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June 9, 2015

Greenwood Town Board Meeting – June 9, 2015


Chr. Reichel called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.

Present: Chr. Reichel, Vice-Chr. Baland, Supervisors Bassing, Milbridge; Treasurer Clark, Clerk Trancheff


MOTION Baland/Bassing to approve the May 12, 2015 board minutes. Approved 4/0


MOTION Bassing/Baland to approve the May 2015 Treasurer’s Report: Checking-$678,099.24/Long Term Investments-$250,972.13/Savings-$317,985.32=$1,247,056.69. Approved 4/0


MOTION Milbridge/Reichel to pay Claims #16595-16636 totaling $18,117.13. Approved 4/0


MOTION Baland/Bassing authorizing the Treasurer to transfer funds from the Buildings/Grounds account to

the General Fund for the Bocce Ball and Tennis Court project expenses. Approved 4/0


MOTION Milbridge/Reichel to pay fixed bills and payroll July 1, 2015. Approved 4/0


Public Comments:


Mark Drobac asked if there is a procedure for the refund of permit fees if the permit is not approved.


Representatives from the DNR made a presentation of the proposed DNR public landing at the Moccasin Point location. Several residents as well as the fire dept. and town board expressed objection to the removal of the pier that is presently there as well as layout of the site, extra vehicles, etc. There isn’t a project deadline or funding.


Correspondence: SLCATO minutes; Lake Country Power not allowing other equipment on their poles, County Auditor request for Fire Protection Services for 2016 which was at $7500; St. Louis County reclassification of tax forfeit land.


MOTION Bassing/Milbridge to approve the Fire Protection Contract with St. Louis County for Unorganized

63-15 for a fee of $8,000.00. Approved 4/0


Old Business:


1 – Chairperson Reichel commented that the Comprehensive Steering Committee developed a survey of questions for residents with 604 returned out of 1900+ sent out. The questions were developed to get the opinions of area residents in order to develop a comprehensive plan for Greenwood.


2 – Vice-Chr. Baland presented the quote sheet for the tennis courts with a timeline of July 6 for returning quotes so the board can approve or deny at the July 14 meeting.


MOTION Milbridge/Bassing to approve the Tennis Court Quote sheets with Vice-Chr. Baland checking on the

need for 2 gates and if so, allowing that to be in the quote sheet. Approved 4/0


New Business:


1 – Sup. Bassing asked about issues regarding discussions with the owner of BayView and policies of boat members or planning commission members discussing issues outside of the meetings and if there is such authority.


2 – Vice-Chr. asked for support of the Vermilion Sportsman’s Club to work on invasive species and funding from St. Louis County.


MOTION Reichel/Milbridge to send a letter of support of the Lake Vermilion Sportsmans Club for invasive species. Approved 4/0





Fire Dept: Asst. Chief Pat Trancheff reported that in May there was 1 drill, 1 meeting, 4 extra drills/training, 9 fire, 9 EMS calls.


Chr. Reichel reported that Chief Fazio had an agreement with the Lake Vermilion Fire Brigade and the two attorneys have approved. She advised that the Fire Brigade works with St. Louis County Sheriff, Rescue Squad, DNR, Forest Service as well as mutual aid agreement with Cook. Greenwood Township has $1.5 mil. Insurance, the Brigade has acquired $2 mil.


MOTION Baland/Milbridge to approve the Agreement with the Fire Brigade. Approved 3/1 with Bassing voting



Safety/Training: Ed Borchardt reported on the EVOC and water supply drill conducted at the Moccasin Point Landing pointing out that to keep the pier at the landing assists with water supply.


Maintenance: Pat Trancheff busy with summer operations. Truck #3 is out of service-hoping to be back soon.




Sup. Bassing reported there were some downed signs on Old Hwy 77 and that the first portion of Birch Pt was brushed, but the second half was not. He was advised that the town board approved the area from Birch Rock to the end so he would contact Calgaro to finish up.


Vice-chr. Baland reported that he was acting as an individual citizen while speaking to BayView in order to find a solution that works for everyone.


MOTION Milbridge/Reichel to adjourn at 8:45 pm.



Respectfully Submitted,




Ellen Trancheff-Clerk Kirsten Reichel-Chairperson