January 2021

Greenwood Township Supervisors Board Meeting Minutes

Call to Order

Meeting is being recorded for transcription and archival purposes

DATE:  January 12, 2021   6:30PM     This meeting will be a Telephone Conference Call

Roll Call – Chair Ralston / Vice Chair DeLuca / Supervisor Skubic / Supervisor Tahija –(joined at 6:42 after Treasury report)   Supervisor Beihoffer / Interim Treasurer Fazio / Interim Clerk Spicer


All Motions are by Roll Call Vote

Clerk – comments on being shaken by group that came to office at 5:45 and immediately started yelling at her.  Carmen states he was on the phone and could hear yelling and swearing at the Clerk. Stating no employee should have to be subjected to that kind of behavior. They have the right to put their name in for the election, but no right to scream and swear at the Clerk and not leave Clerk/Treasurer interoffice after being told they can’t be in there.  Carmen believes some action should be taken and there were plenty of witnesses. Mike asked if we should get copy of video tape and Carmen agreed we should.

Motion – Request to get copy of office video from 4:30 to 5:15     Carmen/Paul    4/0

Additions to Agenda – Remove Cares Update, it’s done.  Add Annual Meeting discussion

Motion – Request to accept Agenda – with additions     Carmen/Byron     4/0

Motion – Request to approve November 10, 2020 minutes – should have been 12-8-2020 minutes in packet.

Motion – Request to wait until February meeting to approve December minutes     Carmen/Byron     4/0

Treasurer Report:  Beginning Fund Balance $552,552.05 + Receipts $63,313.80 + Disbursements ($24,073.63 =  Ending Fund Balance $590,792.22,  Checking Account $104,619.26 +  Long Term Investments $252,180.33 + Savings Accounts $233,992.63 = $590,792.22, Schedule 1= $590,792.22, Restricted Funds = $53,497.40, Receipts from SLC 10/20 tax apportionment $56,279.59, SLC 2020 yr. end advance $907.76, SLC beer license appt. $57.50, State of MN Reduct Aid/Township Aid $7,602.00, Interest $6.95 for a Total of $62,313.80.

Motion – Request to approve Treasurers Report     Paul/Carmen     4/0

Motion – Request to approve Claims     Carmen/Byron     5/0

Motion – Request to approve Payroll     Byron/Larry     5/0

Old Business

Broadband update – Carmen/Byron/Mike   Per Carmen – Diane sent out email for meeting tomorrow (Wednesday). There is a hold up due to Governors gag order involving RDOF – Investigating LTD company

Budget – Per Mike it is Draft that will be reviewed and discuss with Treasurer and make any adjustments deemed necessary. Set up with $150,000 levy that can be adjusted.  Belinda states Tammy worked out the preliminary budget.

Frontier Broadband update – Debby -I asked them for copy of contract to make sure nothing hidden and when they couldn’t produce a contract, I was able to get them to cancel contract with no fee.


New Business

1.1  2021 Election Resolutions

Request Approval for 2021 Judges

Carol Maus – Paul/Byron- 5/0,    Joan Mueller – Paul/Carmen-5/0,    Julie Stoer – Carmen/Larry-5/0,     Kathy Vogh – Paul/Larry-5/0,     Kathy Lovgren – Byron/Carmen-5/0

Ruth DeLuca – Byron/Paul-4/0 Carmen abstain,    Colleen Lepper – Carmen/Larry-5/0

Beverly Peterson – Byron/Carmen 5/0

Motion – Request Approval for Resolution 21-01 Appointing Absentee Ballot Board

Kathy Lovgren – Mike Byron- 5/0    Colleen Lepper – Carmen/Paul-5/0,

Ruth DeLuca – Byron/Larry-4/0 with Carmen abstain

Motion – Request Approval for Resolution 21-02 Contract with Interested Officers Spouse

Byron/Larry   4/0 with Carmen abstain

1.2  Information Request policy update on website per Aug email recommendation from Couri.

Motion – Request Approval to update Information Request Policy and add to website

Carmen/Paul     5/0

1.3  Discuss Annual Meeting   Mike agrees voting will be in person, as normal.  The Annual meeting must convene on 2nd Tuesday of March, although no other business needs to be conducted at that time. He suggests we call the meeting to order, nominate a moderator, announce the election results and “CONTINUE” the meeting to a selected date in June when COVID restrictions may be less and/or we could meet outdoors, unless Covid-19 guidelines are changed.  Mike asks anyone that has ideas on how to hold meaningful meeting to email ideas to Clerk to be discussed at the February meeting. 

Supervisors reports   Fire Department Report / 911 Report / Maintenance Report

Carmen states fire alarm goes off and the company doesn’t show name of number to call and when called they refuse to give that information out – he will research further.

Carmen made 3 signs and maintenance is in good shape.

WELCOME BACK PAUL.  We’re glad to have you back.

Mike states there may be funding to overlay the Birch Point extension.  Time limit may apply requiring a Special Meeting to decide if this plausible – he will research further.

Dave – 11 EMS calls, 1 meeting, 12 training for FD and 3 trainings for EMS, I event for Funeral procession and 1 maintenance. Still in need of turnout gear that was mentioned last month so cost could be incorporated into budget and they continue looking for grants.

Tammy was successful again in obtaining grant-this time for the FD washer and dryer. The

Total cost for them is $18,357 and we’ll be reimbursed $16,521.30, leaving the Township actual out of pocket cost at $1,835.70.   Payment would not be due until installation completed and verified. Then the paperwork would be submitted to State of MN and reimbursement done electronically so it should be pretty quick.  Belinda states there are sufficient funds in the checking account to make the full payment and await the reimbursement.

Since the Initial $18,357 goes out from the FD Fund, and the reimbursement goes into the General Fund, Dave would like entries to clarify in some way that the FD actual expenses are not as they will appear.  It will be misleading as the actual expense is the $1,835.70 amount.

Mike added that is important that the FD have this equipment to help keep FD members from bringing home contaminants to their homes and families. Good job, Tammy!

The Covid Testing is still in process and avail for general public, although may not be free for them.  The EMRs are getting vaccinations and the FF will be notified as soon as they are available for them.

Motion – Request to approve extending phone app for all pages in FD. Contract is up in February and would like to extend another year.  Carmen/Byron   5/0

Dave has forwarded report for FD Pension -good time service credit that goes into PERA as well as the

EMR annual pension submitted for payment.


MN Pollution Control Agency – Notice of Meeting.

WC Heim Medical Foundation (Cook Hospital) donation request.  (Last Donation $100 Dec 2018)

     Motion – Request to approve   $100.00 donation.  Carmen/Paul     5/0

Cook Library donation request. (Last Donation $100 Feb 2020)

     Motion – Request to approve   $100.00 donation.     Carmen/Larry     5/0

St. Louis County Agriculture Fair Association donation request. (Last Donation $100 Feb 2020)

     Motion – To contact Fair Association to see if County Fair will be held this August.  Any donation will

be decided on at a later date based on that information.

Northwoods Partners donation request. (Last Donation $100 June 2020)

     Motion – Request to approve $100.00 donation.     Carmen/Larry     5/0

Land forfeiture notice received – contact Clerk if you want further information.

Notice of Sale of Tax Forfeited land – contact Clerk if you want further information

Election Candidates – Supervisor 3   Larry Tahija               Barbara Lofquist

Supervisor 5    Byon Biehoffer         Sue Drobac

Treasurer         Belinda Fazio

Clerk                 Debby Spicer            JoAnn Bassing

Mike sends note of appreciation to Debby for forwarding all the Township information from MAT, RAMS and other government agencies.  They contain good information and have never been forwarded on before and the Supervisors appreciate it. Also, he extends apology to Debby, on behalf of the township, for what she had to endure today from the incoming candidates and reiterates the video will be looked at for possible action. 

Motion – Request to Adjourn    Carmen/Paul  5/0  7:49