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July 8, 2014

Greenwood Town Board Meeting – July 8, 2014

Chr. Aro called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.

Present:  Chr. Aro, Vice-Chr. Reichel, Supervisors Baland, Doroff, Worringer, Treasurer Clark, Clerk Trancheff

MOTION Reichei/Doroff to approve the June 10 and 26, 2014 minutes.  Approved 4/0 with Baland abstaining.

MOTION Baland/Doroff to approve the Treasurer’s Financial Report for June, 2014: Checking-$439,329.28/Long Term lnvestments­
$250,515.57/ Savings-$295,221.67=$985,066.52. Approved 5/0

MOTION Worringer/Doroff to pay claims #15985-16042 totaling $39,431.28.  Approved 5/0

MOTION Reichei/Worringer to issue payroll and fixed bills. Approved 5/0

Persons on the Agenda:
Lloyd Ollila expressed his thanks to the board for all their hard work and made some suggestions regarding designing the tennis court for 4 pickle ball courts, float coats for the First Responders and/or patients in the boat, some simple parliamentary rules for meetings and other planning & zoning review ideas.

Correspondence: Edward’s Oil offered an extension of the annual propane agreement.

MOTION Aro/Doroff to continue with the 1 year agreement with Edwards Oil. Approved 5/0


Safety/Training Officer: Ed Borchardt reported the runs for June as Chief Fazio was out of town. He advised that the department voted on and
accepted 6 new members, there have been 2 safety meetings prior to drills, a joint drill will be with the Fire Brigade & Cook Ambulance next week,
Helicopter training with Tower Ambulance on July 21 in Tower.
Planning Director: Julia Maki reported on the permit activity and the possibility of the town board listening to appeals and being involved in the
zoning issues-she will get more information on it and will talk to the Planning Commission.
Maintenance: Pat Trancheff reported on repairs, operations, etc.

Sup. Doroff reported that he would check out the Old Hwy. 77 per Donovan Culliton’s request regarding water runoff. He added that the Birch PI
overlay was done very well. The township is responsible for the maintenance and safety of the road.
Sup. Reichel commented on comments made during the meeting regarding the township’s efforts to inform people of meetings, how much time goes into first responder training, the Birch PIRd extension needed to be repaired and the price was right due to the fact the pavers were in the area, the extension of the Greenwood Trail was needed last year even though she doesn’t use it-all this is for the good of the community as a whole, not a special interest group.

Sup. Baland submitted two quotes to seal coat the Greenwood Trail: MN Sealcoating-$7,500 and Parrk Paving-$7,068.

MOTION Baland/Worringer to accept Parrk Paving’s quote of $7,068.00 to seal coat the Greenwood Trail contingent upon an acceptable warranty. Approved 5/0

Chr. Aro reported that he sent a response letter (per Mark Drobac’s request) to David Parucci and assumes it was acceptable as Mr. Parucci has not responded back. He added that the town hall office will be open Monday and Tuesday from 9-3 and Thursday from 9-1.

MOTION Baland/Doroff to adjourn at 8:23 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ellen Trancheff-Cierk    Tom Am-Chairman