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July 12, 2011

Greenwood Town Board Meeting – July 12, 2011


Vice-Chr. Aro called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.

 Present:  Vice-Chr. Aro, Supervisors Baland, DeLuca, Reichel, Treasurer Clark, Clerk Trancheff


          MOTION Baland/DeLuca approving the June 14, 25 meeting minutes.  Approved 4/0

MOTION DeLuca/Reichel to approve the Treasurer’s Report for June, 2011:  Checking-$166,466.13/Long Term                 Investments-$246,529.21/ Savings-$145,387.91 for a total of $558,383.25.  Approved 4/0

          MOTION Reichel/DeLuca to approve paying claims #13988-14048 for a total of $49,903.47.  Approved 4/0

          MOTION DeLuca/Reichel to issue payroll and fixed bills Aug. 1, 2011.   Approved 4/0 

Fire Dept. Report:  Given by Asst. Chief Makowski.  Pump testing indicated that several pumps needed repair, specifically truck #3, boat #1, truck #10 with minor repairs and the aerial. 

Lieutenant TJ Kladivo gave a report on the request to move the current side scan sonar from boat #1 to boat #2 and purchase a new side scan sonar for boat #1-cost $2,364.54 plus labor to make the move and installation.

Sup. Reichel:  Is it cost effective to move rather than put a new one in 2 and is there a need for 2 side scan sonars as the fire dept. voted to spend $1500.

Captain Jeff Maus-boat 1 is first out, finding multiple victims in a timely manner makes it easier for the families.

Asst. Chief Makowski-Chief Kregness felt new technology would be best.

 MOTION DeLuca/Baland to approve the FD recommendation to purchase a side scan sonar for boat #1, moving present to Boat #2, for a total of $2,364.54 and to authorize 3 pump repairs for a total of $1,464.00.  Approved 4/0

Correspondence:  SLCATO minutes, Road Vacation on Pine Island, Letters sent-County Auditor, Dave & Mary Lamwers, County Commissioners.


MOTION Aro/DeLuca to have the township send a letter to the Court regarding the proposed action to vacate portions of Delaware Dr., MN Dr., Michigan Dr. in the plat of Vermilion Dells-Mark Mayne-owner.  Approved 4/0

Old Business:   Scott Kregness rescinded his resignation/retirement as Chief and EMT.

Vice-Chr. Aro:  the board met in a closed session to review the personnel evaluations of EMS Administrator Mary Worringer and Chief Scott Kregness who was not present.  Mary Worringer resigned as EMS Administrator and Town Supervisor.

            MOTION DeLuca/Baland to accept the resignation of Mary Worringer as Town Board Supervisor.  Approved 4/0

            MOTION Aro/DeLuca that town board supervisors not serve as employees of the township.  Approved 4/0

Persons on Agenda:  Rick Worringer asked if there was an issue of the quality of work performed by the EMS Administrator.  Was the EMS  Aministrator asked to resign?

Sup. Aro-Not with the quality.  Did not get the information needed.  The end product was not good.  No, not asked to resign.

New Business:  Birch Pt. Rd.-Sup. Baland will attend the Birch Pt. Interior Assn. meeting on July 16 and report back.

Wilson Pt. Rd. – Wally Snyder asked the township to request the county to clear brush in front of Wilson Pt. Rd. Street Sign.  Sup. Baland will contact Rolland Fowler, St. Louis County.

 MOTION DeLuca/Baland to appoint Tom Aro as Chairman and Kirsten Reichel as Vice-Chair for the remainder of the 2011/2012 cycle.  Approved 4/0

Vacancy:  Notice of application for the vacancy on the board will be put in the two local papers.

Request for donation to Children’s Memorial Park in Virginia-Not allowed to donate to this but residents certainly can.


Safety-Peg Nelson-New road done-slow down

Planning Director-Director Maki will conduct training on Aug. 5 & 12 for the Planning Commission, Brd. Adjustment and Town

Board members.  Discussion on the township website-She will prepare a quote for website maintenance.

Maintenance-Pat Trancheff, busy as usual.  Helped with EAM and the pump testing for a couple days.

Clerk/Assessor-Asked the board if payment needs to be made prior to ordering Bois Forte signs?


            MOTION Aro/DeLuca to request pre-payment prior to ordering the signs for the Bois Forte.  Approved 4/0


John Bassing:  Understood the chief resigned and now after closed meeting-chief did not, EMS person did with the impression the control is not the town board.

Lee Peterson:  Mary did a good job.  Surprised at this and hopes the interview with the chief lets him know no more hurt feelings.

Chr. Aro-Understands.  Difficult situation with nobody coming out glorious-anyone of 3 entities could have prevented this.  Didn’t help having the role of employee and supervisor for the position.


            MOTION DeLuca/Reichel to adjourn at 8:10 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ellen Trancheff-Clerk                                                                     Tom Aro-Chairman