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June 14, 2016

Greenwood Township Supervisors Board Meeting Minutes

June 14, 2016           6:30 PM

Chair Worringer calls meeting to order.

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll call: Chair Worringer, Vice Chair Baland, J Bassing, J Milbridge, C Deluca, Treasurer Clark, and Clerk Drobac

Please turn off your cell phones and pagers. This meeting will be recorded.  When public comments are made, please state your name and address.

Motion Deluca\Bassing to approve May 10, 2016 Town Board Supervisors meeting minutes    Passed 5/0

Treasurers report- checking:  $577,375.58 long term investments:  $251,198.66 savings: $310,355.92 Total:   $1,138,930.16                                         Receipts are available for viewing

Motion Bassing\Milbridge to approve treasurers report                                Passed 5/0

Checks signed

Motion Bassing\Deluca to pay claims and fixed bills for July 1, 2016 including claims from May 3, 2016 Passed 5/0

Correspondence: Letter from Sanitary Survey- no deficiencies.  Letter from State Demographic Center-April 2015 population estimate is 911, household estimate is 419.  Tower Cemetery Assoc. asking for a donation.   Letter from Rick Stoehr asking the township to consider allowing a clothing collection box for Disabled American Veterans of Minnesota, in the vicinity of Greenwood town hall

Motion Worringer\Bassing to allow DAV clothing collection box at Town Hall     Passed   5/0           Note: Rick Stoehr and Pat Trancheff to determine a place for it.

Public Comments:

Jeff Maus regarding statement of receipts- consider listing of dedicated funds separately.  Questions about permission for Pavilion committee to remove dirt for use, without board approval.  In future, chain of command will be used.


Dean Panian-Pavilion update

Motion Baland\Milbridge to move picnic tables \ fill to level landscaping problems   Passed 5/0

Motion Baland\Milbridge to approve satellite placement by Greenwood Rec. committee and approval for making 2 additional handicap parking spaces                          Passed 5/0

Note: contracts for satellites revisited next year

Motion Bassing\Deluca to have a log book for the township truck     Failed 2/3   Bassing / Deluca voting yes

Note: Planning and Zoning April meeting was canceled with a joint decision by the chair and director

Fire dept. information needed—-2014 run reports, run summaries, and service credits. Also 2015 service credits                              Rick Worringer to call Dave Fazio

Motion Bassing\Deluca to hire an architect to create spec for the Fire Alarm System, capping cost at $2000.00                     Passed 5/0   

Note: Bassing to contact Scott Dane and IRRRB

Motion Worringer\Milbridge to pay Handt Fride bill in full                             recinded

Motion Worringer\Baland to pay non-contested portion of Handt Fride Bill    Passed 5/0

Note: Clerk to contact T Strom with another request for information

Motion Deluca\Bassing send letter to Howard Ankrum; he cannot be on the BOA board being an employee. Thanking him for service.  Replacing Ankrum with Mary Richard.    Passed  4/1  Baland against

Ordinance   Article 8, Section 2.2.01—Article 9, Section 2.2.01c

Clarify board policy regarding Attorney contact


Resolution to accept a donation from Greenwood Community Recreation Board for   $2000.00  Passed 5/0

Motion Bassing\Worringer to donate $100.00 to Tower 4th of July celebration      Passed 5/0

Motion Deluca\Bassing to have all employees at meetings and have written reports at meetings.  Passed 5/0

Motion Bassing\Milbridge for Supervisor Bassing, Clerk Drobac, and Treasurer Clark to attend  Summer short course in Carlton                 Passed 5/0

Motion Bassing\Milbridge to send Planning and Zoning to St Louis County            Passed 4/1 Baland no

Note: Paid on Call \Ems workers are considered employees

Motion Bassing\Worringer to pay quarterly—firefighters, ems, pz board members, boa members—taking out taxes, fica, and medicare                             Passed 5/0

Concerned Citizens: Barb Lofquist-benefit for W-2…employees will benefit by the employer paying  ½ of social security.  Jeff Maus-wants to clarify open meeting law

REPORTS: Supervisors.   Letter from Ellen Trancheff resigning her position as Greenwood Fire Dept.  Administrative Assistant /911 Coordinator.

Motion Worringer\Baland to accept Ellen Trancheff resignation                                 Passed 5/0

Bassing—birch point rd repair done by SLC, Tom Nemanich to be here in 2 weeks for the tennis court work and to repair hiking trail

Noted: Sign on Old 77 needs to be repaired or replaced

Mark Drobac questioned as to when the fence will be put up around the tennis court. —-Fence is in the contract for the tennis court.

Jeff Maus—questions on the vacancy in the fire dept \ 911 coordinator.  Needs to be determined.

Motion Deluca\Milbridge to raise pay for POC \ EMR when working at Fortune Bay to $25.00 per hour.  Discussion—                       Passed 3/0      Milbridge, and Worringer abstaining

p\z, safety, fire dept., 911 coordinator, maintenance, and clerk reports attached—–safety — no report

Junk mail available for viewing – then will be thrown out

Motion Bassing\Deluca to adjourn      Passed 5/0     9:05PM


Sue Drobac                                                                         John Bassing


Clerk                                                                                      Chair