June 7, 2010

reenwood Town Board of Adjustment Hearing/Meeting / June 7, 2010

Called to order at 6:30 pm by Clerk Trancheff.

Present: John Aro, Gene Baland, Carol Maus, Dennis Orehek, Mickey Scipioni, Director Julia Maki, Clerk Trancheff

Clerk calls for nomination of Chair:

Dennis Orehek nominated John Aro as Chairman.

MOTION Dennis Orehek/Carol Maus to close nominations and cast unanimous ballot for John Aro as Chr. 4/0 with Aro abstaining.

Chr. Aro called for nomination of Vice-Chair:

MOTION John Aro/Mickey Scipioni nominating Gene Baland as Vice-Chr. Approved 4/0 with Baland abstaining.

Public Hearing Opened at 6:35 pm.

Applicant: Beverly Meyer
Address: 95180 Meyers Island
Legal: Gov. Lot 11, Sec. 32, Twp. 63, Rg. 16
Lot Size: 1000′ Shoreline/1.07 Acres
Request: Construction of 16¹x20¹ cabin with a 4¹x8¹ deck on an island.

Director Maki made the presentation which is included as part of this public record (Exhibit A). The applicant could add on to the existing structure for a total of maximum of 50% to rear or 25% to the side-266 sq ft to the rear or 100 sq ft if to the side-one or the other for an over the counter permit. The applicant could qualify for a 260 sq ft bunkhouse.

Applicant: Mr. Meyer explained that they would like the extra little cabin for his mother so she has privacy while at the lake and for the ability to use in the spring and fall as it would be insulated and the old main cabin is not suitable for spring or fall.


  • Would there be a kitchen in the cabin? A – they had hoped to have a small kitchenette.
  • What is the condition of existing cabin? A – They just put $10,000 in a new roof and would not want to add onto it.
  • Where does the grey water go? A – Presently in a bucket under the sink.
  • Director Maki – St. Louis County Environmental Services did not have a problem as there is not a pressurized water system.
  • Director Maki – Recommends that the applicant be allowed the 16×22 cabin if they waive the right to get an over the counter permit to add on to the existing cabin.

MOTION Orehek/to deny due to non compliant less than 75¹ and one structure be remodeled. Motion failed for lack of support.

Chr. Aro asked why no grey water system is required? Director Maki responded because there isn’t a pressurized system.

Written Comments: Marcie Moe-3331 Nisen Drive recommending denial

Public Comments:
Lee Peterson – 4306 Isle of Pines – Questioned the sketch, dimensions and shape of the lot.
Marcie Moe – 3331 Nisen Drive – Commented that a parent moving into a cabin is not pertinent and the 2nd structure should not be allowed.
Walt Moe – 3331 Nisen Drive – Commented that it appears that all avenues of providing additional space have not been investigated. I think he should weigh the cost of the new building opposed to insulating the older place.
Marcie Moe – 3331 Nisen Drive – Commented that there should be a compliance check due to the increase of bedrooms.
Director Maki – forwarded the applicant’s septic review to John Lindquist – reviewed site, drawings and you have his recommendations.
Marcie Moe – 3331 Nisen Drive – Asked Chr. Aro to read the storm water information she submitted to be read.
Chr. Aro – Board members all have the information and he will note that they all received it and it will go in the public record.

Greenwood Board of Adjustment Public Hearings and Meeting June 7, 2010

MOTION Orehek/Baland to deny this variance due to the fact of two primary structures on the island – would rather see one structure than two as both would be out of compliance and current structure would be remodeled to accommodate the mother and be used for three seasons. Approved 5/0

Applicant: Doug Carter
Address: 1122 Lagoon Rd
Legal: Lot 15 Sacred Heart of Jesus Beach
Lot Size: 1000′ Shoreline/1.07 Acres
Zone: Res 9
Request: 32’x40′ garage 75′ from shoreline and add a 6′ deep deck 40′ from the shoreline.

Director Julia Maki presented the request and is a part of this public record (Exhibit A) Lot is small. The applicant wishes to be able to drive his truck and trailer into the extension (for work to keep dry and protected) Lot coverage is 40% coverage with new garage and sidewalk at 18%. There is a lot of lot coverage, think if the garage is downsized a bit the coverage would be decreased

Dennis Orehek – Mitigation Points – He is going to take down both garages? Get a mitigation point for removing the old shed as it’s non-conforming due to close to sideline. He should get two points as both garages are non-conforming. New 1092 sq ft with new garage at 960 sq ft which is less than with the two garages.

Carol Maus – Old garage – is very short-can you even fit your vehicle in it? A – Doug Carter – No

Written Comments:
Marcie Moe – 3331 Nisen Dr – recommending no
Lee Peterson – 4306 Isle of Pines Dr – recommending no

Public Comments:
Lee Peterson – do you get a mitigation point for taking down the garage? A – Yes.
Marcie Moe – 3331 Nisen Drive – Commented the issue is lot coverage – take 25% and make it work for 25% lot coverage. Too much erosion and water running. How close is neighbor to lot line? Doug Carter-We are both close to the lot line with maybe 30′. Marcie Moe-You have a large driveway that goes down to the cabin. Doug Carter-How would you know that-I saw somebody taking pictures of my house and wondered who was taking them. I share a driveway with my neighbor.
Chr. Aro – Asked that since it is a shared driveway should some surface area be excluded? Director Maki – Used it off the drawing, some of the coverage ideally would fall with the party he shares the driveway.
Dennis Orehek – Will there be a shower in the garage? Doug Carter – Wants to clean up when comes home from work and will heat the garage. With being able to put more of his equipment away, it will make it easier for his neighbor Delores Branville to access the shared driveway.
Dennis Orehek – Asked if the County had no problem with shower? Director Maki – No they didn’t since it was being hooked up to the septic.
Carmen DeLuca – Asked Mr. Carter if somebody other than Director Maki was taking pictures of his property? Mr. Carter answered that somebody was indeed taking pictures when he stepped out of his building. Carmen DeLuca pointed out that in the future, Director Maki should be the only person taking pictures of applicants.
Julia – 76′ from corner of garage to lake. Varies from 35′ to 47′ without deck.
Walt Moe – 3331 Nisen Dr – appears he has not taken any prevention of runoff reaching the lake, lawn to the lake, water will pour right in to lake. Mitigation to tear down should not be allowed if rebuilding and wasn’t intent of the drafters of the Vermilion Plan to allow that.
Dennis Orehek – Do you have rain gutters for mitigation – plans to divert? Doug Carter – Don’t want it to go into the lake and don’t think it would be difficult to direct it to the rear and putting in rain gardens. Dennis Orehek-Do you have a problem with us cutting the size of the garage down? Doug Carter – If we cut it down to 960 sq ft, 32×30 as Julia recommends can make it but would like to keep the extra L of 8’x22.
Walt Moe – 3331 Nisen Drive – Commented that the septic tank looks like it is 2′ from garage. The septic tank needs to be 10′ from any structure.
Director Maki – SLC Environmental Services didn’t comment on it.
Dennis Orehek – Asked the applicant to consider rain gutters and working with Director Maki as to where to run them to.

Public Hearing Closed at 7:50 pm.

Regular Meeting ­ 7:51 pm ­ All members still present

MOTION Aro/Scipioni to grant the variance to Doug Carter with Director Maki’s recommendation of a 32’x30′ garage with the condition that there is an addition of rain water runoff system and the French Drain be checked by Director Maki after completion to minimize runoff into the lake. Approved 5/0

MOTION Orehek/Maus to approve the minutes of the April meeting. Approved 5/0

MOTION Aro/Orehek to approve the Findings of Fact for Edward Ridnour and Todd Betterley. Approved 5/0

MOTION Orehek/Aro to adjourn 8:00 pm.

Respectfully Submitted
Ellen Trancheff – Clerk
John Aro – Chairman