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June 2019


June 11, 2019                                                     6:30 pm

Chair Deluca opens meeting

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll call: Chair Deluca, M Ralston, L Tahija, B Beihoffer, Treasurer Rodgers, Clerk Drobac                  Vice Chair Skubic absent

Please turn off all cell phones and pagers. This meeting will be recorded for transcription and archival purposes

Motion: Ralston\Tahija to approve May minutes                                Passed 4/0

Motion: Beihoffer\Ralston to approve May 21 special meeting minutes                   Passed 4/0

Treasurer’s Report:  Checking account – $127,046.01         Long Term investments – $251,877.96                     Savings account – $230,732.53                                    Total – $690,656.50

Motion: Deluca\Tahija to approve treasurer’s report                       Passed 4/0

Claims presented

Motion: Beihoffer\Deluca to approve claims as presented             Passed 4/0


Motion: Ralston\Deluca to table quotes for Paving until July meeting       Passed 4/0

Motion: Ralston\Deluca to approve Ralston calling Couri – question on accepting a paving quote that was received after the 3:00 pm deadline                                         Passed 4/0

Broadband \ Blandin Grant discussion

Motion: Deluca\Beihoffer to not participate in the Blandin Grant monies                Failed 2/2

Motion: Ralston\Tahija to go ahead with the Blandin Grant monies                           Failed 2/2

Talk of submitting a separate grant proposal to Blandin for $9345.00—-no motion

JoAnn Bassing (Chair of TEDA / Blandin Broadband steering committee) talked about a feasibility study donation

Motion: Ralston\Deluca to approve NESC to go ahead with another access point                 Passed 4/0

Quotes to hard wire to office – next month

Repairs to Birch Point RD potholes – Ralston reported SLC will be working on Birch Point Rd in the next two weeks

Yoga at the pavilion – Lisa Perkett will be giving Yoga lessons Tuesday \ Thursday am, through the summer. A $100.00 deposit will be required.


Deluca reports Mike Couri did not receive all info for Beaudette \ Brandenburg road vacating

Motion: Deluca\Ralston to approve Training for clerk \ not deputy clerk on June 27            Passed 4/0

Motion: Deluca\Ralston to approve Weekly cleaning of Port a John                                           Passed 4/0

Motion: Deluca\Beihoffer to approve having the hall door open during clerk’s hours for access to the restrooms                  Passed 4/0

Reports: Supervisors: Beihoffer asking who in the township has keys for the town hall. Deluca – Trouble again with garbage outside cannisters. He would like cameras at cannister location.  A few 911 signs were made and #’s were ordered.                                                                                                                                                    Motion: Beihoffer\Ralston to get information from Kolstad Olson and Culligan for water problems             Passed 4/0                Safety – 2 trainings, May 30th had pump operation training, and a business meeting                                                                Fire Chief – 6 fire, 10 EMS, 2 drill, 3 meetings. Looking at ordering videos about incident command and reimbursable items                                                                                                                                                                                                Motion: Ralston\Deluca to approve ordering videos – incident command and reimbursable items for $1835.00                              Passed 4/0                                                                                                                                                                                          Physicals offered in Breitung. FF I \ II in June in Grand Rapids. Bayview occupancy checked.           Ed Borchardt retiring. Board members gave thank you’ s to him. The Safety Officer job has been posted.     Clerk – use An Xtra Set of Hands to bring copier, etc to dump. Question on MATIT insurance being reinstated. New person to help. Mary Richard resigned as Deputy Clerk. New Deputy Clerk is John Bassing.

Public Comment: Noreen Butala – commented on organizing Bocce leagues, on Monday’s 4:00 to 7:00. Clean up trees by play area. Would like to plant a red maple tree.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Motion: Ralston\Deluca to approve clean up by play area and to plant a red maple tree  Passed 4/0                           Looking at getting a bouncy toy for playground. Supervisors need more information.    Ralston asked about spraying for hornets.                                      John Bassing – Broadband-all small towns can do it. Advocating for Broadband. Meeting June 25th 1:00 – 3:30 pm. Post info on majority of supervisors at this meeting.                                           Jet Galonski – Bouncy toy is a toy with a large spring on bottom. Had a suggestion box and would like to have a baseball backstop addition to playground. Gene Baland asked to postpone this item.                     Lee Peterson – he attended the Tower council meeting and the ambulance fund increase needs more looking into. Tower does not have a segregated fund for the ambulance monies.

Correspondence: letter from Portable John – information on new owners, MN Demographic center – April 1 – 2018 population estimate is 900, household estimate is 416

Motion: Tahija\Ralston to approve removing Deputy Clerk Mary Richard from banking authority at Frandsen Bank, Tower MN and adding Deputy Clerk John Bassing              Passed 3/1 Beihoffer voted no

Junk mail available to view, then will be recycled

Motion: Beihoffer\Ralston to adjourn                                     Passed 4/0          8:05 pm


Sue Drobac                                                        Carmen Deluca


Clerk                                                                      Chair