July 2021


July 13, 2021                                       6:30 PM

Chair Ralston opens meeting

Pledge of Allegiance

This meeting will be recorded for archival and transcription purposes.

Roll Call: Chair Ralston, Vice Chair Deluca, Supervisor Skubic, Supervisor Drobac, Supervisor Lofquist,

Treasurer Fazio, Clerk Spicer – All present

All Motions are by Roll Call Vote

Additions or changes to Agenda – add public comment, add approval for June 14 payroll approval meeting and the June 15 broadband meeting minutes

Motion: To accept Agenda with additions – Passed 5/0

Public Comment:  Jeff Maus spoke on Broadband and policies.  Mark Drobac spoke on office closed.

Motion: to approve June 8, 2021 Board of Supervisors Meetings Minutes – Barb/Paul 5/0 Passed

Motion: to approve June 14, 2021 Payroll Approval Meetings Minutes – Paul/Barb 5/0 Passed

Motion: to approve June 15, 2021 Broadband Meetings Minutes – Carmen/Paul 4/1 (Sue- no) Passed

Treasurer’s report: Beginning balance of $516,779.29, Receipts $18,115.42, Disbursements ($19,891.12) Ending fund balance of $515,003.59.  Checking account $28,666.51, Long Term Investments of $252,332.76 Savings Accounts $234,004.32 for a total of 515,003.59. Restricted Funds total $53,577.02.

Motion: to approve Treasurer’s report – Carmen/Paul 5/0 Passed

Motion: to approve Claims – Carmen/Paul 5/0 Passed

Motion: to approve Payroll – Carmen/Paul 5/0 Passed


Mike – Broadband update

Mike – Budget & Levy funding review

Motion: To recommend Levy of $200,000 for 2022 – Mike/Carmen 3/2 Passed

Sue – Broadband Funding

Motion: To add line $200,000 item in Budget every year for Broadband until there is enough funding –Mike/ Fail – no support

Sue – Fire Department training – wants list of who has/has not completed what training

Sue – Payroll – no further comment

Sue -Board Policies confirmation – it is on web page

Barb – Petition change for Old County Road 77 to be classified as an urban rather than rural road – to have speed limit changed from current (legally) 55 mph to 30 mph.

Barb – Investigate moving Greenwood from Tower to Virginia ambulance service

Barb – Have Fisher print and mail Broadband survey to all Greenwood property owners

Motion: To set it up with Fisher to print and mail Broadband survey to all Greenwood property owners it under $2,500. – Barb/Sue 5/0 Passed

Barb – hire IT/WEB person to add survey link to Greenwood website – Carmen will contact Dustin.


7.1 Sue Drobac – requests approval for possession of copies of February, March and April Fire Department meeting minutes and copy of Tammy Mortaloni April time sheet.

7.2 Mike Ralston – Joint Powers Rec Board appointee

Motion: To appoint Jet Galonski as Joint Powers Recreation Board Representative – Mike/Carmen 5/0 Passed

Supervisor Reports:

Fire Chief Fire: 5 fire, 19 EMS, 1 Fire training, 1 EMS training, 3 Maintenance, 1 meeting.

Motion: To raise paid on-call to $20 flat rate for 911 calls – Paul/Carmen 2/3 Failed

Motion: To provide $1,900 improvement of Rescue 5 – Barb/Carmen 5/0 Passed

Resolution needed to accept $10,000 donation to Greenwood Township from Glen & Lisa Chapman.

DVD and pump training costs will be re-imbursed.

Safety Report: Tree branch over heli-pad needs trimming or removal.    

Lofquist: Birch Point interior are planting and looking for bud-capping volunteers.

Drobac: Add public comment on Agenda from now on.

Skubic:  Discuss hosting meetings ourselves.

DeLuca: Maintenance/911 – Two 911 signs, Zigler generator tests will be conducted 10am on Fridays.

Ralston: Maus Complaint 20200043 closed, allegations dismissed. Complaint 20210154 is due Friday,         July 16 for response.


Email from resident requesting information on septic financing from the township. The bank that administered the loans stopped, so the township no longer provides financing.

Email pertaining to Scott Kregness pension – asked Barb why she forwarded to several people and             not Scott.

Clerk reported continued harassment from Supervisor Drobac who again insisted on immediate attention for copies of items she had already gotten a week prior. She left, came back and when I opened the office door Sue had her ear against the door listening as Clerk was reviewing meeting recording for minutes. She demanded to know who I was talking to.

Supervisor Drobac left the meeting

Motion: to adjourn – Paul/Carmen 4/0 Passed                                 Time:   8:35pm