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July 9, 2013


Greenwood Town Board Meeting – July 9, 2013


Chr. Baland called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.


Present:  Chr. Baland, Vice-Chr. Aro, Supervisors DeLuca, Doroff, Reichel, Treasurer Clark, Clerk Trancheff


               MOTION Aro/Doroff to approve the 06/11/2013 minutes.  Approved 5/0


               MOTION Aro/DeLuca to approve the June Treasurer’s report:  Checking-$324,102.96/Long Term Investments-$249,987.08/

               Savings-$250,856.10=$824,946.14.  Approved 5/0


               MOTION DeLuca/Reichel to pay Claims #15384-15407 totaling $33,893.07.  Approved 5/0


               MOTION DeLuca/Aro to issue payroll and fixed bills August 1.  Approved 5/0


Persons on the Agenda:

               Rick Worringer gave a power point presentation in regards to the condition of approximately 200-300’ of the Birch Point Extension.  He asked the board to consider redoing the blacktop and explore possibilities of acquiring the adjacent land inorder to make the blind corner more visible.Gene Kishel from Norway Road spoke to the same issue of concern of the intense foliage and several blind corners on the1.8 miles of the Birch Point Extension.  Options could include a special assessment to the owners of property on the Birch Pt Extension, communication with theCounty to possibly get some assistance on the project.  It was suggested that Rick Worringer and Don Doroff go to the Birch Point Interior Association meeting on July 20.


Correspondence:   Request from the St. Louis County Rescue Squad for a donation


 MOTION DeLuca/Reichel to donate $100 to the St. Louis County Rescue Squad.  Approved 5/0


Old Business:

 Bay View Noise Complaints to board members

 MOTION Aro/DeLuca to send the issue of Bay View to the Planning Commission for review.  Approved 5/0

 No quotes were received for the sealcoating of the trail.  Solicitations will be sent to local vendors.

 Quotes will be solicited for propane for 2013/14.



               Asst. Chief Pete Makowski gave the run report and discussed the options for the FEMA Grant of $44,375 as the grantaward was for hoses and nozzles instead of SCBA equipment.  He asked if he could contact FEMA to see if they would allow a change and asked to be able to accept the grant either way.

 MOTION Aro/DeLuca to move forward to try to substitute the hoses and nozzles for the SCBA and accept the grantonce it is determined which the department can acquire.  The Fire Dept. share would be 5%.  Approved 5/0

Work on Fire Chief Job Description will be done by committee of Pete Makowski, Chairman Baland and Supervisor DeLuca to review the job description and bring in an independent person to assist with moving forward and come up with options.  Supervisor Reichel and Chr. Baland expressed that they would like to see the chief be appointed from within the department and one member has expressed interest.  Other comments were in regard to removing the requirement of the chief being a first responder or EMT as the chief is to be managing the fire scene.

               MOTION Aro/Doroff to establish a committee for Fire Chief review and Fire Dept. job descriptions of Pete Makowski,

               Chr. Baland and Sup. DeLuca with the possibility of bringing in an independent person.  Approved 5/0

Safety Officer Peg Nelson commented that the 4th of July did not have overly serious calls.  Concerns of the parkingissue at BayView when the ambulance had a tough time getting to the property.

Maintenance Pat Trancheff reported on the monthly maintenance issues.


Clerk/Assessor Ellen  Trancheff reported that she would be out doing property valuation inspections from StrandlieLane, Birch Point to Cottage Lane.


Sup. Doroff attended the TAAS meeting-they are still waiting for the new ambulance.  10 went through EMT training,4-5 passed.  He looked into the request for speed signs on County Road 77.


Chr. Baland reported that he had been contacted by a Breitung resident from Echo Point who indicated he and several neighbors would like to be part of Greenwood.  He advised the resident to send the board a letter.


               MOTION Aro/Doroff to adjourn at 8:30 pm.




Respectfully Submitted,



Ellen Trancheff-Clerk                                                                                     Gene Baland-Chairman