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July 12, 2016

Greenwood Township Supervisors Board Meeting Minutes

July 12, 2016                                       6:50 PM

Chair Worringer calls meeting to order.

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call: Chair Worringer, Vice Chair Baland, J Bassing, C Deluca, Treasurer Clark and Clerk Drobac   J Milbridge absent

Please turn off your cell phones and pagers.  This meeting will be recorded.  When making public comments please state your name and address.

Motion Bassing\Deluca to accept resignation of Rick Worringer from Chairman position.  Passed  4/0 Note: Worringer made resignation notice at the special meeting 6/24/16

Nominations for chair

Motion Baland\Deluca for J Bassing to replace chairman           Passed 3/0 Bassing abstain

Nominations for vice chair

Motion Worringer\Baland for C Deluca to replace vice chair         Passed 3/0 Deluca abstain

Note: Bassing and Deluca will be signing checks and have access to the safe deposit box at Frandsen Bank

Motion Worringer\Deluca to approve June 14, 2016 TB minutes                 Passed 4/0

Treasurers report-checking: $565,153.44 long term investments: $251,198.66   savings: $313,796.50 Total: $1,130,148.60

Motion Worringer\Deluca to approve treasurers report                                Passed 4/0                          Receipts are available for viewing

Claims reviewed

Motion Bassing\Baland to approve claims             Passed 4/0

Motion Baland\Worringer to authorize transfer of $2000.00 from general fund to trail fund  Passed 4/0

Checks signed

Correspondence: L Peterson \ T Hartley—move recycle bins to St Louis county site.  Couri \ Ruppe noticing an increase in charges

Presentation by Eric Hedtke, representing MATIT:   Noting 16 errors and omissions claims in past 10 years—it is possible MATIT will not renew the insurance policy for the township     

Public comments: J Maus –everyone has their opinion, new guidelines help with making decisions, olive branch given for the attorney bill.  T Aro-appreciates Mr. Hedtke making the trip and would like the board to take advice given.          


Transfer of Planning and Zoning to SLC- Ms Ridlen is ok with the Comprehensive Plan and we have an extension to December 31, 2016. Meeting July 13th, 2016 w\ Barb Hayden and Mary Anderson of St Louis County to discuss the transition

Run reports, run summaries, and service credits for 2014 and 2015.  Not received by town board.

Motion Bassing\Deluca for run reports, run summaries and service credits for 2014/2015 from fire dept. immediately                    Passed  4/0

Paid on call \ revised

Motion Worringer\Baland to approve POC guidelines                                     Rescinded\ look at next month

Jarri Ankrum – update on Pavilion –great turnout for bbq—recommends reserving time at Pavilion w\guidelines, rules, calendar, and $100.00 deposit 

Motion Baland\Deluca to remove brush at hillside by highway by bocce courts   Passed 4/0

Motion Baland\Bassing to move horseshoe pits closer to bocce courts                   Passed 4/0

Motion Baland\Deluca to create a plan reserving\using the Pavilion –rules, deposit, calendar, etc. with the help of a committee.        Passed  4/0

Motion Baland\Worringer to sod on hillside by tennis court and finish around the Pavilion with dirt \ sod \ grading to be paid for by Greenwood Township up to $7000.00                       Passed 4/0

Motion Baland\Deluca for Resolution to accept donation of $4379.62 from the Greenwood Community Recreation Board                 Passed  4/0

Motion Baland\Worringer for Resolution to accept donation of $752.15 from Greenwood Trail Blazers  Passed  4/0


Motion Worringer\Bassing to accept Edwards Oil bid for propane at $.794 for the 2016-2017 heating season                         Passed 4/0

Motion Deluca\Baland to approve St Louis county to snowplow Birch Point extension road          Passed 2/0     Worringer and Bassing abstain

Motion Bassing\Deluca to contact Morton building co. on gutter system on storage building (one side only)          Passed 4/0

Claims procedure—no claim to be paid without review by board, no fixed bills can be paid, also payroll. All will be paid at monthly board meeting

Motion Bassing\Deluca to change policy –all claims, fixed bills, and entire  payroll to be reviewed monthly at Township board meetings and paid at that time     Passed  4/0

Motion Baland\Worringer to approve as election judges-D Clark, J Makowski, M Richard, C Maus, M Vietanen, K Vogh, R Deluca, J Mueller, K Lovgren, C Lepper   Passed 3/0 Deluca abstain

Motion Baland\Deluca to approve as Head judges- D Clark  and M Vietanen        Passed 4/0

Motion Bassing\Deluca to accept M Worringer resignation                           Discussion   M Worringers’ resignation letter read.                  ( Motion Worringer\Baland  to call vote to question   Passed 4/0)                            Passed 2/1 Worringer abstaining               

Motion Bassing\Deluca for clerk to use temp service to hire someone for housekeeping at town hall and Baland and Deluca to hire someone to do lawn work                             Passed 4/0                                                          Note: Joann Bassing will check the re-cycle bins      

Noted: Fire Dept. by-laws to be taken up next month

Motion Baland\Worringer to replace fire dept. administration assistant temporarily for 60 days \ through Oct 1, 2016 at previous pay scale of administrative assistant with discussion on Sept 13 meeting                             Passed 4/0

Worringer talked about moving the re-cycling canisters to 77 dump site. Chair Bassing will talk to Mark St Lawrence at St Louis County.  Comments by: Lee Peterson, Ed Borchardt, Mary Richard—all agree.

CONCERNED CITIZENS:  J Ankrum looking for commitment from fire dept. for watering sod by pavilion

R Stoehr checked on the DAV canister at hall- needs to be set up higher \ water problem

M Richard wanted to know if greenwood is charged for water to water the sod?  We are not—Fortune Bay is supplying us.

J Maus wanted to know about the opening on the fire dept.—more discussion is needed

Clerk Drobac checked with Baland about inferring she is not supplying him with all e-mails. 

Reports:  Worringer-everyone please check your roadways and fire numbers clear for an ambulance and fire dept.

Baland- checking on bid for snowplowing @ St Louis County canister site. 

Safety: Fire Extinguisher Training event went well –hopes to have it again next year

Fire Dept.: Run report-1 drill 1 meeting 7 Ems 1 false alarms.  POC and Fire Dept. By-laws discussed. Training reminders.  Relief Assoc.  accountants have finished the reporting form and SC16 filing will be completed in the near future.  Fortune Bay will need EMT’s for the concert 7/30/2016.  All 30 smoke detectors have been installed.  E-mail from Matthew Tuchel thanking the fire dept. . Also, regarding sending a donation of $250.00.

Administrative Assistant/ 911 coordinator:  assisted fire chief, asst. fire chief and training officer. Attended meetings/drills. Secretarial work.  Worked on plat map for future growth. Worked on issues with addressing , for 911 signage.

Planning Director:  Issued 12 building permits.  Planning commission met and approved Findings of Fact for Bayview.  Board of Adjustment met for Worringer variance

Junk mail available for viewing – then will be thrown out

Motion Adjourn


Sue Drobac                                                                        

Clerk                                                                                      Chair