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June 11, 2013

Greenwood Town Board Meeting – June 11, 2013

Chr. Baland called the meeting to order at 6:35 pm.

Present:  Chr. Baland, Vice-Chr. Aro, Supervisors DeLuca, Doroff, Reichel, Treasurer Clark, Clerk Trancheff

    MOTION Reichel/Doroff to approve the May 13, 14-2013 minutes.  Approved 5/0

    MOTION Aro/Reichel to approve the Treasurer’s report for May, 2013:  Checking-$344,528.13/Long Term Investments-$249,987.98/
    Savings-$250,849.85=$845,365.06.  Approved 5/0

    MOTION Reichel/Doroff to pay Claims #15320-15366 totaling $27,772.67.  Approved 5/0

    MOTION DeLuca/Reichel to issue payroll and fixed bills July 1.  Approved 5/0

Fire Dept:  Asst. Chief Makowski reported that the call volume is down in comparison to last year.

Correspondence Reviewed:  St. Louis County land sale notice, Tower 4th of July Committee donation request

Old Business:    Scott Kregness letter of resignation as fire chief effective June 30, 2013

    MOTION Reichel/Doroff to accept Scott Kregness’s resignation as Fire Chief effective June 30, 2013. 
    Discussion:  Sup. DeLuca would like to pursue hiring a full time fire chief.
                         Chr. Baland would like to pursue hiring from within the fire dept. as part-time as it is now.
Sup. Reichel would like the new chief to be open to working with Cook Fire Dept. and the fire brigade as everyone is needing   people and the Sheriff calls on the fire brigade
                         Asst. Chief Makowski and Safety Officer Peg Nelson commented on the issue of Firefighter I/II training as a safety issue
    Motion approved 5/0

        Trail Sealcoating update – Supervisors Baland, Doroff and Pat Trancheff rode the trail with Doug Schmitz (Mesabi Trail)
        Suggestions were to mow about 6’ off to the sides, sealcoating could be done however, the unit is too large for the trail

    MOTION DeLuca/Aro to advertise for quotes to seal the trail.  Approved 5/0

New Business:    Unorganized area fire protection contract with St. Louis County-last year at $7000

    MOTION DeLuca/Doroff to approve a Fire Protection Contract with St. Louis County for Unorganized 63-15 for $7500.   Approved 5/0


Safety-Peg Nelson-Quiet at this time-asked about the new 77 road speed signs
Director – Julia Maki – Gave her permit report and that the Board of Adjustment will hold a variance June 26.  She requested a set of USGS elevation maps.
Maintenance – Pat Trancheff reported on summer operations
Sup. Doroff – reported that the test holes being drilled on Moccasin Point and Old Hwy. 77 are for resurfacing in 2014
Sup. Reichel-expressed her thanks to Scott Kregness for his service as chief.  A letter will be sent.

    MOTION Aro/DeLuca to adjourn at 7:25 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ellen Trancheff-Clerk                        Gene Baland-Chairman