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July 10, 2012 Annual Mtg.

Greenwood Township Annual Meeting-July 10, 2012

Moderator Howard Ankrum called the meeting  to order a t6:30pm.

Present:Chr.Reichel,Vice-Chr.Deluca,  Supervisors Aro, Baland and Doroff,Treasurer Clark, Clerk Trancheff, Attorney Scott Neff

 Moderator Ankrum explained that the purpose of this meeting was to set the 2013 levy and that only registered voters will be able to vote on the levy.

Sup.Aro with the assistance of Planning Director Maki gave a power point presentation of the budget for 2013 that would result in the 2013 levy.

He explained that the board worked to hold the line and reduce the levy giving consideration  of not honoring any salary raises with the exception of some of the fire dept. officers-all other positions and employees will have not salary increases for 3 years. He added that MAT recommends the minimum of 50% of operating costs in reserve.

MOTION WallySnyder/Marily Mueller to approve the 2013 Levy of $496,422.


Comments from the audience from those who expressed concern over the levy amount:

Barb Lofquist, Jeff Maus, Mike lndihar, Sally Christopherson, Mark Drobac

Receipts and grant money that is above the levy amount (Jeff Maus cited 1.2million nonlevy money in 10 years and asked where it went?)that comes into the township, reduce the levy by 55,000 that was for tennis courts, not having areserve, fireprotection agreement money and where it goes, should go back to the 2007 levy of 342,500

Clerk Trancheff advised that the $1.2 inreceipts included approximately $960,000 for fire dept. equipment, the other for the trail, buildings, loose equipment, boat donations ,auxiliary donations, memorials, relief assn. State aid, snowplowing for the canister site, fire protection agreements, etc.


Comments from the audience who supported the proposed levy:

Mary Worringer, ShirleySnyder,MarilynMueller,RickWorringer,WallySnyder,CarolMichalek,JimMartin


Supports the town board effort to keep the levy down, want areserve so w edon’t endup like some communities that can’t function, fire protection money is not aguarantee, about-6% of the actual tax bill goes to the township, happy with the township and fire department and employees and applaud their efforts

 Wally Snyder called the question:

 Paper Ballot Vote:             Approve the 2013 Levy?


YES-58            N0-33


MOTION APPROVED FOR THE 2013 LEVY OF $496,422. MOTION Wally Snyder/Chuck Richards to adjourn at 8:07.