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January 2018


JANUARY 9, 2018                                              6:30 PM

Chair Bassing calls meeting to order

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll call: Chair Bassing, Vice chair Deluca, M Ralston, P Skubic, L Tahija, Deputy Treasurer Ralston, Clerk Drobac

Please turn off all cell phones and pagers.  This meeting will be recorded for transcription and archival purposes.

Motion: Deluca\Ralston to amend December minutes– Heisel claim was for 2 projects Passed 5/0

Motion: Bassing\Ralston to approve December minutes                                 Passed 5/0

Treasurer report:  Checking – $283,651.75    Long Term Investments – $251,499.47   Savings – $226,703.91                                                Total – $761,855.13

Motion: Deluca\Tahija to approve Treasurer Report         Passed 5/0

Claims presented

Motion: Tahija\Skubic to approve claims                                Passed 5/0                          Note from Ralston for the Fire chief to check on billing for storing the boat lift

Public Comment: Rick Stoehr- thank you for the donation of cell phones for the vets.  Mary Richard – thank you for the skating rink, would like the board to follow the township lawyer’s advice, reminder for Chili feed Feb 10. Jarri Ankrum announced Finlander Bocce ball tourney.

Correspondence: Christmas card from Corp4, SLC Safe Routes to School program, yellow pages listing request, SLC variance hearing for Debevec

Motion: Deluca\Tahija to approve $100.00 donation each to WC Heim, SLC Fair Assoc. Cook Public Library                                              Passed 5/0


Request for airboat information – the airboat needs to be run more frequently

Budget – requesting any ideas for the 2019 budget – possible seal coat or re-surface parking lot

Negligent hiring \ retention –discussion – Deluca suggested a meeting with the attorney, employee and fire chief. Ralston- needs to be approached in different ways. Bassing noted: Employee was hired in 1999- resigned 2011 – and was re-hired 2016 and no background check was done. Possible new position, change SOG’s to change to no one can respond alone.

Motion: Skubic\Deluca to approve Chief Fazio can call the township attorney, regarding the hiring\retention subject                                 Passed 5/0

Maintenance person –  Ralston will bring more info next month

Inventory- list of items in the Safe deposit box given.  Inventory needs to be done in the fire dept., the town hall proper, offices. Possible picture inventory.

Penguin club- Ralston talked with Kim Maki and Tom Rukavina with positive replies. Bassing noted: the taxes will have to be paid by someone. Discussion by board.

Motion: Ralston\Skubic to accept Resolution 18-02, to move forward on acquisition of property for Penguin Club                 Passed 4/1 Bassing no


Fire Dept. Retirements: Pete Makowski retired Jan 1, 2018 as firefighter, remains as EMR

Candidates filed for open offices- Rick Stoehr \ Byron Beihoffer for position 5, Larry Tahija position 3

Motion: Bassing\Ralston Board of Audit date         Feb 13, 2018 -during the regular meeting, and at the end of the meeting               Passed 5/0

Motion: Skubic\Tahija to appoint election judges for March 13, 2018 local election – Ruth Deluca, Delores Clark, Mary Richard, Kathy Lovgren, Kathy Vogh, Joan Mueller, Bev Peterson, Colleen Lepper, Carol Maus                                       Passed 5/0

Motion: Deluca\Tahija to approve Resolution: to appoint absentee ballot board – Delores Clark, Kathy Lovgren and Colleen Lepper                  Passed 5/0

Motion: Bassing\Skubic to post (vs. publishing) sample ballot                       Passed 5/0

Reports: Supervisors-Ralston-thank you for power repair in the skating shack and could use volunteers to shovel snow at the rink. Bassing-thank you to the Butala’s for working on the kitchen stove, to Mike Ralston for working on the skating rink, the Richard’s for volunteering. The Vermilion Trail – Senator Bakk wants the trail on the right-of-way. Fire Dept.-run report- fire-4, EMS-8, Drill-1, Meetings-1, Training-10. EMS pension submitted for payment. Looking at approval for good time service credits, PERA pension change for Kregness not documented. Letter submitted by Chief Fazio. Apparatus needs annual servicing. EMR refresher Jan 27/28. Training on bloodborne, portable pump, ladder and chimney. Fazio to attend officer school 2/10-2/18/18. Maintenance- canisters good. 911-2 signs. Clerk- Thank you to John Bassing for work done voluntarily, including setting up chairs each month. Lake County Power $101.34 capital credit on account.

Junk mail will be available for viewing and then will be recycled

Motion: Bassing\Skubic to adjourn                           Passed 5/0                          7:52 pm


Sue Drobac                                                                         John Bassing


Clerk                                                                                      Chair