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June 14, 2011

Greenwood Town Board Meeting / June 14, 2011

Chr. Worringer called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.

Present: Chr. Worringer, Vice-Chr. Aro, Supervisors Baland, DeLuca and Reichel, Treasurer Clark, Clerk Trancheff

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

MOTION: Baland/DeLuca to approve the minutes of the May meeting and corrected April minutes. Approved 5/0

MOTION: DeLuca/Reichel to approve the Treasurer’s Report: Checking-$181,621.50 / Long Term Investments-$246,529.21 / Savings-$145,193.89 for a total of $573,344.60. Approved 5/0

MOTION: Aro/DeLuca to pay claims #13939-13986 for $22,965.92 including payroll. Approved 5/0

MOTION: Reichel/Baland to approve issuing payroll and fixed bills July 1, 2011. Approved 5/0

Attorney Scott Neff:

  1. A building location violation with a garage 24′ from the road centerline when it should have been 48′ on the Niekrasz property.
    MOTION DeLuca/Aro approving the Resolution authorizing Attorney Scott Neff to proceed with enforcement action for the Niekrasz Property under Article VIII, Sec. 2 of the Greenwood Zoning Ordinance. Approved 5/0
  2. Resolution to Settlement with the Timothy Latterner litigation.
    MOTION Aro/DeLuca to approve the Resolution to Settlement with Timothy Latterner subject to all conditions listed in the settlement. Approved 5/0
  3. Robert Arch requesting township approval to develop a road to his property on the interior Twin Lake of Pine Island. Attorney Neff advised that the Board of Adjustment approved the variance with knowledge of the access issues and nobody is standing in his way.

Director Maki:
The Planning Commission approved the Ordinance changes and recommended the Town Board approve.
MOTION DeLuca/Reichel to approve the Changes to the Greenwood Township Zoning Ordinance. Approved 5/0

Fire Dept. Report:

  • Assistant Chief Pete Makowski reported on the May 29 drowning emphasizing his thanks to the owners of Forest Lane Resort for all of their help. A letter of thanks will be sent by the township and a letter of thanks was already sent by the fire department.
  • June 21, Lake Country Power will be attending the Fire Dept. drill for training on the new high power lines.
  • He advised that quick actions by the Wilderness staff by shutting of the gas averted what could have been a serious fire. All went well, good turn out and Vermilion Lake assisted.

Persons on Agenda:

  • Sally Christopherson echoed thanks to Dave Lamwers for his heroic efforts on the May 29 drowning incident.
  • Wally Snyder asked the board members to put their personal email addresses on the website. Supervisors Aro, DeLuca and Worringer choose to keep the email address as greenwoodtownship@frontiernet.net.

Correspondence Reviewed:

  • SLCATO Minutes
  • SLC Closing of Midway 911 Center
  • Thank you from Cook Recreation Dept.
  • Info on Turtles from DNR

MOTION DeLuca/Aro to donate $100 each to the Tower-Soudan Historical Society Depot Days and Tower-Soudan 4th of July. Approved 5/0

MOTION DeLuca/Reichel to approve the Fire Contract with St. Louis County for Fire Protection Services for Unorganized Township 63-15 for 2012 for a fee of $6500 with a request that the county submit maps and fire addresses for that area. Approved 5/0


Safety – Peggy Nelson reported that all responders followed safety issues during the recent drowning accident and reminded everyone to drive slowly on the part of #77 that is under construction. Reminder that if someone is coming up to a vehicle with emergency flashers, to let them by as they are likely first responders or firefighters.

Maintenance – Pat Trancheff advised there will be many changes on the reservation with addressing/street signage. The F350 Ford Truck had a tire recall so it now has brand new tires.

Clerk/Assessor – Ellen Trancheff requested authorization to attend the Minnesota Dept. of Revenue required Ethics course.

MOTION: Worringer/Baland authorizing the Assessor to attend the Ethics course for a fee of $50. Approved 5/0

Supervisor Baland – Reported that he and Sup. Reichel met with the county in regards to roads. Rumble stripes are scheduled to be filled on June 20. The state has been requested to review the speed limit for Co. Rd. 77.

Supervisor Aro – Is attending the Vermilion Trail meeting next week-not sure where the money will come from with many questions yet to be answered. He reported that there is a presentation with the Sensible Land Use Coalition in St. Louis Park-asking if Julia Maki wanted to go?

MOTION: Aro/DeLuca authorizing Director Maki to attend the Sensible Land Use Coalition in St. Louis Park if she is able to, otherwise to acquire the materials. Approved 5/0

Fred Smith asked what the status is of the retirement request of Scott Kregness.

Supervisor Reichel commented that she and Sup. Baland met with Mr. Kregness and there will be a closed meeting on June 27 with Attorney Neff to address his concerns.

MOTION: DeLuca/Baland to adjourn at 8:05 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ellen Trancheff, Clerk
Mary Worringer, ChairpersonĀ