Drobac and Barb Lofquist agreed to change their motion to read:

Recommend that the township adopt a modified Roberts Rules of Order. Approved.

Election Results:

Supervisor Position 3: John Milbridge 179, Jeff Maus 161
Supervisor Position 5: John Sassing 188, Don Doroff 151
Treasurer: Delores Clark 307

MOTION Sharon Smith/Richard Leciejewski to adjourn at 10:05.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mike lndihar-Moderator