June 2021


June 8, 2021                                        6:30 PM

Chair Ralston opens meeting

Pledge of Allegiance

This meeting will be recorded for archival and transcription purposes.

Roll Call: Chair Ralston, Vice Chair Deluca, Supervisor Skubic, Supervisor Drobac, Supervisor Lofquist,                     Treasurer Fazio, Clerk Spicer

All Motions are by Roll Call Vote

Additions or changes to Agenda – Sue motioned to add Payroll and Tower Cemetery Donation to Old Business and Public Comment before Old Business.

Motion: to accept Agenda with changes – Mike/Paul  5/0   Passed

Motion: to approve April 13, 2021 Board of Supervisors Meetings Minutes – Carmen/Paul  5/0 Passed

Motion: to approve May 11, 2021 Board of Supervisors Meetings Minutes with change – remove Supervisor Skubic from attendance – Carmen/Mike   4/0 Passed  w/Skubic abstain

Treasurer’s report: Beginning Fund Balance $533,035.40, Receipts $580.42 consisting of 911 signs, Hall Rental, Pavilion Rental, Liquor Licenses for Bayview and Vermilion Club, and Interest.  Disbursements ($16,836.53), Ending Fund Balance $16,779.29.  Checking Account $30,442.21, Long Term Investments $252,332.76, Savings Account $234,004.32, Total $16,779.29, Schedule 1 $16,779.29, Restricted Funds $53,577.02.

Motion: to approve Treasurer’s report – Barb/Paul   5/0  Passed

Motion: to approve Claims – Carmen/Paul

Discussion – Sue complained there was no Disbursement Report, Clerk Spicer replied the Claims and the Payroll make up the disbursements making that report redundant. Sue stated the payroll information was missing and insisted they have a Disbursement report. Belinda stated the payroll report from ADP shows the payroll paid.  Sue then requested a motioned to approve only Claims 21189 thru 21217 and asked why we’re still paying maintenance on Beihoffer and Tahija email accounts.  Clerk Spicer replied of being informed by Tech Bytes the accounts would have to be deleted in order to be removed from maintenance account. Sue requested a motion to delete those email accounts.

Motion: to approve only Claims 21189 thru 21217 – Sue/Barb  5/0 passed

Motion:  to delete Beihoffer and Tahija email accounts – Sue/Barb  5/0 passed

Motion: to approve Payroll – Belinda will see if she can get another report from ADP. Belinda reminded board the payroll checks MUST be sent by 15th of the month.   Mike requested an emergency meeting to approve the disbursement of Payroll,

Motion:  Emergency Meeting to approve disbursement of Payroll set for Monday, June 14 at 9:00am – Carmen/Paul  5/0 passed


Public Comment

Pam Lundstrom spoke of the many Greenwood residents buried at the Lakeside Cemetery and how it is supported by Tower/Soudan and several other points of reason why she believes we should be donating to that cemetery. Barb states there are 196 Greenwood residents and 396 Veterans buried there and stated the board members didn’t support it because they didn’t like the two members that brought it up. Mike stated he has very much support for the veterans and that Lakeside is not a Greenwood cemetery. adding there are a number of surrounding cemeteries that we could potentially support and until he can be shown that Lakeside cemetery is a Greenwood cemetery, he felt it not fair to support that one and not all the other cemeteries. Barb stated it was a Greenwood cemetery and Mike requested information showing it was and would then be happy to donate to them.


8.3 Broadband update – Barb stated Joel from CTC was to come to meeting, however, Barb failed to confirm his availability on the 8th. Mike stated he is not the Broadband Chair but has been working toward getting Broadband for 3 years so in leu of lack of information from the Broadband Committee he will continue to work on bringing broadband to the township. He proceeded he’d contacted Tammy Mortaloni to write the grant applications, however, she informed him she was unavailable. Mike contacted Joe from CTC and then involved Whitney Ridland of IRRRB, who was more than gracious to help and had the grants sent to Senator Smith and Senator Klobuchar, completed with various letters of support. Both grants were submitted and while talking with Joel, Mike suggested he come and meet with the town.  Joe was available that Tuesday and rather than stacking it on the Board meeting Mike would like to call a special meeting for Tuesday, June 15, 2021 at 6:30pm to discuss Broadband and has asked Whitney Ridland of IRRRB to come. Joe will discuss the CTC situation and Whitney will discuss the financial aspect at a glance and other possible funding. Mike also spoke with a financial advisor who is not available for that meeting but Milke will bring up his comments.

Mike addressed Barb stating he’s worked Broadband for 3 years and he’ll turn it all over to her, but after the Broadband Committee failed to jump on the grant information in leu of the deadline, he took care of it and will not apologize for his diligence to get the information brought here and doesn’t appreciate the newspaper articles stating he doesn’t support Broadband.

Motion: for Special Meeting Tuesday, June 15, 2021 for Broadband, open to the public – Mike/Carmen Discussion -Carmen asked John or Joann Bassing what is happening with NEO or LTE (Blandin), John Bassing responded they haven’t had a meeting for about a month, but anticipating having another one. Carmen believes it’s been closer to 3 months since they’ve heard from them. Mike offered to add Blandin update to the July Agenda. Bassing stated he was in contact with Senator Smiths office and basically the grant was a no-go.  Mike said that could be discussed at the next meeting. Mike stated he sent copies of the grants to Barb this morning so she could discuss it at their meeting at 5:30.                                        5/0 passed

2.5 ADP Payroll Update – Belinda states it is up and running, first payroll this month.

4.6 EMR pension increase request – Dave Fazio states unlike the Fire Department pension that is not funded by the Township, the EMR pension is fully funded by the Township and since it was not budgeted for and they’d like to put it on hold until after the annual meeting.  Sue asked if the vote for putting it on hold was askew because of the number of FF vs EMR balance. Dave stated they have 23 members only 2 are EMR only and 10 that are both FF and EMRs. Mike agreed it was not levied and should be presented at the annual meeting.

Motion: add EMR Pension increase from $1,500 to $2,000 to Budget for Annual meeting July 22 at 6:30 – Carmen/Paul  5/0 passed


Motion: to donate $100 to Tower Cemetery – Sue/Barb  Discussion – Carmen would like to see Pam come thru with information of it being a Greenwood cemetery.  2/3 Failed

Motion: to review the ownership and Greenwood responsibility of Lakeside cemetery – Mike/Carmen  5/0  passed

Payroll – Sue discussed saving money by reducing Supervisor pay and Fire Department officer pay by 40% as was the Treasurer and Clerk.  Carmen feels this is another way to go after the Fire Department.  Paul states the Fire Department does an excellent job and feels the officers work hard and are worth their pay as it is. Mike states he is willing to take a cut but not the FD officers.

Motion: to reduce Supervisor and Fire Department officer pay by 40% – Sue/Barb  2/3  Fail

Motion: to reduce Supervisor pay by 40%   Discussion -Carmen states he make a lot of 911 signs and the Supervisors work hard for the minimal pay of about $300.  Paul/no support


6.1 Discuss US Treasury ARPA Funds – RAMS asked to have a resolution on file and sent template that was edited to our Township. Sue requests the Resolution be read.  Clerk reads the Resolution.

Motion: to accept ARPA Resolution 21-05  Carmen/Mike  5/0  passed

6.2 Discuss In-person/Virtual Board Meetings

Motion: to continue both In-person and Conference call meetings thru July – Carmen/Sue  5/0  passed

6.3 Discuss tennis court time limit – Board refers issue to Rec Board for recommendation.

Supervisor Reports:

Ralston: Reminded both Barb and Sue not to distribute to email requests to Supervisors in violation of open law meetings, noting each had done that several times. Notified Barb the LIRP grant to pave the roads were not awarded. Informed by Molly Ryan that Maus complaint #20200200 discrimination of not being made Fire Chief has been dismissed and no further action. Maus has the right to request review within 15 days. Still waiting to for determination on Maus complaint #20200043 and they are still gathering information for Maus complaint #20210154, Making it 3-4 complaints from Maus dismissed. Clarify to Barb deadline for agenda.                 Discussion on cemetery donation.

DeLuca: Maintenance/911 – noticed a tree down, will arrange for removal/cleanup.

Skubic: No report

Drobac: Wants report from Tammy on Grants she has been working on. Mentioned new Noxious Weed booklet available. Asked Carmen to provide her with a reasonable explanation for not answering her email. Carmen stated Sue violated the open meeting law by sending it to all Supervisors. Sue then proceeded to question Carmen whether he had gotten bids to repair, rather than replace the damaged garage door. Carmen repeated his explanation given at the May meeting that the doors are 30 to 40 years old, were no longer made and no replacement parts available. Sue continued the conversation to include insurance from MATIT and the quotes didn’t have detailed specifications continuing arguing a bill already unanimously approved and paid for.

Lofquist: Stated Birch Point road is in good shape and doesn’t need paving, but people need to follow the posted speed limits. Spoke of Bocci Ball organizer advertising to hide alcoholic beverages in camouflage containers and that alcohol shouldn’t be allowed. Clerk Spicer stated it is already in the policy and on the Township webpage that it is not allowed.

Fire Chief Run report- 8 Fire, 30 EMS, 3 Fire training, 1 EMS training, 2 other training and 4 maintenance. Established Fire Dept. meetings are not public meetings.

Motion: Board representative to Fire Dept. be Building maintenance supervisor DeLuca – Mike/Paul  3/2 passed

Safety Report: Special pump training in May as well as normal training and fire boat training

Clerk: Discuss Policy – Debby of Sue trying to copy Fire Dept. meeting minutes and ensuing 15 minute argument that FD meeting is not public and approval to copy and removal of records need Board approval and that she is well aware of it. She threw the papers at me and I should not have to be treated like that. Sue has continuously yelled at me, threw papers at me, never speaks to me in a normal tone, but hisses and spits words at me. Sue interrupted and tried to make a motion to adjourn 3 times with no support.

Sue then left the meeting.

I stated that multiple agenda addition requests continue from both Sue and Barb. And mentioned the 12 hours is not adequate to complete the duties that have been placed on me.  Mike restated the salary set in February and that my hours spent do not count. Clerk commented on several areas on township web that are out dated but quit working on webpages due to lack of time.



Cook Timber Days Donation – motion to donate died for lack of support.

St. Louis County bid for road dust control – Just an FYI

Motion: to adjourn – Carmen/Barb 4/0 passed                                 Time: 8:45